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Gift a perfect present to your sister this Rakhi


India is a land of great festivals and ethnicities. We celebrate every festival with immense joy and spread it across our community. Each festival comes with its particular rituals. For example in we exchange sweets in diwali. Similarly, Rakhi is a festival celebrated across the country jovially. Festival for brothers and sisters where the sister ties a ‘Rakhi’ on her brother’s wrist and brother promises to protect her from all the evil. Rakshabandhan – A sweet festival that displays the sweetness of a brother-sister relationship. Then why not make this sweet festival sweeter! This time we bring you some of the best gift ideas which would help you pick up a perfect gift for your sister this Rakhi.

Read her mind

This is the best technique since most of the guys go through a hard time while picking up a gift for their sister. Of course, you don’t have to be a mind reader to read another person’s mind. There are simple ways that can help you find the right gift for your sister. All you need to do is carefully listen what she says and observe her. Does she lately keeps saying that she could use a particular thing or she has lost something recently? If yes then BAM! The problem is solved. Next thing you need to do is go out and look for the thing you heard her talk about. And getting the gift of her choice would definitely make her day.


There’s no point in spending a thousand bucks on a pen which you could easily get in a much lower price. Always set your budget and find a gift according to that price. This doesn’t mean that you end up getting something just on the basis of price. All you need to do is be careful and look out that you aren’t paying higher amount for something that’s not worth it.

Why not DIY?

Believe it or not, girls love handmade gifts. There’s a different kind of love attached to a handmade gift. Because you have actually put up a lot of efforts in making it and taken a lot of care that the final product is perfect. Besides, there are few perks of trying out handmade gifts. Like if you are low on cash then you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on a gift. And instead of buying a ready-made card you can make a card yourself and decorate it as per your choice.

Something Adventurous

Almost every brothers and sisters are crazy minions. They like doing the craziest stuff and enjoying every last bit of it. Cousins or real ones the blood relations don’t really matter at such times. So we have a special gift idea for such adventure loving people. Instead of getting a material gift try to give them a gift out of which they can get a lot of adventure, learning and experience. For example, go on a trek, ice-skating or even skydiving. This would absolutely give them an experience of a lifetime!

Gifts are precious for the valuables in our life. Then why not make them special on this lovely occasion.

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  • Contributed by Harshal Pawar

Go Green


Go Green: Need for Sustainable Packaging

Green bundling is the utilization of assembling strategies and materials for bundling of merchandise that has low effect on nature and consumption of energy. Commonly, it utilizes nature friendly strategies, including energy efficiency, biodegradable and recyclable materials, reusable products and much more.

A lot of energy is utilized as a part of the generation of conventional bundling, for example, plastics, folded boxes, plastic sacks, and other packaging. Regularly, the source of that vitality is fossil fuels that contribute a great many metric amounts of carbon dioxide and methane into the environment every year while disposed of traditional packages winds up in landfills or seas creating soil, water, and plant defilement.

Companies in the contemporary era of business are moving away past customary bundling techniques and materials, organizations can decrease their carbon emissions and in addition their warehousing and transportation cost.

Organizations are looking for ways to go environmental friendly by using products and materials which are natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly. Though being a recent in trend, it is growing exponentially and is being used by many players in the market.

One advantage of eco-friendly approach is utilizing less and packaging products with eco-friendly materials to procure extra:

  • Sparing cash: Lessening abundance bundling results in lighter and littler shipments that cost less to transport. Furthermore, more prominent amounts can fit on beds, in transportation compartments, in distribution centers, and on retail retires.
  •  Looking after business: Changing to green materials can meet client requests for eco-accommodating suppliers.
  •  Pulling in purchasers: Numerous customers will pick an item which is eco-friendly over a customary bundle.

For suppliers, damage reduction by using foam is a cost saving option. Companies manufacturing electrical appliances are diminishing or even doing away with the measure of layered cardboard they use in packaging, supplanting it with foam hinders at corners and bubble wrap around the item. This helps in lessening the shipping expenses and harm that can happen amid stacking/emptying and transportation.

Minimizing transportation expenses is quite compelling to organizations considering environment friendly packaging. Transportation has an impact on the carbon footprints of the companies as well, more frequent trips means more cost. Designing of the packages is done in a way to increase the cube efficiency which means minimizing the spaces between the packages when being stored or transported.

The Magic Mantra of Going Green:

  1. Remove: Unnecessary packaging should be eliminated where ever possible.
  2. Redesigning and Reformulating: Redesigning and reformulating the product also has an impact on the level of packaging that is required for it. Unilever reformulated its detergent and were able to reduce the size of the plastic bottle by 55%.
  3. Reuse: It helps in the reduction of cutting cost of the packaged material. Companies nowadays receive packaging material from their factories, suppliers, consumers which help in decreasing the cost of packaging.
  4. Recycling: Increasing the use of recyclable products prevents land, water and air pollution and make the company eco-friendly in the eyes of the consumers.

If we are able to understand the importance of green packaging both as a consumer and manufacturer, we will then be able to ensure a sustainable and greener tomorrow for our future generations.

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  • Contributed by Mukul Kukreti