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Visiting a psychologist’s dock

Ever wondered how does psychology work? A psychologist’s area of study is the human mind and its behavior. They work with practical problems with all kinds of people. They bring people out from depression and mental stress, help children in handling the divorce of their parents, helping to recover from brain injury, to deal with bullying and to also help other professions to work efficiently. There are so many problems in everyone’s life, be it in your personal space or in general. Most of these problems can be easily resolved by the help of the psychologists. With so many diverse problems, its difficult for us to categorize the problems. Here we are discussing some problems related to your age.


This is the time of challenges and responsibilities. People face a lot of mental problems when they become adults such as depression and schizophrenia. Some people have ‘cognitive’ problems which makes them difficult to think clearly due to which they might encounter memory problems or problems in perceiving things clearly, difficulty in learning or dementia. A psychologist can help you deal with many other problems. People often develop mental health conditions because of a particular disease such as HIV, cancer or chronic pain. Or you might as well have tensions in relationships or difficulty in caring for your child for some reasons. A psychologist doesn’t always help directly. He might suggest you certain ways to get rid of your problems. He might ask someone else (perhaps your close friends) to help you or in some cases, do a psychological therapy.

A school goer

School going kids often have problems that they are not able to surmise. They might be a victim of bullying or might have serious issues in the academics.  An educational psychologist would be able to understand the child’s problem easily and deal with it in the most efficient manner. Some schools have counselors and an educational psychology department. You should contact there for your child.

Late teenage or adolescence

This is the delicate time of your life. There are many hormonal changes going on in your body which might provoke you to act in a weird way. But sometimes, children develop serious mental conditions in this age. Mostly, psychologists speak to the child, understand his problems and try to become friends with him. They might suggest books and journals to read. To get into the real problem, he might call him several times because people need time to trust someone with their personal problems like feelings, relationships and disappointments. A therapist depending upon the kind and intensity of the problem might do individual therapy or family (or group therapy). People in this age group are generally the most difficult to handle.
A psychologist works along with his patient as a team to eradicate the mental problems that his patient is facing. He does not give medicines until it’s strongly recommended. His work is more subtle and ticklish. He needs to build the victim to be able to tell his problem articulately. In today’s fast paced world, the psychologists hold a noteworthy position of taking care of our mental lives.

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Tours and Travels


Travel implying the transfer of people from one place to another has been essential for mankind since early times. People have and continue to travel place to place to find work and earn a living, to trade, or just to relax. A holiday without exploring a new place and culture sounds incomplete.

The tour and travel industry has emerged to cater to this need of people to move from place to place. A travel agency is a private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism related services to the public on behalf of suppliers such as airlines, railways, bus services, cruise lines, hotels and package tours.

Customers approach these agencies to get customized travel plans with ease. The agency employees understand the requirements of the customer i.e. the budget, the dates of travel and the purpose of travel including business dealings, meeting friends or relatives and going on a holiday. The customers are the quoted a travel proposal which includes the price, itinerary, the hotel or place to stay and most importantly details about the booked transport mode i.e. airlines, railways, etc.

The reason such agencies are flourishing lies in the fact that customers get ease of comfort. Firstly, they don’t need to wait in long queues to book tickets as the agency takes care of that. Secondly, a planned travel is always better given the fact that things might be difficult to find in a new city. Digging deeper a travel agency not only gives the customer a planned travel but a plethora of options to chose from which becomes difficult for the customer to find independently and without professional expertise.

On the other hand, suppliers such as airlines, railways, cruise lines, hotels, and car rentals find it easier to stay in touch with such travel agencies and exploit a huge population of potential customers. Business for such suppliers becomes more profitable when they tend to come together and provide the customer with a complete package. A travel agency acts as their common link and develops tours and packages which can be availed by customers as per requirements.

Thus, in this age of modernisation when everybody seeks to save time and effort, travel agencies make matching travel requirements a faster procedure. This is definitely evident when one has to travel internationally. Moreover, using travel agencies as a mediator, suppliers like hotels can get customers faster and stay booked throughout the year and end up in a profitable situation.

However, with the advent of internet the fundamental principle on which the tour and travel industry operates i.e. to provide customers with ease of comfort in their travel has been shaken. Now, potential customers can get all the information they need in a click. The hotels they can stay at, the restaurants to dine in. Additionally, even ticket booking is cake walk. Given this scenario suppliers such as hotels and airlines tend to interact directly with the consumers and cut down moderator costs. Consequently, travel agencies definitely need to maintain their presence online and provide better services in order to not to get totally extinct. Online advertisement and operation is an urgent need for travel agencies around the world.

