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Better Packaging and satisfied customers

For achieving a strong customer base it is essential to make sure that the customer is satisfied. And the challenge begins right from the moment when the customer decides to buy a product of their choice. Just like in a restaurant presentation of the food in your plate matters as much as the quality and taste of it, similarly the packaging of a product, a customer chooses to buy, matters too. Customers are impressed with the services that you provide and increase their chances to come back and buy more stuff.

Custom shipping boxes

Impressive and successful packaging requires specific attention to individual items. Specific attention involves providing proper insulation from impact that may occur during transport and the correct degree of puncture resistance. The packaging materials that would be used to pack a particular product depend on the product itself. For example, most of the electronic devices such as mobile phones, hard drives, etc. are safe if packed in custom shipping boxes. There are lot of websites that provide custom shipping boxes with your company name and logo printed on it.

Custom shipping bags

There’s a new trend in market that has put those old and unhealthy polyethylene bags out of fashion. Fancy looking bags made out of paper or high-end fabric not only keep you in touch with the current trend but also its environment friendly. To add a stunning look to these bags bows and fillers do the job quite well. Apart from the looks and fashion, these bags are affordable too. It is better to shift your packaging style from polyethylene bags to new trend bags as the government has implied ban on the use of plastic. From clothes to grocery these bags prove useful in every way and never disappoint you.

Shipping peanuts

Science has brought a revolution in today’s world. As described earlier, the use of plastic is harming our environment in the way we can never imagine. And there’s a constant need to device new alternatives for plastic. Here’s where the biodegradable shipping peanuts come in. These peanuts are made out of corn starch and are fully non-toxic and static resistant. They provide an improved cushioning against stacking and impact. These peanuts even dissolve instantly in water without harming your pipes and the most precious feature is that they can be used to make compost for your plants.

Shipping tapes

It is the tape which keeps everything together. So whether it’s the boxes or just a simple polyethylene package, tapes play an important role in satisfying the customer. Low quality tapes tend to lose their gluey property and can loosen the package. Therefore, a good quality tape becomes of major importance. Many dealers out there provide online service where you can choose different colors of the tape as well as you can print your logo and name on the tape.

A happy customer is a satisfied customer and satisfying a customer requires just few careful steps. Make your packaging more attractive and achieve the most trustworthy customer base.

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Industrial Supplies


The most important component required to keep the success rate of a company at its higher level are the industrial supplies of that company. If you are in charge of your company’s industrial supplies then you need to take special care while choosing your supplies provider. Because if you think every company provides equal quality industrial products than you need to explore to understand that it’s simply not the case. This is commonly the case that most of the people believe any supply company is good to purchase from.

Why to explore?

This is a common question arising in every purchaser’s mind. Why to explore when we know where to purchase from and why to waste our time? Time is important, so is money. The biggest disadvantage of not exploring is that you don’t that you might get more for your money and not only in the case of supplies but also in the case of customer service that you receive from the company. You may find yourself lucky when you receive a magnanimous discount offers that may save a lot of money. Companies are always in a race to attract more and more customers and to keep them in the race they often come up with new strategies to attract customers. These strategies, in turn, may prove beneficial for you and your companies industrial supplies need.

How to choose a perfect Industrial supplier?

Now, once decided to explore, the next question pops up in mind is how exactly to find and approach an industrial supplier that would prove beneficial to your company? This question is obvious as there are hundreds of suppliers and each of them claims to provide the best than any of their fellow competitors. The best way to find a supplier perfect for you is to identify the companies having a strong reputation in the market. The other factor is to find someone who has been in the business for a long time. And the most important factor is to choose a supplier that specializes in the products and services that you need, rather than the one who offers everything for every company.

Where to start?

In this internet era you can sit in a small cabin and find everything and all the information that you need just on a few clicks. Just type in the products you need for your company and the internet will give numerous searches. But there are few websites who have made this task simpler and take you directly to the supplier of your choice. For example, offers you a platform where you can find the supplier according to your needs. The best feature this website offers is that you get all the relevant information required to contact the supplier like the address, contact number and the company’s website.

Choosing an industrial supplier can be a tough task but exploring the market can prove all the energy you spent worthwhile. Besides, we here at ensure that you don’t have to spend a lot of time and energy searching for the best supplier you require.

