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Women Traveler’s Destinations


India has for quite some time been touted as an unsafe destination for explorers from everywhere throughout the world. All the more so in the event of the female travelers coming to India. While wellbeing ought to dependably be considered important it is anything but difficult to tail some basic standards and rules to keep yourself out of inconvenience’s way. So, women, it’s your opportunity to tie your shoes and investigate the nation more than ever!

In this part 1 of best tourist places for women here are some of the accumulated rundowns of destinations in India which are striking for their undoubted fascinate but on the other hand are safe for the women explorer who likes to travel solo. A considerable measure of this destinationis certainly going to be on everybody’s bucket list after you have experienced them.

  1. Nainital

Arranged in the tranquil valleys of Uttarakhand, Nainital is genuinely the meaning of Neverland on earth. Possessed by neighborhood kumaoni individuals known for their warm nature and benevolent grins, the residential community of Nainital is both an unbelievably protected and staggeringly fun spot to investigate without anyone else.

Attractions: China Peak, Snow View, Tiffin Top, Bhimtal, Naukuchiyatal, Himalaya Darshan, Jama Masjid, Pangot, Corbett National Park, Saattal, Lover’s Point, Ropeway (Cable Car), Nanda Devi Temple,

  1. Mysore

The social center point of Karnataka is likewise one of the most secure spots in the state for a lady to set out alone too. The avenues are populated till the sun goes down keeping in mind it is encouraged to not loiter around during the evening, the city still feels safe during the evening because of it being a well-known visitor destination and individuals going during the evening. Mysore is an unquestionable requirement visit for and woman who has a preference for Indian culture and history.

Attractions: Mysore Palace, Government House, Chamundi Hills, Rangacharlu, Jubilee Clock,Rail Museum, Sri Chamundeswari Temple

  1. Shimla

Hill stations are by and large more secure because of the number of individuals present at any given time. In any case, with regards to hill stations, few can coordinate the magnificence and appeal of the valleys of Shimla. The peak town is a flat out enjoyment and the crown gem of Indian tourism. Shimla likewise offers heaps of alluring and safe hotel alternatives which make it an exceptionally suitable destination for a female explorer.

Attractions: Viceregal Lodge, Jakhu Temple, Town Hall, Gaiety Museum, State Museum, Christ Church, Kali Bari Temple, Himalayan Bird Park and Kufri

  1. Khajuraho

Recognized by UNESCO as a world legacy site, the sanctuaries of Khajuraho are genuinely an incredible sight. There can be slight reservations about Khajuraho because of the measure of bugging that goes ahead here yet once you figure out how to manage the aides and merchants Khajuraho gets to be one of the most secure spots in the nation to spend a calm weekend.

Attractions: Lakshmana Temple, Kandariya Mahadev Temple, Lakshmi Temple, Old Village, Parshwanath Temple, Matangeshwar Mahadev Temple, Lord Mahavira Temple and Adinath Temple

  1. Udaipur

Rajasthan, when all is said in done, is possessed by individuals who are neighborly and supportive in nature, and no city embodies this more than the city of Udaipur. The rich society going through the urban areas veins is effortlessly found in each road you set your foot in. The main issue you may face is that Udaipur is by and large a couple’s destination thus voyaging alone can once in a while be baffling, however in the event that your feeling of experience can beat that sense you are in for a treat of your life.

Attractions: City Palace, Lake Palace, Lake Pichola, Ahar Museum, Bagore ki Haveli, Sajjan Garh/ Monsoon Palace, Sunset Point

  1. Kaziranga, Assam

Nothing says that a national park ought to be out of cut-off points for a female voyager, Right? With its plenteous populace of the one-horned rhino, Kaziranga beyond any doubt makes an extraordinary fascination in see the untamed life very close when voyaging alone. The administration run park gives private jeep safari and Elephant visits to help the travelers investigate the recreation center and we discover the visit exceptionally recommendable!

