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How the hospitality industry is growing way faster than others?


The tourism and the hospitality industry has emerged to be one of the most crucial areas of service sector for driving the fast paced Indian economy. It is generating about 8.78% of the total employment in the country. Hotels are an integral part of the hospitality industry. Hotels include apartments, resorts, airport hotels, casino hotels, boutique hotels and conference hotels. The tourism industry spans across genres like wildlife, heritage, adventure, medical and pilgrimage. A course in hotel management is a pre requisite for entering the hotel industry which is loaded with opportunities. As international hotel chains are opening their hotels in various cities, the need for both a good quality and quantity of employees is increasing. A job in the hospitality industry requires a lot of personal effort. Whether you like the person in front of you or not, you need to behave properly with him. This industry belongs to those talented professionals who can expose their capabilities and work under tight schedules and situations.

India has a good section of English speaking population which acts as a catalyst in the development of this industry. There are opportunities in hotel and tourism, cruise ships, club management, air force mess, fast food joint, railways and just so many places. There are several good institutes offering both hotel management degree and diploma courses that help students develop a career in this field right after 10+2. They focus more on teaching the students about customer service than the subjects since this matters the most here. Technical knowledge has importance of its own but what is required more is providing a memorable experience to your customer. The hospitality sector has become so wide that a lot of jobs depend on it today. This industry is creating lakhs of jobs every year. There are so many jobs interlinked with this industry that professionals from every field are joining this sector. Large restaurant or hotel chains are dependent on computers for managing the database of customers and bookings and so on. An IT professional with a taste of the hospitality sector can step into this field. Event, conference and recreational planners are also important for a hotel to help their customers plan out things easily. Finance experts can also find jobs in hotels and restaurants for accounting and auditing purposes.

The hospitality industry has opportunities for workers to work anywhere in the world. The emerging markets in Russia, Brazil and China are good options for finding a career in this field. Not only this, almost everyone with an expertise in something can find a job in this industry. The hospitality industry earns trillions of dollars per year worldwide. In fact, food service jobs account for about 8% of all the employment in the US.  One of the reasons for these developments is  that it provides jobs without any time barrier that can fit anyone’s schedule. Apart from hotels and restaurants, the hospitality industry offers jobs in travel agencies. One major feature of this sector is that jobs are not limited to the urban areas. You can also chose this as your second job or be an entrepreneur in this field. The hospitality industry is thus like water in the desert which is not only growing faster than others but also creating new jobs for all kinds of people with varied fields. The reason is that the impact of hospitality on our global economy is growing. According to the 2014 report of the World Travel and Tourism Council, hospitality sector is generating a new job every 2.5 seconds. The industry employs approximately 266 million people, which represent 9.1 percent of all the jobs worldwide.

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Repeat Business: Bringing back your customers

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One of the most important things in the hotel industry is to create a healthy customer base through impeccable service and efficient customer relationship management. Even when the world is experiencing a recession, customer service and satisfaction can help the hotel industry to be green. People love to travel for pleasure and even for business purposes. Hotels are thus an indispensable component of our lifestyle. In the modern world, people just don’t stop at any random hotel on their trip as they are aware of the various options available. To fight the growing competition, the work of impressing the customers begins from the online world. People look for the hotels online and even do the booking online. If you want to do repeat business that is to say, build a relationship with the customers so that they come back to you, one thing that should be your priority is customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is a difficult task because however much you might please your customers, they will have something to complain about which is actually beneficial for you. However, you need to understand that there are several techniques that you can use to surprise your customers and increase your chances of repeat business. Knowing the needs of your customer is an important aspect. If it’s a beach side resort that you own, the customer expects you to offer some games and activities while if you own a conventional hotel, a good Wi-Fi and other basic facilities in clean and hygienic conditions are enough to satisfy them.

Another important aspect is a quick and an efficient response to any complaints and requests. Don’t give your customers a chance to complain. And if they address any issues, you need to sort them out quickly. Even if there are problems, if they get sorted out before the customer begins to lose temper, you can give a proof of your service which will bring the customers back to you. When the remote has dead batteries or there is no water in the taps or an extra blanket or pillow is needed, the customers need quick service.

Your staff is the one responsible for executing your service plans. So you need to train your staff in the techniques for customer satisfaction. All of their energy should be devoted in attaining the praise of the customer. After all, the customers interact with the working staff most of the time. A well trained and a polite staff will help in the smooth functioning of the hotel. Noticeably, an over polite staff might prove a problem for the customers and they might not like too much interference. It is easy to understand the choices of the customers by talking to them for some time. Good mind reading techniques always work and work well in bringing back the customers too. Customers believe in everything which is trustworthy. So, if you succeed in building trust in their minds, you have done your job. The customers won’t go anywhere else because people don’t want to change their places frequently. It is however a thing that needs to be done again. Meaning, if a customer returns or refers your hotel to someone else, you need to provide the same kind of service again. Work on all the feedback that your customer provided and improve upon your business. This is how a business becomes a big brand and builds a large base of customers who are attached to the company.

