Membership benefits:


  • Enhancing Digital Presence
  • Mayifind will be responsible to take all possible measures for enhancing the digital presence of all those who register as a premium member of Mayifind
  • Online Competition
  • Digital marketing activities include preparing the member’s website to face the ever-growing online competition 
  • SEO friendly website
  • Website preparation means making it Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly
  • Website Design
  • For those who don’t own a website of their business, Mayifind can assist in creating one
  • Social Media Pages 
  • Mayifind will also ensure existence of members’ social media pages like FB, Twitter, etc
  • Social Media Activities
  • Activities on those social media pages will also be a regular affair to ensure active social media presence of the registered member
  • Video Campaigns
  • Video promotions and creative campaigns, boost brand awareness levels to the maximum.This is the most trending thing on the internet today.
  • Blogs and Articles
  • Blog corners activities for the respective members that would draw more visitors to their site, will also be a part of Mayifind responsibilities 
  • Paid Campaigns 
  • Mayifind will assist its premium members in planning and executing paid campaigns like Adwords, PPC, Sponsored Ads, etc.
  • Business leads 
  • Aggressive digital activities will lead to generating business enquiries for the premium members.


Features of a Premium Member:


  • Members get a Vendor Login
  • Business information and contact details along with speciality can be uploaded
  • Logo of their business
  • Location map
  • Upload pictures of the showroom/shop/products
  • Upload best deals & offers in city/town
  • Upload video of product/service
  • Additional keywords
  • Banner Ad space (In preferred page of
  • Top position in the category
  • Promotion in social media prioritized
  • Business enquiries redirected
  • VIDEO Profiling and Content creation.

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