Attractions: Leopard, One-horned Rhino, Fishing Cat, Large Indian Civet, Barking deer, Small Indian Civet, Sambar, Hog deer, Gaur, Hog Badger, Capped Langur, Hoolock Gibbon, Assamese Macaque and Rhesus Macaque

  1. Varanasi

The blessed city of Varanasi is the religious center point of the northern district of India. The city of sanctuaries is known for its huge number of ghats worked by the blessed Ganges waterway. The general population in Varanasi are well disposed and accommodating in nature and will frequently on occasion make a special effort to assist an outsider in need. The city flourishes with its tourism and in that capacity is viewed as an exceptionally safe spot for voyagers to absorb the Hindu society.

Attractions: Vishwanath Temple, Dashwamedh Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Assi Ghat, Ramnagar Fort and Museum, Gyan Kupor Well, New Vishwanath Temple, Durga Temple,Tulsi Manas Temple, Bharat Mata Temple

  1. Puducherry

This union domain gives what a great deal of spots in the nation are painfully inadequate with regards to, a minute of peace. The quiet and peaceful setting looks more like a French city of time passed by than a present day Indian city. It is an extraordinary spot for shopping or attempting the tasty french cooking and is surely loaded with genial individuals who are cheerful driving their basic lives.

Attractions: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Notre Dame des Anges, Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Cathedral,Churches, Puducherry Museum, Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple, Sacred Heart Basilica,Botanical Garden, Goubert Ave/Beach Road

If you are a solitary women traveler, then you ought to visit these beautifully safe tourist destinations.

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How the hospitality industry is growing way faster than others?


The tourism and the hospitality industry has emerged to be one of the most crucial areas of service sector for driving the fast paced Indian economy. It is generating about 8.78% of the total employment in the country. Hotels are an integral part of the hospitality industry. Hotels include apartments, resorts, airport hotels, casino hotels, boutique hotels and conference hotels. The tourism industry spans across genres like wildlife, heritage, adventure, medical and pilgrimage. A course in hotel management is a pre requisite for entering the hotel industry which is loaded with opportunities. As international hotel chains are opening their hotels in various cities, the need for both a good quality and quantity of employees is increasing. A job in the hospitality industry requires a lot of personal effort. Whether you like the person in front of you or not, you need to behave properly with him. This industry belongs to those talented professionals who can expose their capabilities and work under tight schedules and situations.

India has a good section of English speaking population which acts as a catalyst in the development of this industry. There are opportunities in hotel and tourism, cruise ships, club management, air force mess, fast food joint, railways and just so many places. There are several good institutes offering both hotel management degree and diploma courses that help students develop a career in this field right after 10+2. They focus more on teaching the students about customer service than the subjects since this matters the most here. Technical knowledge has importance of its own but what is required more is providing a memorable experience to your customer. The hospitality sector has become so wide that a lot of jobs depend on it today. This industry is creating lakhs of jobs every year. There are so many jobs interlinked with this industry that professionals from every field are joining this sector. Large restaurant or hotel chains are dependent on computers for managing the database of customers and bookings and so on. An IT professional with a taste of the hospitality sector can step into this field. Event, conference and recreational planners are also important for a hotel to help their customers plan out things easily. Finance experts can also find jobs in hotels and restaurants for accounting and auditing purposes.

The hospitality industry has opportunities for workers to work anywhere in the world. The emerging markets in Russia, Brazil and China are good options for finding a career in this field. Not only this, almost everyone with an expertise in something can find a job in this industry. The hospitality industry earns trillions of dollars per year worldwide. In fact, food service jobs account for about 8% of all the employment in the US.  One of the reasons for these developments is  that it provides jobs without any time barrier that can fit anyone’s schedule. Apart from hotels and restaurants, the hospitality industry offers jobs in travel agencies. One major feature of this sector is that jobs are not limited to the urban areas. You can also chose this as your second job or be an entrepreneur in this field. The hospitality industry is thus like water in the desert which is not only growing faster than others but also creating new jobs for all kinds of people with varied fields. The reason is that the impact of hospitality on our global economy is growing. According to the 2014 report of the World Travel and Tourism Council, hospitality sector is generating a new job every 2.5 seconds. The industry employs approximately 266 million people, which represent 9.1 percent of all the jobs worldwide.