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Wondrous Spices


Three Wondrous Spices

Envision your food with no flavors. Unfathomable, is it? We can without much of a stretch put it along these lines; wherever you locate an Indian you will discover flavors. No big surprise, when big food companies from over the world come to India, they need to add an Indian turn to their menu. Right from the kitchen and medicinal uses in homes, spices have a vital part to play in better places. As India is honoured with a fluctuated atmosphere each of its state delivers some zest or the other. No wonder why they are utilized so widely as a part of Indian cuisine. In India as well as in some different nations spices are thought to be of awesome use.

Aside from including shading, flavor and taste, utilization of numerous spices give interminable medical advantages. Some of them might be a substitute for your expensive magnificence items and even meds. On account of the Arab and European wayfarers, whose commitments in spreading them from their place of starting point to whatever remains of the planet has enormously expand their utilization and notoriety everywhere throughout the world!

Here is a list of some of the spices:

  • Anise

The modest anise plant is local to Middle-East and Mediterranean district; presumably started on the fruitful fields of Nile delta in the Egypt.

Do you experience the ill effects of grasping stomach problems? Suffering from runny nose, cold and cough? The seeds include gently sweet and fragrant bundle with an unmistakable liquorice flavor. Their uncommon aroma is because of fundamental oil, anethole in them.

Take a couple tastes of anise seed blended in heated water and you feel better in a flash. These extraordinary sweet-smelling fiery seeds for sure are entirely well known for their culinary and restorative qualities.

Star anise is a zesty organic product, acquired from evergreen tree local to South-West China. It has comparative taste and suggest a flavor like that of anise seed. The seeds are inside the star shaped fruits. Both the seed and in addition natural product husks utilized as flavor as a part of cooking.

Benefits of anise

  1. The main essential volatile oil that gives the characteristic aromatic flavor to it is anethole. Other important compounds found in these seeds include p-anisaldehyde, anise alcohol, acetophenone, pinene, estragol and limonene.
  2. Oil extracted from the seeds has application in numerous conventional meds as stomachic, hostile to septic, against convulsive, carminative, digestive, expectorant, stimulant and tonic operator
  3. Intriguing anise flavor convey a portion of the vital plants determined compounds that are known to be against oxidant or anti-oxidants, sickness forestalling, and wellbeing advancing.
  4. The seeds are a great wellspring of numerous fundamental B-complex vitamins, for example, pyridoxine, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamine. Pyridoxine (vitamin B-6) escalates GABA neuro-concoction levels in the cerebrum.
  5. The fiery seeds are one of critical wellspring of minerals like iron, copper, potassium, manganese, calcium, zinc and magnesium. Potassium is an essential part of cell and body liquids that controls heart rate and pulse.
  6. The zest additionally contains great measures of hostile to oxidant vitamins, for example, Vitamin-C and Vitamin-A.
  • Bay leaf

The absolute most amazing medical advantages of bay leaves incorporate their capacity to detoxify the body, moderate the maturing procedure, speed wound mending, shield the body from bacterial diseases, oversee diabetes, enhance heart wellbeing, diminish irritation, ease respiratory issues, advance absorption, and keep certain sorts of tumor.

The employments of bay leaves including granulating the leaves into a zest to flavor soups and stews, yet the leaves are most generally included in full leaves form as an enhancing for certain Italian dishes and are then evacuated or utilized as a topping. Entire leaves are not usually consumed. There is not a broad scope of culinary applications for inlet leaves, in spite of the fact that concentrates of sound leaves have various therapeutic applications for topical application. It is likewise a prominent component of fragrant healing and home grown medicines for different skin and respiratory conditions. We should investigate the remarkable medical advantages of narrows clears out.

Benefits of Bay leaf

  1. Essential oil of bay leaf is massaged on sprained regions and for relieving headaches. The oil also provides relief from swellings, rheumatic and arthritic pain.
  2. Setting a fabric absorbed water in which cove leaves have been boiled gives alleviation from hack, chilly, bronchitis and mid-section contaminations.
  3. Prevents cancers. It has a combination of organic compounds namely linalool, phytonutrients, catechins and parthenolide. These all have anti-oxidant properties and acts as a destroyer of tumorous cells.
  4. Rutin and caffeic are both essential natural mixes found in bay leaf that significantly help heart well being. Rutin reinforces fine dividers in the heart and the body’s furthest points, while caffeic corrosive can take out LDL or bad cholesterol from the cardiovascular framework.
  5. Promotes hair growth. Helps in eliminating dandruff and dry skin by improving hair follicles.
  6. It has a natural calming quality which help in reducing stress hormones level in the human body. Bay leaf oil is often used in aromatherapy to promote health.
  • Cinnamon
  • Modern research indicates that cinnamon holds some beneficial health properties. Having said that, it is important to recognize that more evidence is needed before we can finally say that cinnamon has these health benefits.
  • Cinnamon has been consumed since 2000 BC in Ancient Egypt, where it was of high cost (almost considered to be a panacea). In medieval times doctors used cinnamon to treat conditions like coughing, arthritis and sore throats.