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Go Green


Go Green: Need for Sustainable Packaging

Green bundling is the utilization of assembling strategies and materials for bundling of merchandise that has low effect on nature and consumption of energy. Commonly, it utilizes nature friendly strategies, including energy efficiency, biodegradable and recyclable materials, reusable products and much more.

A lot of energy is utilized as a part of the generation of conventional bundling, for example, plastics, folded boxes, plastic sacks, and other packaging. Regularly, the source of that vitality is fossil fuels that contribute a great many metric amounts of carbon dioxide and methane into the environment every year while disposed of traditional packages winds up in landfills or seas creating soil, water, and plant defilement.

Companies in the contemporary era of business are moving away past customary bundling techniques and materials, organizations can decrease their carbon emissions and in addition their warehousing and transportation cost.

Organizations are looking for ways to go environmental friendly by using products and materials which are natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly. Though being a recent in trend, it is growing exponentially and is being used by many players in the market.

One advantage of eco-friendly approach is utilizing less and packaging products with eco-friendly materials to procure extra:

  • Sparing cash: Lessening abundance bundling results in lighter and littler shipments that cost less to transport. Furthermore, more prominent amounts can fit on beds, in transportation compartments, in distribution centers, and on retail retires.
  •  Looking after business: Changing to green materials can meet client requests for eco-accommodating suppliers.
  •  Pulling in purchasers: Numerous customers will pick an item which is eco-friendly over a customary bundle.

For suppliers, damage reduction by using foam is a cost saving option. Companies manufacturing electrical appliances are diminishing or even doing away with the measure of layered cardboard they use in packaging, supplanting it with foam hinders at corners and bubble wrap around the item. This helps in lessening the shipping expenses and harm that can happen amid stacking/emptying and transportation.

Minimizing transportation expenses is quite compelling to organizations considering environment friendly packaging. Transportation has an impact on the carbon footprints of the companies as well, more frequent trips means more cost. Designing of the packages is done in a way to increase the cube efficiency which means minimizing the spaces between the packages when being stored or transported.

The Magic Mantra of Going Green:

  1. Remove: Unnecessary packaging should be eliminated where ever possible.
  2. Redesigning and Reformulating: Redesigning and reformulating the product also has an impact on the level of packaging that is required for it. Unilever reformulated its detergent and were able to reduce the size of the plastic bottle by 55%.
  3. Reuse: It helps in the reduction of cutting cost of the packaged material. Companies nowadays receive packaging material from their factories, suppliers, consumers which help in decreasing the cost of packaging.
  4. Recycling: Increasing the use of recyclable products prevents land, water and air pollution and make the company eco-friendly in the eyes of the consumers.

If we are able to understand the importance of green packaging both as a consumer and manufacturer, we will then be able to ensure a sustainable and greener tomorrow for our future generations.

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Hotels and Resorts


Travelling is one of the most beautiful experiences and with family and friends the enjoyment doubled. Even just the plan of travelling at various scenic places seems very intriguing. India has numerous destinations that take us into the heart of nature far away from the chaotic civilization. To plan a tour decisions matter the most. There are lots of things that should be considered so that we don’t face any problems during any period of our tour. Such few things are discussed below.

Choose a perfect holiday spot

Choosing a destination for a perfect holiday might seem like a hard task but there are few tricks that will take you out of this dilemma. The very first question is who are you travelling with? If you are planning to travel with your family than trekking would not be the best thing. So, consider going at some hill station or beach spot or maybe adventure zone such as Essel World! If you are travelling with your friends then family spots won’t cheer you. So consider packing your trekking equipments and go on an adventure like hill climbing. Always make sure that you have taken care of your safety.


Holidays can be very expensive if not taken proper information. There are lots of ways to save your money right from the moment you step out from your home till you return back. If you are planning to fly to your chosen holiday spot then you might want to check the discount offers that various websites offer during vacation period. Booking two way tickets saves more money and even if that doesn’t satisfy you there is one more way to save more money. While booking ticket you can book the hotel for you and your family to stay and booking a hotel along with tickets saves a hell lot of money. Wouldn’t it be a double treat to visit your favorite destination and save money simultaneously?