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How to find a best travel agent


Travelling is the best teacher. And the adventures and new experiences that come along with it teach you a way of life that you have never witnessed before. Whenever you find free time during your work you should definitely plan a trip that would make a story for your future. Planning a trip, especially with your family, can prove to be a bit of a challenge and being the head in the family you have to keep track if everything is planned the way it was supposed to be. One important thing you should know, before planning a trip, is never travel without an agent. Travel agents could save you a lot of trouble you will have to face otherwise. In this article we will discuss about finding a perfect travel agent.

Signs of a good travel agent

A good travel agent is the one who does his real work off the internet. He doesn’t rely on search engines to come up with the offers for their customers. Rather, he uses his contacts and comes up with a great and an affordable deal for you. If you keep an eye on a couple of things then you might end up with a great travel agent.

  • Do you get all the detailed information that you ask from your agent? Does your agent tells you the truth and is being honest with you?
  • If you open up to him about a particular airlines that you don’t like, what is his reaction and does he shifts to another airlines or he just sticks to that particular one and forces you to travel through it? If your agents works according to your conditions then hire him and stick by him.
  • Is the, agent you have chosen, a local one? A local agent will be much better than the others as these guys know their business very well in their area. And having a local agent may save you some money as their contacts are appreciable.

Travel agent – But when?

If you are travelling alone then let the adventure be your agent. But, if that isn’t the case and you have to hire a travel agent. So, the question is in which cases should you hire a travel agent?

  • Group travels – Whenever you are travelling with a big group of people then booking that much seats together can be a tough task. Here is where you need to bring a travel agent into the loop and let him do all the tough work for you. You just have to be clear about your budget, time and date restrictions, and other requirements.
  • Family trip – Travelling with family is definitely a fun experience. But, it could also get hectic if even a tiny thing goes wrong. And it can be reservation of tickets of booking a hotel room, etc. So, to save yourself and your family from this unwanted hassle consider hiring a travel agent and let him take care of all this hassled tasks.
  • Travelling frequently – If you are a person who is constantly on business tours then you need to find a travel agent right away. If you travel to various places in short period of time you don’t want all the additional hectic work of booking a ticket. So, just hire a travel agent and book your ticket with just a phone call.

Choosing a perfect travel agent can prove a little bit tough but if you follow some simple guidelines you will end up with ‘the one’ and save lots of time, trouble, and money.

Find out more about travel agents on our website, you can  voice chat with service experts through Mayifind  unique mobile app and have a life-time experience in your favourite destination.

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Repeat Business: Bringing back your customers

Hospitality industry1

One of the most important things in the hotel industry is to create a healthy customer base through impeccable service and efficient customer relationship management. Even when the world is experiencing a recession, customer service and satisfaction can help the hotel industry to be green. People love to travel for pleasure and even for business purposes. Hotels are thus an indispensable component of our lifestyle. In the modern world, people just don’t stop at any random hotel on their trip as they are aware of the various options available. To fight the growing competition, the work of impressing the customers begins from the online world. People look for the hotels online and even do the booking online. If you want to do repeat business that is to say, build a relationship with the customers so that they come back to you, one thing that should be your priority is customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is a difficult task because however much you might please your customers, they will have something to complain about which is actually beneficial for you. However, you need to understand that there are several techniques that you can use to surprise your customers and increase your chances of repeat business. Knowing the needs of your customer is an important aspect. If it’s a beach side resort that you own, the customer expects you to offer some games and activities while if you own a conventional hotel, a good Wi-Fi and other basic facilities in clean and hygienic conditions are enough to satisfy them.

Another important aspect is a quick and an efficient response to any complaints and requests. Don’t give your customers a chance to complain. And if they address any issues, you need to sort them out quickly. Even if there are problems, if they get sorted out before the customer begins to lose temper, you can give a proof of your service which will bring the customers back to you. When the remote has dead batteries or there is no water in the taps or an extra blanket or pillow is needed, the customers need quick service.

Your staff is the one responsible for executing your service plans. So you need to train your staff in the techniques for customer satisfaction. All of their energy should be devoted in attaining the praise of the customer. After all, the customers interact with the working staff most of the time. A well trained and a polite staff will help in the smooth functioning of the hotel. Noticeably, an over polite staff might prove a problem for the customers and they might not like too much interference. It is easy to understand the choices of the customers by talking to them for some time. Good mind reading techniques always work and work well in bringing back the customers too. Customers believe in everything which is trustworthy. So, if you succeed in building trust in their minds, you have done your job. The customers won’t go anywhere else because people don’t want to change their places frequently. It is however a thing that needs to be done again. Meaning, if a customer returns or refers your hotel to someone else, you need to provide the same kind of service again. Work on all the feedback that your customer provided and improve upon your business. This is how a business becomes a big brand and builds a large base of customers who are attached to the company.

