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How to choose an Interior Designer


Whether a middle class employee or a successful businessman, every individual has a dream of owning a home of his own. So, may it be a small one or a size of a palace, home is one place where there’s no one to judge you. And size doesn’t matter when you are satisfied. A smart person knows how to make even a one BHK home come alive. Interior of a house matters the most, as it is the first thing you see when you wake up and when you return back from an enervating long day at work.

Interior designers are one of the smartest people on the face of the earth. They make your living place a heaven. However, with the presence of immense talent in the market, the job to choose a perfect designer becomes tuff. We have compiled some key points for you to remember before you hire an interior designer.

Create a blueprint yourself

One usually has an idea of how their place should look and a dream image created in their mind. This is exactly what you need to follow. Scribble every idea that pops up into your mind. So, whether it is about the wallpaper, or color scale, or maybe pictures, anything comes to your mind will make it clearer for the designer to get the image your mind has created.

If you are finding it a hard task then divide your plan according to the rooms. Yes! This will make your task surprisingly easier. If you are planning to remodel children’s room, then things like cartoon themes, animals, etc. will go into that room. A living room should look more elegant and lively. A bedroom should be the place where the moment you enter you should be able relax and it’s should have a look of a romantic place.

Face to face with the designer

When it comes to hire a designer always be patient. Visit as much designers as you can and know their way of working, style and business method. Remember that you need your home designed the way you dream t of it and it’s important that the designer is open to listen to your ideas and suggestions. It is always recommended to gather all relevant information, like your designer’s past experience, his work and clients, and most importantly the budget and duration to complete a project. Try to find a well educated and enthusiastically creative interior designer.

Hiring and budget

Again, don’t be in a rush to select the designer once you have visited several of them. Take some time to compare each one of them. Comparison should not be based only on the basis of cost but also on the service and quality the designer will provide. Hire the one who is excited to know what plan you have about your home and he makes you visualize the concept.

Budget of the project depends on various factors of what you want. The size of the project, the quality of merchandise, and of course the time in which you wish your project completed. Being honest with your designer about your budget will help the show run smoother and efficiently. So, be transparent about your budget.

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  • Contributed by Harshal Pawar

Legal Consultants


Acquire the perfect lawyer

Lawyers hold a powerful and a responsible position in the society. Whether you are drafting a will or a trust, getting a divorce, buying or selling property, you need a lawyer. And finding the right one is all that you need to do. Some expertise with this task can help you catch a good attorney who can help you honestly.

Honest Lawyer

There is many attorneys who don’t charge a fee for consultation. Take your case to them and get as much information as you can. While interacting, you will get an idea about the credibility of his words and his interest and intentions about the case. Some people can naturally judge a person’s character after talking for some time. For example- if he talks to you by looking into your eyes, he can be trusted as people who look at the ground or don’t maintain eye contact don’t generally have confidence and therefore can’t be trusted. Ask him about the kind of cases that he has dealt with in the past. This way you will get to know about his experience and whether he has solved similar cases. Also ask about the chances of success of your case. If the lawyer seems too optimistic, then he might be avoiding the minuses of the case which can be harmful for you. It’s important to have a trustworthy person on your side whatever the case might be.


You might have already judged whether he will respond to your calls and queries. Ask them if it’s alright to call them to discuss concerns. If he balks at the idea, you might have trouble in contacting them. Other things that you can ask them is whether you will be given regular updates on the status of the case and whether he will be point of communication or someone else. It is very disappointing if the lawyer doesn’t respond to your queries.

Price Range

This is the most important thing. After all, you’re choosing the lawyer will ultimately depend upon the price that your lawyer is asking for. If he charges for every petty thing like per letter or per hearing, his intention is to make money out of your case by dragging it. Try to obtain an estimate of the total or the maximum expense that will be involved and get it in writing from him. This will help you to prevent unwanted surprises. Prices differ from one case to another. Simple cases which get solved easily are usually much cheaper than those which are complex and require time.

Size of the law firm

You can chose any type of firm but lawyers from small firms can devote more time to your case than those from big firms as they have a lower workload. The big firms however have a good reputation for cases they’ve won which can prove useful for the case. They also have more resources and experience in forming the right strategy for your case.

You can search for lawyers online or consult friends and relatives or find law firms. Wherever you may search, make note of the above points to ensure that you chose the right lawyer. A good attorney can make your case while a bad one can doom it so, make the right choice.

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  • Contributed by Ishaan Shrivastava