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Better Packaging and satisfied customers

For achieving a strong customer base it is essential to make sure that the customer is satisfied. And the challenge begins right from the moment when the customer decides to buy a product of their choice. Just like in a restaurant presentation of the food in your plate matters as much as the quality and taste of it, similarly the packaging of a product, a customer chooses to buy, matters too. Customers are impressed with the services that you provide and increase their chances to come back and buy more stuff.

Custom shipping boxes

Impressive and successful packaging requires specific attention to individual items. Specific attention involves providing proper insulation from impact that may occur during transport and the correct degree of puncture resistance. The packaging materials that would be used to pack a particular product depend on the product itself. For example, most of the electronic devices such as mobile phones, hard drives, etc. are safe if packed in custom shipping boxes. There are lot of websites that provide custom shipping boxes with your company name and logo printed on it.

Custom shipping bags

There’s a new trend in market that has put those old and unhealthy polyethylene bags out of fashion. Fancy looking bags made out of paper or high-end fabric not only keep you in touch with the current trend but also its environment friendly. To add a stunning look to these bags bows and fillers do the job quite well. Apart from the looks and fashion, these bags are affordable too. It is better to shift your packaging style from polyethylene bags to new trend bags as the government has implied ban on the use of plastic. From clothes to grocery these bags prove useful in every way and never disappoint you.

Shipping peanuts

Science has brought a revolution in today’s world. As described earlier, the use of plastic is harming our environment in the way we can never imagine. And there’s a constant need to device new alternatives for plastic. Here’s where the biodegradable shipping peanuts come in. These peanuts are made out of corn starch and are fully non-toxic and static resistant. They provide an improved cushioning against stacking and impact. These peanuts even dissolve instantly in water without harming your pipes and the most precious feature is that they can be used to make compost for your plants.

Shipping tapes

It is the tape which keeps everything together. So whether it’s the boxes or just a simple polyethylene package, tapes play an important role in satisfying the customer. Low quality tapes tend to lose their gluey property and can loosen the package. Therefore, a good quality tape becomes of major importance. Many dealers out there provide online service where you can choose different colors of the tape as well as you can print your logo and name on the tape.

A happy customer is a satisfied customer and satisfying a customer requires just few careful steps. Make your packaging more attractive and achieve the most trustworthy customer base.

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  • Contributed by Harshal Pawar

Go Green


Go Green: Need for Sustainable Packaging

Green bundling is the utilization of assembling strategies and materials for bundling of merchandise that has low effect on nature and consumption of energy. Commonly, it utilizes nature friendly strategies, including energy efficiency, biodegradable and recyclable materials, reusable products and much more.

A lot of energy is utilized as a part of the generation of conventional bundling, for example, plastics, folded boxes, plastic sacks, and other packaging. Regularly, the source of that vitality is fossil fuels that contribute a great many metric amounts of carbon dioxide and methane into the environment every year while disposed of traditional packages winds up in landfills or seas creating soil, water, and plant defilement.

Companies in the contemporary era of business are moving away past customary bundling techniques and materials, organizations can decrease their carbon emissions and in addition their warehousing and transportation cost.

Organizations are looking for ways to go environmental friendly by using products and materials which are natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly. Though being a recent in trend, it is growing exponentially and is being used by many players in the market.

One advantage of eco-friendly approach is utilizing less and packaging products with eco-friendly materials to procure extra:

  • Sparing cash: Lessening abundance bundling results in lighter and littler shipments that cost less to transport. Furthermore, more prominent amounts can fit on beds, in transportation compartments, in distribution centers, and on retail retires.
  •  Looking after business: Changing to green materials can meet client requests for eco-accommodating suppliers.
  •  Pulling in purchasers: Numerous customers will pick an item which is eco-friendly over a customary bundle.

For suppliers, damage reduction by using foam is a cost saving option. Companies manufacturing electrical appliances are diminishing or even doing away with the measure of layered cardboard they use in packaging, supplanting it with foam hinders at corners and bubble wrap around the item. This helps in lessening the shipping expenses and harm that can happen amid stacking/emptying and transportation.

Minimizing transportation expenses is quite compelling to organizations considering environment friendly packaging. Transportation has an impact on the carbon footprints of the companies as well, more frequent trips means more cost. Designing of the packages is done in a way to increase the cube efficiency which means minimizing the spaces between the packages when being stored or transported.

The Magic Mantra of Going Green:

  1. Remove: Unnecessary packaging should be eliminated where ever possible.
  2. Redesigning and Reformulating: Redesigning and reformulating the product also has an impact on the level of packaging that is required for it. Unilever reformulated its detergent and were able to reduce the size of the plastic bottle by 55%.
  3. Reuse: It helps in the reduction of cutting cost of the packaged material. Companies nowadays receive packaging material from their factories, suppliers, consumers which help in decreasing the cost of packaging.
  4. Recycling: Increasing the use of recyclable products prevents land, water and air pollution and make the company eco-friendly in the eyes of the consumers.

If we are able to understand the importance of green packaging both as a consumer and manufacturer, we will then be able to ensure a sustainable and greener tomorrow for our future generations.

Don’t forget to comply with the above mentioned factors determined by mayifind.com. Otherwise, you can chat with service experts through Mayifind mobile app and have a life-time experience in your favourite destination.

  • Contributed by Mukul Kukreti