Any business in the present day needs a digital boost with proper digital marketing techniques. Just creating a website doesn’t ensure you marketing returns. Your website has to be found in top search results of leading search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Hence, optimising your website for a better performance and a stronger ROI(Return On Investment) needs a professional approach in designing and promoting it. Our expert guidance at Mayifind exactly does this for you.
The strength of social media in today’s digital world just cannot be ruled out. It is one of the most powerful tool used today in the online medium. Media like facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp etc have become so popular, that their presence and importance cannot be ignored by anyone targeting mass as well class for increasing their digital foot-print. Hence, properly optimising your social media pages, creating and promoting relevant content for the respective platforms, etc.,have become very essential. Our diligence in handling these needs creates reliability amongst our registered businesses.
Sponsored Ads delivers faster results than the organic ones, if properly targeted. However, selecting the right elements as per the needed campaign is very critical. For better positioning of the Ad along with the cost factor, one has to understand certain technical elements of online campaigns and significant features of online marketing. Pay-per-click (PPC) is one such challenge.We assure of the best guidance across all these parameters.
Pictures speak a thousand words. Hence, information passed on in a graphical format explains more than otherwise. It is basically an explanation of a communique in a short yet powerful variant. We understand this very much from our experience over years and hence provide expert solutions in this regard.
Explainer videos/live-videos/recorded videos of services/products/events speak volumes which would have otherwise taken a lot of time. Survey shows that with increased internet connectivity, video users have increased umpteen times which has led marketers to target videos as a means to achieve their ends. Our expert creative team scientifically handles all these requirements of business houses and delivers excellent results.
Selecting the right set of targeted keywords for keyword optimisation and content blogging is a vital component of digital marketing. It needs proper understanding of the dynamic digital world and the changing trends. Selecting the apt keywords and their technical analysis happens to be a digital marketer’s expert area. Our experts are master craftsmen in this area when it comes to fulfilling keyword needs.
Content creation and that too original content, seems to be the current season’s flavour. Hence, blog corners have significantly gained importance in the world of digital marketing. A site seems to gain importance organically, once it blog corner gets significant visitors through its quality and engaging content. This, however, needs mastery with the respective industry’s domain knowledge and flawless language presentation. Our group is proudly associated with such intellectuals, who can bring about the required change in a website.
Email campaign, if designed and executed professionally, can bring abut a massive change in e-branding of an enterprise and lead to significant growth through lead generation. Lead generated may form a minute fraction of the whole, but that is where the entire ball-game of digital marketing is. However, e-mail spamming is to be taken care of. Our team at Mayifind understands the importance of this parameter, and hence have mastered the art of designing and running email campaigns.

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