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5 home remedies to control your Hair fall


Rising pollution, sudden changes in weather and chemical enriched hair products; together are becoming the main reasons behind the increasing hair fall problems among the people. People of every age group report facing this frustrating hair fall issue. Although, genetics plays a vital role in such issues, yet many a times there are various reasons for hair fall. Some reasons include the previously discussed pollution, proteins and vitamins deficiency, hormonal imbalances, and insufficient blood supply to the scalp. A lot of reasons stand behind this long known hair fall problem and there are lots of remedies to solve it too. Let us take a look at some of the home remedies that have proved beneficial to overcome hair fall problem.

Methi (Fenugreek seed) treatment

This treatment is considered to be most effective to stop hair fall problem. Methi, also known as Fenugreek seeds, are rich in hormone antecedents which prove beneficial in hair growth and follicles repair. In addition to that, fenugreek seeds contain nicotinic acid traces and proteins that strengthen the shafts of hairs and increases hair growth.

How to use:

1) Soak the Methi seeds in water before going to sleep.

2) Finely grind the soaked Methi seeds next morning.

3) Apply the paste gently onto your scalp and hair and let it be 30 mins.

4) Rinse your hair with plenty of water. No need of using shampoo.

Follow this method twice a week for at least a month. You will see considerable control in your hair fall.

Aloe Vera treatment

Aloe Vera possesses an alkaline property which helps in restoring the natural pH level of scalp. Restoration of scalp’s pH in return prevents hair fall and enriches the scalp with natural extracts. Aloe Vera gel is also effective against dandruff.

How to use:

1) Take one of the branch from Aloe Vera plant and peel off its covering so that you are left with gel only.

2) Apply the gel on your hair and scalp gently.

3) Leave the gel mask for about 30-45 minutes.

4) Rinse your hair with plenty of water.

Follow this method 3-4 times a week and you will see the results for yourself.

Onion treatment

Onion treatment is usually used by those who are suffering from heavy hair fall. This might sound weird but onion can actually do wondrous treatment on your hair fall problems. The key is presence of high sulfur content in onion which actually helps stop hair fall and boosts the growth of hair follicles by improving the blood circulation. Also, the anti-bacterial properties present in onion juice kills the bacteria present on the scalp.

How to use:

1) Grind fresh onion into the mixer to get fresh juice out of it.

2) Apply the juice on your scalp for about half an hour.

3) Wash your hair with any good cleanser and use plenty of water.

4)Follow this method 3 times a week for better results.

Curd treatment

Sour curd is considered to be the best and effective home remedy to get rid of hair fall problem. Using curd not only solves hair fall problem but also it makes hair soft, shiny and smooth.

How to use:

1) Apply the sour curd on your scalp and hair and leave it for 30 minutes.

2) You can mix two tablespoon of curd with 1 tablespoon of honey and then apply gently on your scalp and hair.

3) Wash the mask off after 30 minutes with plenty of water.

Follow this method and you will find your hairs long and strong than ever.

Licorice treatment

Licorice can be marked as one of the best herbal treatment available right now. Licorice soothes the scalp by getting rid of the irritations. There’s a chance that dandruff can be the reason for hair fall. And if that’s the case then licorice treatment can prove a boon.

How to use:

1) Take few strands of Licorice and soak them in milk before going to sleep.

2) Grind the soaked Licorice roots finely to get a paste of the roots.

3) Apply the paste on your hair and scalp gently before sleeping next night.

4) Leave the mask overnight and wash hair next morning using a good hair cleanser.

Follow this method twice a week to get better results.

Hair fall is a long standing issue faced in both men and women. There are numerous ways to get rid of hair fall which includes home remedies and meeting a dermatologist.

Find more information regarding hair fall problems and doctors on our website You can chat with our service experts through Mayifind mobile app and get the answers to your problems.