Essentials on a holiday trip

This is a technological era and we don’t want to stand backward while the world is moving so fast in the forward direction, do we? No, no one wants to stay back. And the same logic applies while you are on a vacation at the most beautiful places. Carry a camera and make sure you capture the essence of nature in the pictures. While travelling always carry your ID card, some cash and a water bottle all the time. And don’t forget to keep a count of number of people while travelling in a larger group.

What to try?

India is so diverse that every state has its own identity and own culture. Whenever you visit a new place try to explore the culture of that region. The people of various regions always welcome the outsiders and treat them as one of their own. The most important thing to try out is the native food of that particular place. The food will amaze you and make your trip the most memorable one. There are lots of dishes to try and our mouth always wants a different taste.

Enjoy your holidays and if you feel like getting more information on a click then visit here.

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Tourist Services


Ziro: Not Just Another Hill Station!

Ziro , a small town in the state of Arunanchal Pradesh in India is located about 130 km from the capital city of Itanagar. It is one of those unnoticed and disregarded places that is amazingly beautiful and fun to visit.  Situated at about 1700 meters above the sea level in the Lower Subansiri District, the place is self-sufficient with agriculture of rice crops and fields. It is enveloped by high mountain ranges which are home to a large number of pine trees. The climate is pleasant in the summers and very cold in the winters. However, one can visit this beautiful place at any time of the year. With only about a population of 12000 people, the place is mostly inhabited by Apatani Tribes. Their customs and culture are unique and exceptional.The official language here is English. Here is a list of places to visit there:

Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary-The sanctuary houses a wide variety of orchids, long ranging bamboo, palm leaves, silver fir wood,etc. and also many endangered animals and birds.

Meghna Cave TempleOlder than 5000 years, this temple dedicated to Lord Lakulisha was rediscovered by the archaeological department in 1962. The temple is also known for the impressive hill ranges, forests and a river flowing in the gorge.

Kile Pakho-Just five kilometers from Ziro is Kile Pakho, a spectacular place with beautiful scenery .The tourists can climb the ridge and enjoy the view of Ziro plateau and the snow draped Himalayan peaks.

Midey-Covered with blue coloured pine bushes, one can discover the tallest wood from pine here which is known as Apatani. The facilities of trekking and mountain climbing make this place a must visit for nature lovers.

Ziro Puto-A hillock, this place houses independent India’s first administrative centre. Also known as Army Puto, this place lets one enjoy the amazing Apatani Plateau.

Dolo Mando-Another hillock located in the western part, the place is suitable for trekking and sight seeing.

Hapoli- It houses the main headquarters of the district administration. The name derived from Hao Polyang means high plain/plateau.

Dilopolyang Maniipolyang-A double hill station on the way to Talley Valley, this double hill station is loaded with beauty and greenery that the tourists can enjoy.

Pine Groove-Close to the district of Ziro and easy to reach, this is a place to enjoy pine clad.

Tarin Fish Farm-A spot for fish ranching where breeding of a variety of high altitude fish is being carried out, this fish farm is of great economical importance. One must check this place out while visiting Ziro.

Bamboo Groove-This is a place exposing the practice of farm forestry in the area. Along with the blue clad pine, one might also encounter one stem bamboos known as monopodial.

Tipi Orchid Research Centre- Arunanchal Pradesh houses the most number of species of orchids. This research centre is a tourist place located between mountain ranges and tropical rain forests consisting of wide ranging orchids of more than one thousand varieties. The orchid glass house and the gallery are also some interesting features of this place.

Ziro is not just another hill station, it’s a unique experience. Many of the spots here have been named as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. With so much to do here, its unlikely that you will get bored. The majestic valleys, forests, mountains and the greenery provide a delicious feast for the eyes. Another attraction is the four day Ziro Festival Of Music which would be held in September this year and is held every three years. You can come here with family or friends or with just your partner to discover the hidden treasures in this land. It will surely not disappoint you!

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Professionals and Consultants


Visiting a psychologist’s dock

Ever wondered how does psychology work? A psychologist’s area of study is the human mind and its behavior. They work with practical problems with all kinds of people. They bring people out from depression and mental stress, help children in handling the divorce of their parents, helping to recover from brain injury, to deal with bullying and to also help other professions to work efficiently. There are so many problems in everyone’s life, be it in your personal space or in general. Most of these problems can be easily resolved by the help of the psychologists. With so many diverse problems, its difficult for us to categorize the problems. Here we are discussing some problems related to your age.


