is the ultimate business destination. Any business in the brand building mission always looks around for an apt platform to showcase its address. This in turn creates a brand image for the registered business. Mayifind does all that is needed to create a brand out of a business. Registered members of get advantages in terms of business promotion that links to generate sales leads.

A sponsored listing will be benefited in terms of getting its listing displayed on priority positions, will get a login account to maintain his/her account through which pictures/videos can be uploaded, can showcase deals/discounts/offers, will be eligible to get sales leads generated through site visits/inquiries. Guidance for 'video profiling', 'digital content creation', 'social promotion', etc for sponsored members will be the topmost agenda of

A sponsored membership type with the maximum facilities will benefit more. However, if you are a start-up or a first-timer, we recommend you to go for the standard listing.

As ‘Economics’ says, “There is nothing called free lunch”, similarly, to enjoy the benefits of a sponsored member, one has to pay to avail them. After all, a paid subscription certainly deserves to get benefits over a free one.

Businesses would spread through in the virtual world, with no boundary limitations, as globe would be the limit then. They would go wherever goes. They would get mileage in the virtual social network, as is strongly present there. With number of visitors pouring in daily and the site being indexed by leading search engines,businesses registered at would definitely get the required leap.

Yes, this is a kind of business promotion tool, which creates every chance of the businesses getting promoted. It is a brand building exercise.

You can avail of better facilities as defined by the membership types, if you opt to pay more.

Our membership types are competitively priced, so that even the smallest of the business type can get registered and promote his/her business to reap benefits.

The impact of internet is very very huge, where presently there are more than 3.9 billion internet users (2019 figures), and is growing at a rapid pace.

The membership type is non-refundable, once the data is live and running. Yes, the membership type can be upgraded at any point of time, to avail the facilities of the type chosen.

As the Internet grows, it becomes increasingly more difficult to get your own Internet site found. Search engines are over-worked and becoming less effective. The solution for the future lies in building specialized sectors for industry. is readily found by the Search Engines, Buyers, Engineers, Specifiers and consumers who use it as a main source when looking to source new products and services. It reaches people in ways that your own Internet site in isolation can never achieve.

The number of visits you will receive is proportional to the number of product sections you are listed under in the directory. The more sections you are in, then the more visits you will get to your internet site. The product sections must, of course, be relevant to your business. We offer a range of packages which give you listings under a different number of product headings.

You can make changes to your listing at any time. The fastest way is to log into your account and make the changes yourself. However if you wish we can do this for you. Simply email the information you want changed and we will make the adjustments within 48 hours.

Yes, there is no limit to how many keyphrases you add as long as they are relevant – see 'What makes a good 'Product/Service Area' keyphrase' below. To add more keyphrases simply go to your listing and obtain your login details. Once you have logged in, you will have the option to add new Product/Service keyphrases and also update any of your business details.

If you do not like the way your paid entry appears on the page, then simply contact us and we will change it for you. We want your entry to work effectively for you and will do our best to ensure your complete satisfaction.

You can cancel your listing anytime by just sending us an email. The action to this effect will be only taken after a cross confirmation. However, no listing fees would be refunded for the same.

Yes, we assist in designing websites as well. However, that will be subject to additional terms and conditions.

Yes. We have expert team members of various domains, who understand our members' requirements and deliver applications on time.

Mayifind helps in Logo Designing, Explainer Catalogue designing, Creating Ad Videos, Desiging Banner Ads, Running E-mail campaigns, Specialized content writing, Infographic designing, Start-up business consultation, etc.

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