Contributed by Harshal Pawar

Marketing Industrial Goods


Industrial marketing or business to business marketing of goods and services seeks to provide industrial goods and services to other businesses rather than to customers. Industrial goods are used by an industry to produce the final products. The B2B marketing is much more professional and delicate than the B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing which is more short term and needs things on a much less scale like attractive packaging. It is not a matter of two parties and one or two products but a number of individuals and thousands of products. Marketing the industrial products is thus a complex and tedious task.

The first step in marketing industrial goods is the same as marketing any other product- identify the customer. This is an important aspect of a business. A business needs to understand the type of businesses that will be willing and able to buy the products from it. This is the fundamental of the rest of your plan. Now, you need to introduce yourself to the potential customers or business clients. You can contact them by fixing a meeting where you can interact with them face to face. However, it is equally important to be present online. Your clients will always research about your company and its reputation before signing a deal. You thus need to have a proper website up to date with all the requisite information which is what comes under Web marketing and is an important factor in determining the sales of a business.

If a customer seems interested, the producer should focus on building relationship with the client. They might not be ready to sign a contract right away. Communicate with them through email, phone and in person to improve the bond. The producer might send samples with personalized notes to lure businesses. Once the client agrees to discuss the details of a contract, the marketing phase for selling your products is almost done. However, a new kind of marketing known as relationship marketing has begun. The producer now needs to maintain the reputation it has created in the mind of the buyer. There is now a need to gradually change your way of communication with them because they are no longer clients.

Relationship marketing is about forming long term relationships with the customers. You can organize regular polls to get feedback from the customers. Learn to accept the shortcomings of the company and work upon it. Thank your customers for providing their feedback’s. Also use social media sites to connect with your clients so that you don’t miss out on anything. Have a detailed strategy to manage customer relationships. There are several options that the client has. A producer should be updated on the latest technologies and trends in the market so that the customer doesn’t get a reason to shift. Conduct regular training sessions for all the members of your staff. Relationship marketing is more delicate and thus requires a lot of professionalism which is what makes a brand a brand and others, just sellers.

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Civil Engineer


A civil engineer also called City Engineer, Transportation Engineer, Structural Engineer is someone who plans and manages huge development ventures, including streets, structures, air terminals, burrows, dams, extensions, and frameworks for water supply and sewage treatment.

A subset of structural designing is Geo-technical building, and it is one of the specializations inside structural designing that includes exploring and understanding what lies underneath the ground’s surface.

  • What does a Civil Engineer do?

Structural architects work at the most elevated amount of outline and plan vast framework ventures, for example, air terminals and roadways, which requires taking care of complex issues. Structural designers must decide the practicality of arrangements, particularly in regards to money related expenses and security concerns. Urban and territorial organizers regularly look to structural specialists for guidance on these issues. Structural engineers are eventually in charge of the base task’s outline and usage. Along these lines, they should have the capacity to lead surveyors, development supervisors, structural building professionals, and others to execute the arrangement.

Structural architects use the standards of analytics, trigonometry, and other propelled themes in arithmetic for investigation, plan, and investigating in their work. Just authorized structural designers can sign the arrangements for foundation ventures. This makes it basic that structural architects have the capacity to screen and assess the work at the employment site as undertaking advances. Structural designers must have the capacity to speak with different experts, for example, draftsmen, scene modelers, and urban organizers. This implies structural designers must have the capacity to compose clear reports that individuals without a building foundation can take after.

Numerous structural architects hold supervisory or authoritative positions extending from the director of a development site to city engineer. Others work in configuration, development, research, and educating. They work with others on ventures and might be helped by structural building specialists and technologists. Different levels of government use structural designers to do a significant number of the same things done in private industry, aside from that the administration utilized structural architects may likewise investigate tasks to make certain that they conform to controls.

