The beautiful word!

A teacher asked a class 4th student -“Which is the most beautiful word you often hear”? Without a wink, the student replied ‘Marriage“. The teacher, though not taken aback, sought for explanation, to which the student reply was ” I hear it regularly at home”, “My parents often discuss about and use this word; that marriage is a beautiful experience, marriage creates better understanding between individuals, marriage always has surprises in store, marriage teaches you conflict management, marriage teaches you patience and perseverance, marriage makes you a balanced individual, marriage makes you sociable, marriage helps in procreation, marriage helps you to get your life’s best pal.”

The teacher was a bit taken aback now,hearing such positive words about marriage from a class 4th student, andĀ could not resist praising him in front of the packed class. The same student was asked the same question by another teacher,two years later. This teacher was surprised for sure, hearing the tone of the student on the word ‘marriage’. I am sure, most of the readers by now would have made wild/correct guesses about what the student replied. The reply was “abstaining is better than sustaining”.