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How to choose an Interior Designer


Whether a middle class employee or a successful businessman, every individual has a dream of owning a home of his own. So, may it be a small one or a size of a palace, home is one place where there’s no one to judge you. And size doesn’t matter when you are satisfied. A smart person knows how to make even a one BHK home come alive. Interior of a house matters the most, as it is the first thing you see when you wake up and when you return back from an enervating long day at work.

Interior designers are one of the smartest people on the face of the earth. They make your living place a heaven. However, with the presence of immense talent in the market, the job to choose a perfect designer becomes tuff. We have compiled some key points for you to remember before you hire an interior designer.

Create a blueprint yourself

One usually has an idea of how their place should look and a dream image created in their mind. This is exactly what you need to follow. Scribble every idea that pops up into your mind. So, whether it is about the wallpaper, or color scale, or maybe pictures, anything comes to your mind will make it clearer for the designer to get the image your mind has created.

If you are finding it a hard task then divide your plan according to the rooms. Yes! This will make your task surprisingly easier. If you are planning to remodel children’s room, then things like cartoon themes, animals, etc. will go into that room. A living room should look more elegant and lively. A bedroom should be the place where the moment you enter you should be able relax and it’s should have a look of a romantic place.

Face to face with the designer

When it comes to hire a designer always be patient. Visit as much designers as you can and know their way of working, style and business method. Remember that you need your home designed the way you dream t of it and it’s important that the designer is open to listen to your ideas and suggestions. It is always recommended to gather all relevant information, like your designer’s past experience, his work and clients, and most importantly the budget and duration to complete a project. Try to find a well educated and enthusiastically creative interior designer.

Hiring and budget

Again, don’t be in a rush to select the designer once you have visited several of them. Take some time to compare each one of them. Comparison should not be based only on the basis of cost but also on the service and quality the designer will provide. Hire the one who is excited to know what plan you have about your home and he makes you visualize the concept.

Budget of the project depends on various factors of what you want. The size of the project, the quality of merchandise, and of course the time in which you wish your project completed. Being honest with your designer about your budget will help the show run smoother and efficiently. So, be transparent about your budget.

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Job Consultants


Here are the top 7 consulting firms to work for according to the research conducted by Vault-

1- McKinsey and Company– A privately owned management consulting firm, McKinsey and Company is the leader in its field. Although it has not revealed any information about its clients or about the details of its work, it claims to serve 80 of the top 100 US based companies and 90 of the biggest corporations around the globe. Apart from this, the company has served over 35 governments in OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries and 45 developing nations.

2-Bain & Company– It is considered to be one of the most prestigious companies in the world. Bain has 53 offices in 34 countries which work in almost every economic and industrial sector. The company has over 6000 employees and has worked with thousands of regional and local organizations, hundreds of non-profits, governments and private equity funds. It has given birth to a concept of “tied economics” which means that the success of Bain depends upon the success of its clients. This venture is a clear indication of the firm’s confidence in its own strength.

3- Boston Consulting Group, Inc.- Ranked as one of America’s largest companies, the BCG’s services extend to clients from some of the major companies of the world. With more than 12000 employees working in 85 offices spread across 48 countries, the firm provides services within its broad functional practice areas, like mergers and acquisitions, post merger integration, business portfolio management, growth strategy development and execution, supply chain management,etc. The company even serves certain government agencies and non-profit organizations.

4- Delloite Consulting LLP– Its business areas include financial advisory, tax, audit, risk and consulting. The company is famous for its Human Capital Practice, the world’s largest by revenue. Recently, Gartner, IDC and Kennedy ranked Delloite as the leading consulting firm in the world. The firm also works in areas of Strategy and Operations and Technology. Teams here gather local knowledge and global experience to serve their clients in any business environment. It has offices in more than 65 locations.

5- Price water house Coopers Advisory Services LLC-The advisory’s consulting services focus on strategy (Strategy&), technology and risk consulting, organizational strategy and structure, process improvement, customer impact, IT security, etc. Headquartered in New York, the complete network of firms boasts of offices in 157 countries, 83 of which are in US alone. Other practices include deals and forensic services.