Benefits of Cinnamon

  1. It helps in improving lipid levels and also control glucose levels in the human body.
  2. Suppresses the LDL or “bad cholesterol” and “boosts HDL” consequently reducing the chances of getting strokes, heart attacks, coronary artery disease.
  3. Cinnamon also has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal qualities.
  4. Used as a cure for stomach bugs such as salmonella, e-coli, adenovirus and campylobacter.
  5. It can be used as a food preservative in Asian countries. A pinch of cinnamon is used in almost every dish in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan etc.
  6. Used as a relaxing agent in massage therapy.
  7. Essential oils derived from cinnamon are used for tooth decay, gum problems and bad breath.

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“Hospitality Services”


Hospitality services: 

Hospitality is one of the biggest service oriented industry dealing with customers every day. From restaurants to shops everywhere hospitality is required. The ‘guest’ is of utmost importance and delivering services to them is the duty of the hospitality management team.  It deals a lot with tourism industry where the management has to keep the guests entertained. By entertaining, it means that the guests should be accompanied properly, providing the guests with facilities and making sure their needs are attained as soon as possible. It is a multibillion dollar industry. It consists of housekeepers, kitchen workers, porters, management staff, waiters, cleaners, gardeners, marketing people, human resources and few head staff. The hospitality system is a contract based system. A contract is signed for a year or five where all the resources required is provided by the signing party.


The housekeeping group takes care of the cooking, cleaning and daily chores. It is similar to our house except that the chores are in bulk. It includes cleaning the sheets of bed, cleaning the litter from rooms, swiping and mopping the floor and also cleaning the surfaces exposed to dirt. Housekeeping maintains the whole of the area regarding cleanliness of it.

Kitchen workers:

The next is the kitchen workers; they are the people who are chefs or waiters. The chef is the main person in a hotel industry. The chef is the head for all the decision regarding the menu of the hotel. Kitchen works have food preps who are the people that design the dishes and does all the garnishing before actually serving it to the customers. It also consists of the waiters who serve the actual dish to the customers. They also take the order for the food. There are several different ways one can give order in this technological era. Right from hand written notes to ordering food from tablet, lot of options are available.

Head staff:

These are the management level people who deal with allocating jobs to the employees. They are responsible for all that which takes place at a particular event. The management is the root of all the hierarchy structure of the system of hospitality.


These are the people who deal with miscellaneous jobs like purchasing, helping, guarding the place, gardening, cleaning the outside area of the building, electrician, water management, committees and also odd jobs.

The hospitality industry works for restaurants which includes cafes, motels, bars and pubs. Then it also works for tourism industry which contains tour operators and management staff. In travel and tourism industry, the tour operators take care of the availability of flights, buses, trains or road way transportation mediums. They also take care of food, partnering with several hotels which also provide lodging facilities. The flight attendants are a part of larger hospitality system where a customer can be a traveller or a business man. These services must be provided up in the air therefore stocking for such a trip is a job to be done precisely.  Therefore a network is formed where every service oriented industry converges into one system. From manual tasks to automatic machines hospitality is taking the world by storm. From birthday parties, business meetings, movie screening or weddings everywhere anywhere they are the pervasive systems in human world, without them the host of the event cannot conduct the function properly. This system also manages the whole strata of society where there are business meetings at regular interval associating with big companies.

Hospitality contract:

Contracts are the necessary when dealing with a larger business scale. The contracts are made between two parties who promise that the services provided will be paid a proper amount and that every party will try to give the best of them to the customer.


Hospitality is more like a depiction of a person’s will to fulfil the guest’s requirements. From ancient times it is considered as one if the method to showcase nourishment and comfort as a host to its guests. This system works regardless of the fact where the guest is coming from and what kind of business he has.

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Advertising, Media and Promotion

Advertising is a process of promoting any business firm or any organisation. With the help of advertisement the local public comes to know about different products which have been newly launched. Advertisement is the process of rapid gaining knowledge about any new inventions. Through advertisement people get to know about the advantages of products without visiting the store. There are different kinds of advertising agencies:


            1          Media advertising agencies

            2          Newspaper advertising agencies

            3          Online advertising agencies

            4          Marketing advertising agencies


1 Media advertisement is the best means of advertisement. Media or we can call it as television is watched by every individual whether a small kid or an adult. Through media you can get to know about all new products and their features without having it with you. Media advertise the product in such a way that the customer gets motivated to purchase it and use. Media is the fastest way of getting knowledge.


2 Newspaper is also best means of advertisement. Every fresh morning people have a good habit of reading newspaper. Through newspaper people get to know about new advertisement been published. Through newspaper, political news, bollywood news, educational news, sports news, every single news is mentioned. This is the cheapest means of gaining knowledge every day. Newspaper is published is many different languages which make easy for ever religion people to read.