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Social media – A new hospitality partner


Whether it is promotion of your new business or any other thing for that matter, social network is a key element these days that helps you reach millions of people. Almost every huge company or firm use social media platform to promote their business and increase their sale. Similarly, hotel industry has taken its growing steps towards this popular means of marketing and connecting called social media. The social platform is the most convenient and outreaching medium to boost the sales. And we have discussed below how, using social media, you can see a positive impact on the industry.

Traffic Statistics

We are all familiar with the news that each individual is connected to one or other social media platform. And it is no surprise for us that it’s the best way to keep in touch with the vast world. More than 90% people actively use Facebook, more than 78% of people are active on twitter and the fastest growing social media platform Instagram accounts for almost 60% and increasing user’s traffic. The numbers, thus, helps the news or promotion reach millions of people across the globe. This provides unique opportunities to the people in hotel business and keeps a track of what their customers like and what are their preferences. Knowing the likes and dislikes of the customers proves beneficial for the hoteliers to provide that exact kind of service.


The social media platform not only gives the exposure for new information but also it provides the opportunity to give a proper feedback about those services. When people visit a particular hotel, they often tend to share their experiences on the social platform so that people can decide whether to visit or not. This helps the people to choose wisely and often saves their time and money. Also an additional benefit the customers get from this feedback service is that the hotel management has to take care of their customers. If they provide unhealthy services or charge extra, or don’t maintain the hotel environment clean they would be in a great trouble. For customers, it’s cheerful news and makes sure that people get assured benefits for the money they pay.

On hand information

People these days get bored if they don’t get information at the speed of a bullet train. And often we see it is not possible for an individual to walk around and collect information. Doing such thing will result in limited information because of quite small exposure. But there’s always the light at the end of the tunnel. Websites such as provide genuine and best information about the hotels you need to stay in.

The information on the website is verified and it lets you choose between numerous options. Having a choice is always a delight as it lets you decide a place to stay that suits your budget. The site provides not just name of the place but also all the contact details you will be requiring to go ahead and book your stay.

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Hotels and Resorts


Travelling is one of the most beautiful experiences and with family and friends the enjoyment doubled. Even just the plan of travelling at various scenic places seems very intriguing. India has numerous destinations that take us into the heart of nature far away from the chaotic civilization. To plan a tour decisions matter the most. There are lots of things that should be considered so that we don’t face any problems during any period of our tour. Such few things are discussed below.

Choose a perfect holiday spot

Choosing a destination for a perfect holiday might seem like a hard task but there are few tricks that will take you out of this dilemma. The very first question is who are you travelling with? If you are planning to travel with your family than trekking would not be the best thing. So, consider going at some hill station or beach spot or maybe adventure zone such as Essel World! If you are travelling with your friends then family spots won’t cheer you. So consider packing your trekking equipments and go on an adventure like hill climbing. Always make sure that you have taken care of your safety.


Holidays can be very expensive if not taken proper information. There are lots of ways to save your money right from the moment you step out from your home till you return back. If you are planning to fly to your chosen holiday spot then you might want to check the discount offers that various websites offer during vacation period. Booking two way tickets saves more money and even if that doesn’t satisfy you there is one more way to save more money. While booking ticket you can book the hotel for you and your family to stay and booking a hotel along with tickets saves a hell lot of money. Wouldn’t it be a double treat to visit your favorite destination and save money simultaneously?

Essentials on a holiday trip

This is a technological era and we don’t want to stand backward while the world is moving so fast in the forward direction, do we? No, no one wants to stay back. And the same logic applies while you are on a vacation at the most beautiful places. Carry a camera and make sure you capture the essence of nature in the pictures. While travelling always carry your ID card, some cash and a water bottle all the time. And don’t forget to keep a count of number of people while travelling in a larger group.

What to try?

India is so diverse that every state has its own identity and own culture. Whenever you visit a new place try to explore the culture of that region. The people of various regions always welcome the outsiders and treat them as one of their own. The most important thing to try out is the native food of that particular place. The food will amaze you and make your trip the most memorable one. There are lots of dishes to try and our mouth always wants a different taste.

Enjoy your holidays and if you feel like getting more information on a click then visit here.

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