Ayurveda – a nature’s gift for healthy and clean life


Ayurvedic science is the ancient medicinal science in the Indian heritage. Although it’s an oldest form of medicine, yet it is conceptually an advanced one.  The ayurvedic form of medicine came into existence some 3,000 years ago and now has reached all the way to western countries too. The core concept of ayurvedic medicine is that it offers a holistic approach to human health. Each part of body is considered as the part of whole body, mind and spirit. Ayurvedic treatment aims towards balancing the whole universe and considers each individual as a part of the whole universe.

Targets the root of the problem

Unlike other forms of medical treatments, ayurvedic form looks for the root cause of a particular problem. Extracting the root, thus, zero downs the probability of that problem to return. The doctors practicing Ayurveda check for the imbalance in three systems, viz., Vata (the nervous system), Pitta (venous system), and Kapha (arterial system). They locate which system has caused imbalance in the body and try to balance it with the other two.


In this superfast technological era, laziness has reached at its peak level. So whether they are the children or the adults, people of every age have given up working on their body. This deteriorating lifestyle results in multiple diseases. In order to eradicate these diseases, most of the medical practitioners recommend a change in lifestyle. These changes may include walking, practicing yoga regularly, and changes in eating habits. Bringing changes, in lifestyle, seriously helps in healing of the disease and well being of human being.

Reduces stress

The workload today, in each individual’s life, naturally arise stress in them. And ancient form of medicine, Ayurveda, has found ages ago what modern medicines have recently encountered; stress and mental state, often, are the reasons for many diseases. Ayurvedic treatment focuses on balancing the mind and body in order to achieve the body and spirit centered. Yoga helps in achieving this goal and ayurvedic herbs boost the process.

Cleanses the body

People tend to attract towards junk lifestyle extremely quick. The junk food, cold drinks and pollution together harm our body immensely. Thus, this creates disturbances in our daily life as well as our body. Ayurvedic treatment aims towards purifying the body by removing the impurities that result towards disease causing symptoms and cleanses it. Cleansing of body is achieved by various processes like drinking herbal juice, massaging the body and consuming specific food stuff recommended by the doctor.

Prevention is better than cure

As we discussed earlier, Ayurvedic treatment tackles the root of the problem and acts towards removing it. This prevents the recurrence of the disease and stops before it occurs in healthy people. Ayurvedic treatment has raised the honor for India, as it originates here, and has reached far beyond the globe. People all over the world visit India for treatment and there are many Ayurvedic doctors in the foreign countries too.

There are lots of practitioners available in the country but one need to ensure the reputation and certification of a particular doctor before approaching them.

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  • Contributed by Harshal Pawar

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