A civil architect’s undertakings normally include the accompanying:

  • Examine review reports, maps, and other information to arrange ventures.
  • Consider development costs, government controls potential natural perils and different variables in arranging stages.
  • Test soils to decide the ampleness and quality of establishments.
  • Test building materials, for example, solid, black-top, or steel, for use specifically extends.
  • Give cost evaluations to materials, gear, or work to decide an undertaking’s monetary achievability.
  • Use outline programming to arrange and plan transportation frameworks, pressure driven frameworks, and structures in accordance with industry and government guidelines.
  • Supervise, or take an interest in, studying to build up reference focuses, levels, and heights to guide development.
  • Present their discoveries to general society on subjects, for example, offer proposition, ecological effect explanations, or property portrayals.

Structural designers chip away at complex undertakings, and they in some cases work in one of a few territories:

  • Geo-technical Engineers – work to ensure that establishments are strong. They concentrate on how structures worked by structural specialists, for example, structures, and passages, cooperate with the earth (counting soil and rocks). Furthermore, they outline and plan for slants, holding dividers, and passages.
  • Structural Engineers – plan and evaluate real tasks, for example, scaffolds or dams, to guarantee their quality and solidness.
  • Transportation Engineers – plan and outline ordinary frameworks, for example, lanes and interstates, however, they likewise arrange bigger ventures, for example, airplane terminals, ports, and harbors.

Difference between civil engineer and an architect

Both civil engineers and architects are included in arranging and planning structures. Notwithstanding, a structural designer will focus on ensuring the structure will be sheltered and have the capacity to bear ordinary and amazing conditions, while the planner will concentrate on the style of the auxiliary work, and focus on the look, feel, and usefulness.

The structural engineer will break down and assess the structural integrity of the configuration that an architect has made, and discover approaches to make the development outline conceivable by recommending adjustments/alterations so as to transform the modeler’s vision into reality.

Civil engineers and architects regularly work with each other, as their work now and again covers. A decent working relationship between the two callings will make a development work more viable and fruitful.

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Ways to get Cheap car rentals Part 2


In the last post we shared some of the easiest and simple strategies you can apply while renting a car and save money. In this post we will talk and share more such strategies that will help you save a considerable amount of time and money. Bag pack trips with family or friends, is a fun for sure. Road trips teach us a lot about the nature, the people and our own willingness for adventure. Each individual should try to go on a road trip at least once in their life time. Here is the extended version of the previous post to ensure you get the cheapest rate while booking a car.

Off-Airport routes

Airport is the hotspot for the car rental companies. As people arrive at the airport they usually take their pick up right outside the airport. This is what you will need to avoid if you wish to save money. Off-Airport locations are cheaper than the standard airport locations itself. So, while giving your pick up location select the off-airport location and get ready for the surprise.

Delay a day

If the location you will be visiting has a good public transport facility and is well connected with higher frequency of shuttle buses then you may try and book the car from next day of your arrival. This will save you a day’s rental charges and if booked from off-airport location it will be a cherry on the top of the ice-cream.

Travel with two-way bookings

You must have seen it happen that when you book a just one-way flight ticket it costs you more. And if you try and book a return ticket along with your visiting ticket you are offered a humble discount. Same works for the car rental companies. You might save handful of cash if you book two-way travelling car. Plan your trip so that you can return your rental car to its original location.

Fuel policy

There are certain fuel policies that differ from company to company. With some companies the policy requires you to return the car with the same amount of fuel they gave you the car initially. Other companies might not require that kind of policy. Instead they require the renter to fill up the tank and may return the car empty. But a drawback in this policy is that you might not get the refund for the unused fuel. Yet the second one seems to be the better option as the company might charge you extra than the cost of petrol at the local petrol pump in the previous case.

Age restrictions

The standard age limit, at most locations, is 21 years. Some car rental companies impose additional fees if the driver is aged less than 25 years or over 65 years. Such companies call them more risky drivers. To save this additional driver fees what you can do is while travelling if one of your companion is above 25 years then designate them as the driver and save money.

There are simple yet effective ways to save money in this inflated world you just need to look carefully for them.

For more information about the car rental companies visit our website, you can  voice chat with service experts through Mayifind unique mobile app and have a life-time experience in your favourite destination.

