Advertising, Media and Promotion

Advertising is a process of promoting any business firm or any organisation. With the help of advertisement the local public comes to know about different products which have been newly launched. Advertisement is the process of rapid gaining knowledge about any new inventions. Through advertisement people get to know about the advantages of products without visiting the store. There are different kinds of advertising agencies:


            1          Media advertising agencies

            2          Newspaper advertising agencies

            3          Online advertising agencies

            4          Marketing advertising agencies


1 Media advertisement is the best means of advertisement. Media or we can call it as television is watched by every individual whether a small kid or an adult. Through media you can get to know about all new products and their features without having it with you. Media advertise the product in such a way that the customer gets motivated to purchase it and use. Media is the fastest way of getting knowledge.


2 Newspaper is also best means of advertisement. Every fresh morning people have a good habit of reading newspaper. Through newspaper people get to know about new advertisement been published. Through newspaper, political news, bollywood news, educational news, sports news, every single news is mentioned. This is the cheapest means of gaining knowledge every day. Newspaper is published is many different languages which make easy for ever religion people to read.


3 Online advertising agencies are the famous means of acquiring knowledge for youngsters. Almost 80% of people have smart phones and they get knowledge through surfing net. Social networking sites are widely been visited by people on everyday basis and they come to know about different products from there. Every different site has different products with different quality and with different offers like discount or coupon, this creates a good impact, and people have willingness to purchase it. Hence online advertisement organisations are mushrooming up.


4 Marketing advertising of any product can be carried out through different ways i.e. door to door marketing which means that a marketing executive have to visit single individual of a locality and show the product with its main features, or the marketing of that product can be done by banners posting or by distributing pamphlets . Marketing can be done by organising any function through which people will to know about the product.


So, every different advertising agencies have their different form for posting or showing their ads . And through these advertising agencies people come to know about new products, new educational institutes or any news which is on headlines and get aware about it. Advertisement is the means of achieving profit.


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