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How to choose a carpenter


Making an exotic Furniture for your living place

A home without furniture is incomplete. Exotic furniture designs add a magnificent touch to your home. The sofa, cupboards, bookshelves or desks, everything that goes into your home should be perfect. And the right person to contact for this job is a carpenter. A carpenter is an important person when it comes to furnishing the house. Once the construction part of a house is done the next job is that of the carpenter. There are few important factors that should be taken into account before hiring a carpenter which we have discussed below.

Finding a right carpenter

Carpenters stick to your side while the project is in progress and work with you during the first and second fix stages. To get the job done at its best you will need a knowledgeable carpenter. The best way to find a perfect carpenter is by asking around to your friends, neighbors who have recently had their furniture built up. This was you can have a look; at the work that particular carpenter has done, by yourself. It will be much better if you contact a particular carpenter’s previous customers.

The second most important thing to consider is whether the carpenter is capable of doing what you want for your house. There’s no point in hiring someone who doesn’t know how to create what you have planned in your mind. Also, make sure that the carpenter is open to listen to your ideas about the project.

Materials and tools

A good and professional carpenter will always carry his own tools. You just have to supply the materials. A crucial and often unnoticed fact is that always introduce your carpenter to other trades. Because, if your carpenter needs to put up a partition wall, he will need to contact the electrician and tell him to put up all the wiring before the wall gets plastered. Provide your carpenter with all the details of your plan. Tell him about where you want your switches and sockets to go. Provide him with all the details of other traders and tell him to contact them by himself whenever he is ready.


Estimation of how much your project will cost depends on numerous factors. The first factor is the size of your project. Another one is the labor and time that would be required to complete the project. It takes average two weeks for the carpentry work of a three-bedroom house for its first fix. And another four weeks are required on an average for the second fix.

To complete the project smoothly and in as short time as possible make sure you don’t take any gaps in between your project. Get in touch with your materials provider and specifically request him to deliver the materials on the right time to avoid delay in starting the project. Ask your carpenter to give you the written details about the estimated cost and time of the project. If possible, pay them on daily basis if you will be available on the site daily, otherwise make the payment bimonthly.

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  • Contributed by Harshal Pawar