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Online vs Retail Packaging


Packaging is the one of those things that differentiates a product at retail and attracts the attention of the customers. When the customer has a look at the product, it is not the actual product that he looks at first but the packaging that catches the attention of the consumer- FMOT (First moment of truth) as it is known as in popular language. There is another thing that the brand owners need to keep in mind from now which is ZMOT (Zero moment of truth) which has become significant with the advent of e-commerce. ZMOT refers to the information collected by the buyer about a product or service before taking any action which includes reading reviews and features of the product. The question now is whether FMOT or packaging will matter and affect the customer’s decision because they would be seeing it after they buy it. Will the brands need to still mind the aesthetic details that they normally did?

There are several arguments put forward by people as to whether the packaging should be modified or the same kind of packaging should be used. Changing the packaging to include fewer details would mean increasing the number of SKUs and ultimately costs. Hence, it is more important to have luring photos on the website rather than changing the packaging which might also involve fluctuations in brand consistency and operational efficiency. There is also a fear of losing customers due to difficulty in brand identification. A different packaging would anyways be a temptation for the company in the online mode if a company moves from B2B to B2C and shifts its strategy. Another thing to keep in mind is that packaging need not be elaborate in the online sale as once the item has been shipped, there is no further need for attracting the customer.

The view that packaging is irrelevant in the online world is strongly opposed by so many who believe that it will remain important. When the product reaches the home of the consumers, it needs to reach out the customer’s expectations. When the customer unwraps the box and takes out the product, you have to reinforce what your brand stands for. It’s for your packaging that the customers will recognize you. Your packaging should consider being different in retail and online stores. It should also differ according to the use its product would be put into. For example- if the product is sold online, it should be packed compactly and carefully so that it does not get destroyed due to transportation, can handle fluctuating temperatures and does not need cold pack or insulation. For the retail mode, such details are not required however the packaging should ensure that customers can carry the product easily. Package graphics need not differ for online and retail methods. They should have the potential of grabbing the customer’s eyes at once and the customer should also be able to decipher the use of the product. There is no doubt in the fact that there is a lot more competition online and that it is difficult to survive or initiate a good profit without selling a good quality product. Packaging’s significance has certainly declined to some extent in the virtual world but is an essential factor in impressing the customer and maintaining the overall reputation of the brand.

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Ways to find Cheap rental cars Part 1


Road trips are adventurous. Riding, all the way to your favorite spot, slicing the wind and marching forward, a partner for company and the awesome scenery along the way all these things come as a package when you go on a road trip. Road trips are also the most cost effective way of travelling. The freedom of travelling by your own speed, stopping for quick snacks from the roadside and sometimes stopping by and enjoying the scenery nature has to offer us. Such enjoyments can be cherished only when you travel on your own bike or car. There are lots of ways you can save money on a rental car and add more fun to your trip. We have compiled some of the ways for you right here.

Advance book your car

This is the simplest yet effective strategy to save money. Advance booking of a car online saves a lot of money as there are better deals available than at the counter. While arriving in the city of your picnic spot, dealing with the rental car company is the last thing you would wish to do. Although there are some formalities you would have to follow like carrying all your documents as an identity proof while renting a car.

Keep updates of the prices

There are numerous car rental companies out there. Each company has something better to offer than their fellow competitors. So there’s always a chance for you to get discounts on the rental prices. Keep yourself updated with the price range by visiting various car rental company sites. One smooth way to keep in touch with most of the price services is to visit an aggregator site which keeps the track of all the major and minor car rental companies’ charges.

Benefits of booking the car in advance are that you can cancel and re-book your rides without being charged for it. You may not even be charged until you pick-up the car. A trick to save money is to book a car and since there are no extra cancellation charges you can cancel and re-book a car if you see the price has dropped.

Pick-Up and Drop-off times

A standard procedure while booking a rental car online is, the pick-up and drop-off times are typically in half an hour increments. Try and play around this timings and see if it affects your rates. The company, many a times, drops the charges on an extended booking. Therefore, you should try booking the car for an extra day or maybe for extra hours and check if it lowers your final rates.

Size matters

The bigger and luxurious car you rent the more it burns your pocket. Realize your need and then go for it. You might find it tempting to rent a sports car but the fuel consumption and carrying capacity are the major factors to be considered than your temptation. Book the lowest class vehicle you and your picnic partners will fit in comfortably. Also there are chances that you get a free upgrade of your currently booked car (which might require more fuel consumption depending on the car you get).

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  • Contributed by Harshal Pawar