This is the time of challenges and responsibilities. People face a lot of mental problems when they become adults such as depression and schizophrenia. Some people have ‘cognitive’ problems which makes them difficult to think clearly due to which they might encounter memory problems or problems in perceiving things clearly, difficulty in learning or dementia. A psychologist can help you deal with many other problems. People often develop mental health conditions because of a particular disease such as HIV, cancer or chronic pain. Or you might as well have tensions in relationships or difficulty in caring for your child for some reasons. A psychologist doesn’t always help directly. He might suggest you certain ways to get rid of your problems. He might ask someone else (perhaps your close friends) to help you or in some cases, do a psychological therapy.

A school goer

School going kids often have problems that they are not able to surmise. They might be a victim of bullying or might have serious issues in the academics.  An educational psychologist would be able to understand the child’s problem easily and deal with it in the most efficient manner. Some schools have counselors and an educational psychology department. You should contact there for your child.

Late teenage or adolescence

This is the delicate time of your life. There are many hormonal changes going on in your body which might provoke you to act in a weird way. But sometimes, children develop serious mental conditions in this age. Mostly, psychologists speak to the child, understand his problems and try to become friends with him. They might suggest books and journals to read. To get into the real problem, he might call him several times because people need time to trust someone with their personal problems like feelings, relationships and disappointments. A therapist depending upon the kind and intensity of the problem might do individual therapy or family (or group therapy). People in this age group are generally the most difficult to handle.
A psychologist works along with his patient as a team to eradicate the mental problems that his patient is facing. He does not give medicines until it’s strongly recommended. His work is more subtle and ticklish. He needs to build the victim to be able to tell his problem articulately. In today’s fast paced world, the psychologists hold a noteworthy position of taking care of our mental lives.

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Tours and Travels


Travel implying the transfer of people from one place to another has been essential for mankind since early times. People have and continue to travel place to place to find work and earn a living, to trade, or just to relax. A holiday without exploring a new place and culture sounds incomplete.

The tour and travel industry has emerged to cater to this need of people to move from place to place. A travel agency is a private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism related services to the public on behalf of suppliers such as airlines, railways, bus services, cruise lines, hotels and package tours.

Customers approach these agencies to get customized travel plans with ease. The agency employees understand the requirements of the customer i.e. the budget, the dates of travel and the purpose of travel including business dealings, meeting friends or relatives and going on a holiday. The customers are the quoted a travel proposal which includes the price, itinerary, the hotel or place to stay and most importantly details about the booked transport mode i.e. airlines, railways, etc.

The reason such agencies are flourishing lies in the fact that customers get ease of comfort. Firstly, they don’t need to wait in long queues to book tickets as the agency takes care of that. Secondly, a planned travel is always better given the fact that things might be difficult to find in a new city. Digging deeper a travel agency not only gives the customer a planned travel but a plethora of options to chose from which becomes difficult for the customer to find independently and without professional expertise.

On the other hand, suppliers such as airlines, railways, cruise lines, hotels, and car rentals find it easier to stay in touch with such travel agencies and exploit a huge population of potential customers. Business for such suppliers becomes more profitable when they tend to come together and provide the customer with a complete package. A travel agency acts as their common link and develops tours and packages which can be availed by customers as per requirements.

Thus, in this age of modernisation when everybody seeks to save time and effort, travel agencies make matching travel requirements a faster procedure. This is definitely evident when one has to travel internationally. Moreover, using travel agencies as a mediator, suppliers like hotels can get customers faster and stay booked throughout the year and end up in a profitable situation.

However, with the advent of internet the fundamental principle on which the tour and travel industry operates i.e. to provide customers with ease of comfort in their travel has been shaken. Now, potential customers can get all the information they need in a click. The hotels they can stay at, the restaurants to dine in. Additionally, even ticket booking is cake walk. Given this scenario suppliers such as hotels and airlines tend to interact directly with the consumers and cut down moderator costs. Consequently, travel agencies definitely need to maintain their presence online and provide better services in order to not to get totally extinct. Online advertisement and operation is an urgent need for travel agencies around the world.