3 Online advertising agencies are the famous means of acquiring knowledge for youngsters. Almost 80% of people have smart phones and they get knowledge through surfing net. Social networking sites are widely been visited by people on everyday basis and they come to know about different products from there. Every different site has different products with different quality and with different offers like discount or coupon, this creates a good impact, and people have willingness to purchase it. Hence online advertisement organisations are mushrooming up.


4 Marketing advertising of any product can be carried out through different ways i.e. door to door marketing which means that a marketing executive have to visit single individual of a locality and show the product with its main features, or the marketing of that product can be done by banners posting or by distributing pamphlets . Marketing can be done by organising any function through which people will to know about the product.


So, every different advertising agencies have their different form for posting or showing their ads . And through these advertising agencies people come to know about new products, new educational institutes or any news which is on headlines and get aware about it. Advertisement is the means of achieving profit.


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How to choose a good hotel for a perfect holiday?

Each one wants perfect service at a reasonable price. However, the crux is availability of such reliable service providers. Although such providers are available, finding them out aptly, at the right time matters a lot. For instance, someone is interested to go for a holiday and wants to book the best travel agent, best cab and the best hotel. Also he would be more interested for the best restaurant of that city. Where can he find them? How should he evaluate them? What are the judging parameters? enlists a variety of considerable factors.

  1. Location – Accessibility to the place through available means of communication
  2. Type and facilities – Star or non-star ratings, coupled with ‘WOW’ factors for the visitors. Memorable experiences that a visitor can carry along and recommend it elsewhere, also helps in spreading the word.
  3. Trained staff members – True professionals who can understand every bit of customer service. This spreads a positive word-of-mouth about the hotel.
  4. Ratings, reviews and feedback – Live-chart about the facility. This enhances decision making for customers to choose that hotel.

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The beautiful word!

A teacher asked a class 4th student -“Which is the most beautiful word you often hear”? Without a wink, the student replied ‘Marriage“. The teacher, though not taken aback, sought for explanation, to which the student reply was ” I hear it regularly at home”, “My parents often discuss about and use this word; that marriage is a beautiful experience, marriage creates better understanding between individuals, marriage always has surprises in store, marriage teaches you conflict management, marriage teaches you patience and perseverance, marriage makes you a balanced individual, marriage makes you sociable, marriage helps in procreation, marriage helps you to get your life’s best pal.”

The teacher was a bit taken aback now,hearing such positive words about marriage from a class 4th student, and could not resist praising him in front of the packed class. The same student was asked the same question by another teacher,two years later. This teacher was surprised for sure, hearing the tone of the student on the word ‘marriage’. I am sure, most of the readers by now would have made wild/correct guesses about what the student replied. The reply was “abstaining is better than sustaining”.

The ‘real’ beauty

Everybody wants to look beautiful. Everybody expects compliments for their get-up. But what actually is worth a compliment is the inner beauty, which most of us genuinely ignore. Beauty parlors are preferred over a ‘inner glance’ these days.

Look deeper into yourself, you will find true beauty. The ability to sacrifice, the ability to give, the ability to contribute, the ability to cooperate, the ability to stay positive and moreover a simmering attitude – all these definitely build the inner beauty. Make-ups in parlors enhances the look for sure. However, a positive thinking process carves the best image out of you.

Doctors seen on “need-only” basis

“I am absolutely fit and fine. What’s wrong with me”? – This is the normal reply which we get from a ‘fine’ person. This ‘fine’ person totally is against the idea of seeing doctors or health specialists, until he/she has fallen ill. Routine health check-up is a sort of ‘taboo’ in his day-to-day routine of affairs.

It is not a typical case though. Even most us are reluctant to see a doctor, unless the need arises severely. “Why to unnecessary waste time and money?” ” What has happened to me?” ” I am absolutely healthy and going strong”. These are typical quotes which we come across. We prefer to move ahead in our ‘busy schedules’, ignoring health check-ups, only to find ourselves in trouble in the later stages.

Hitting the gymnasium is always from ‘tomorrow’ and quitting smoking & drinking is never from ‘today’. Laughing it off over a discussion relating to ‘pot-bellies’ seems quite easy, than pondering over the real facts  and acting on it.

A button says it all..

In the e-era, where things have become faster and life has become deemed comfortable, the crave for yet easier lifestyle has even shot up. “Getting things done” or “life at the click of a button” have become buzz phrases meanwhile. However, as an outcome,the ease of accessing information has come off as a boon.

Whether it’s shopping online or connecting online, messaging on the go or instant video calling, life has become dependent on that magical ‘click’ or that feathery ‘touch’. Necessity on one side, it has become more of a fad on the other. Challenging anybody on any matter, obtaining information on the spot, creating ‘circles’ for a cause, etc are the things of the present time; thanks to the ‘button’ revolution.