  • Contributed by Kritika Nangia

Wondrous Spices


Three Wondrous Spices

Envision your food with no flavors. Unfathomable, is it? We can without much of a stretch put it along these lines; wherever you locate an Indian you will discover flavors. No big surprise, when big food companies from over the world come to India, they need to add an Indian turn to their menu. Right from the kitchen and medicinal uses in homes, spices have a vital part to play in better places. As India is honoured with a fluctuated atmosphere each of its state delivers some zest or the other. No wonder why they are utilized so widely as a part of Indian cuisine. In India as well as in some different nations spices are thought to be of awesome use.

Aside from including shading, flavor and taste, utilization of numerous spices give interminable medical advantages. Some of them might be a substitute for your expensive magnificence items and even meds. On account of the Arab and European wayfarers, whose commitments in spreading them from their place of starting point to whatever remains of the planet has enormously expand their utilization and notoriety everywhere throughout the world!

Here is a list of some of the spices:

  • Anise

The modest anise plant is local to Middle-East and Mediterranean district; presumably started on the fruitful fields of Nile delta in the Egypt.

Do you experience the ill effects of grasping stomach problems? Suffering from runny nose, cold and cough? The seeds include gently sweet and fragrant bundle with an unmistakable liquorice flavor. Their uncommon aroma is because of fundamental oil, anethole in them.

Take a couple tastes of anise seed blended in heated water and you feel better in a flash. These extraordinary sweet-smelling fiery seeds for sure are entirely well known for their culinary and restorative qualities.

Star anise is a zesty organic product, acquired from evergreen tree local to South-West China. It has comparative taste and suggest a flavor like that of anise seed. The seeds are inside the star shaped fruits. Both the seed and in addition natural product husks utilized as flavor as a part of cooking.

Benefits of anise

  1. The main essential volatile oil that gives the characteristic aromatic flavor to it is anethole. Other important compounds found in these seeds include p-anisaldehyde, anise alcohol, acetophenone, pinene, estragol and limonene.
  2. Oil extracted from the seeds has application in numerous conventional meds as stomachic, hostile to septic, against convulsive, carminative, digestive, expectorant, stimulant and tonic operator
  3. Intriguing anise flavor convey a portion of the vital plants determined compounds that are known to be against oxidant or anti-oxidants, sickness forestalling, and wellbeing advancing.
  4. The seeds are a great wellspring of numerous fundamental B-complex vitamins, for example, pyridoxine, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamine. Pyridoxine (vitamin B-6) escalates GABA neuro-concoction levels in the cerebrum.
  5. The fiery seeds are one of critical wellspring of minerals like iron, copper, potassium, manganese, calcium, zinc and magnesium. Potassium is an essential part of cell and body liquids that controls heart rate and pulse.
  6. The zest additionally contains great measures of hostile to oxidant vitamins, for example, Vitamin-C and Vitamin-A.
  • Bay leaf

The absolute most amazing medical advantages of bay leaves incorporate their capacity to detoxify the body, moderate the maturing procedure, speed wound mending, shield the body from bacterial diseases, oversee diabetes, enhance heart wellbeing, diminish irritation, ease respiratory issues, advance absorption, and keep certain sorts of tumor.

The employments of bay leaves including granulating the leaves into a zest to flavor soups and stews, yet the leaves are most generally included in full leaves form as an enhancing for certain Italian dishes and are then evacuated or utilized as a topping. Entire leaves are not usually consumed. There is not a broad scope of culinary applications for inlet leaves, in spite of the fact that concentrates of sound leaves have various therapeutic applications for topical application. It is likewise a prominent component of fragrant healing and home grown medicines for different skin and respiratory conditions. We should investigate the remarkable medical advantages of narrows clears out.

Benefits of Bay leaf

  1. Essential oil of bay leaf is massaged on sprained regions and for relieving headaches. The oil also provides relief from swellings, rheumatic and arthritic pain.
  2. Setting a fabric absorbed water in which cove leaves have been boiled gives alleviation from hack, chilly, bronchitis and mid-section contaminations.
  3. Prevents cancers. It has a combination of organic compounds namely linalool, phytonutrients, catechins and parthenolide. These all have anti-oxidant properties and acts as a destroyer of tumorous cells.
  4. Rutin and caffeic are both essential natural mixes found in bay leaf that significantly help heart well being. Rutin reinforces fine dividers in the heart and the body’s furthest points, while caffeic corrosive can take out LDL or bad cholesterol from the cardiovascular framework.
  5. Promotes hair growth. Helps in eliminating dandruff and dry skin by improving hair follicles.
  6. It has a natural calming quality which help in reducing stress hormones level in the human body. Bay leaf oil is often used in aromatherapy to promote health.
  • Cinnamon
  • Modern research indicates that cinnamon holds some beneficial health properties. Having said that, it is important to recognize that more evidence is needed before we can finally say that cinnamon has these health benefits.
  • Cinnamon has been consumed since 2000 BC in Ancient Egypt, where it was of high cost (almost considered to be a panacea). In medieval times doctors used cinnamon to treat conditions like coughing, arthritis and sore throats.

Benefits of Cinnamon

  1. It helps in improving lipid levels and also control glucose levels in the human body.
  2. Suppresses the LDL or “bad cholesterol” and “boosts HDL” consequently reducing the chances of getting strokes, heart attacks, coronary artery disease.
  3. Cinnamon also has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal qualities.
  4. Used as a cure for stomach bugs such as salmonella, e-coli, adenovirus and campylobacter.
  5. It can be used as a food preservative in Asian countries. A pinch of cinnamon is used in almost every dish in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan etc.
  6. Used as a relaxing agent in massage therapy.
  7. Essential oils derived from cinnamon are used for tooth decay, gum problems and bad breath.

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“Hospitality Services”


Hospitality services: 

Hospitality is one of the biggest service oriented industry dealing with customers every day. From restaurants to shops everywhere hospitality is required. The ‘guest’ is of utmost importance and delivering services to them is the duty of the hospitality management team.  It deals a lot with tourism industry where the management has to keep the guests entertained. By entertaining, it means that the guests should be accompanied properly, providing the guests with facilities and making sure their needs are attained as soon as possible. It is a multibillion dollar industry. It consists of housekeepers, kitchen workers, porters, management staff, waiters, cleaners, gardeners, marketing people, human resources and few head staff. The hospitality system is a contract based system. A contract is signed for a year or five where all the resources required is provided by the signing party.


The housekeeping group takes care of the cooking, cleaning and daily chores. It is similar to our house except that the chores are in bulk. It includes cleaning the sheets of bed, cleaning the litter from rooms, swiping and mopping the floor and also cleaning the surfaces exposed to dirt. Housekeeping maintains the whole of the area regarding cleanliness of it.

Kitchen workers:

The next is the kitchen workers; they are the people who are chefs or waiters. The chef is the main person in a hotel industry. The chef is the head for all the decision regarding the menu of the hotel. Kitchen works have food preps who are the people that design the dishes and does all the garnishing before actually serving it to the customers. It also consists of the waiters who serve the actual dish to the customers. They also take the order for the food. There are several different ways one can give order in this technological era. Right from hand written notes to ordering food from tablet, lot of options are available.

Head staff:

These are the management level people who deal with allocating jobs to the employees. They are responsible for all that which takes place at a particular event. The management is the root of all the hierarchy structure of the system of hospitality.


These are the people who deal with miscellaneous jobs like purchasing, helping, guarding the place, gardening, cleaning the outside area of the building, electrician, water management, committees and also odd jobs.

The hospitality industry works for restaurants which includes cafes, motels, bars and pubs. Then it also works for tourism industry which contains tour operators and management staff. In travel and tourism industry, the tour operators take care of the availability of flights, buses, trains or road way transportation mediums. They also take care of food, partnering with several hotels which also provide lodging facilities. The flight attendants are a part of larger hospitality system where a customer can be a traveller or a business man. These services must be provided up in the air therefore stocking for such a trip is a job to be done precisely.  Therefore a network is formed where every service oriented industry converges into one system. From manual tasks to automatic machines hospitality is taking the world by storm. From birthday parties, business meetings, movie screening or weddings everywhere anywhere they are the pervasive systems in human world, without them the host of the event cannot conduct the function properly. This system also manages the whole strata of society where there are business meetings at regular interval associating with big companies.

Hospitality contract:

Contracts are the necessary when dealing with a larger business scale. The contracts are made between two parties who promise that the services provided will be paid a proper amount and that every party will try to give the best of them to the customer.


Hospitality is more like a depiction of a person’s will to fulfil the guest’s requirements. From ancient times it is considered as one if the method to showcase nourishment and comfort as a host to its guests. This system works regardless of the fact where the guest is coming from and what kind of business he has.

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