6- Oliver Wyman– New York-based Oliver Wyman is part of the Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC), a global professional services network with brands and affiliates in more than 100 countries. The largest component of Oliver Wyman Group is Oliver Wyman, a management consulting business which has more than 4,000 consultants working out of offices in over 50 cities spread across some 26 countries. Oliver Wyman Group also includes NERA Economic Consulting and the brand and identity consultancy Lippincott.

7- The Brattle Group- The Brattle Group answers complex economic, regulatory, and financial questions for corporations, law firms, and governments around the world. Originating in 1990 as a five-person outfit, Brattle combined with Incentives Research, incorporated in 1995 to strengthen its expertise in energy matters and opened its first office in Cambridge. The firm’s 250-plus employees-now working from eight offices in the United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom-serve a number of industries, including electric power, financial institutions, natural gas and petroleum, telecommunications and media, and health care.

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Accountant: Your Finance Caretaker


An accountant is one of the principle players in any business that he or she works for, whether it is a small or big organization. The accountant screens and records the stream of cash through a business or association.

Also known as Incorporated Financial Accountant, Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, Charted Management Accountant, Charted Certified Accountant or Charted Accounted, have the responsibility to verify the accuracy of all cash transactions and to ensure that every transaction is legitimate and follow current guidelines. It might be that the accountant works for an organization on a legally binding basis to do the books or tax returns. They might also work for private individuals and help them with their tax returns, financial decisions or other money related issues.

  • What does a CA do?

By using numbers and budgetary proclamations, an accountant describes the soundness of an organization, company or an individual, by using their abilities as a part of math, bookkeeping, law and finance. They examine profits and losses, giving data that financial specialists and entrepreneurs need with a specific end goal to assess how an organization is getting along over a timeframe. This data shapes the premise of an organization’s report and legal documenting reports. The accompanying is a portion of the duties that an accountant may need to perform:

  • Decides finance necessities; keeps up finance information; plans and procedures regularly scheduled payrolls.
  • Interfaces with inside and outer evaluators in finishing reviews.
  • Clarify charging solicitations and bookkeeping strategies to staff, merchants, and customers.
  • Plan and audit spending plans, income, costs, finance passages, solicitations, and other bookkeeping records.
  • Examine and audit spending plans and uses for nearby, state, government and private subsidizing, survey contracts, and allows.
  • Get ready profits and losses proclamations and month to month shutting and cost bookkeeping reports.
  • Break down income and consumption drifts and prescribe proper spending levels, and guarantee user
  • Incorporate and dissect money related data to get ready passages to records, for example, general record records, and archive business exchanges.
  • Oversee the information and treatment of monetary information and reports for the organization’s computerized money related frameworks.
  • Resolve accounting errors.
  • Build up, keep up, and arrange the execution of accounting and accounting control techniques.
  • Suggest, create and keep up budgetary information bases, PC programming frameworks, and manual recording frameworks.
  • Types of Accounting
  • Private Accounting

This would be an accounting that is constrained to just a single firm, where a CA gets a salary on an employer-employee premise. This term is used regardless of the possibility that the business is a public corporation.

  • Public Accounting

This would be a bookkeeping service to the general public, and is thought to be more professional than private accounting. Certified and non-certified public bookkeepers can give public accounting services.

  • Fiduciary Accounting

This kind of bookkeeping is done by a trustee, agent, administrator, or anybody in a position of trust. The bookkeeper’s job is to keep the records and set up the reports, which might be approved by or under the purview of a court of law. The fiduciary or trustee accountant will control all property subject to the estate or trust.

  • National Income Accounting

Instead of the standard business entity concept, national income accounting utilizes the financial or social concept in setting up accounting. This kind of bookkeeping is dependable in giving people in general appraisals of a nation’s annual purchasing power. The GNP (gross national item) alludes to the aggregate business sector estimation of the considerable number of merchandise and administrations created by a nation, usually within a calendar year.

  • Investment Accounting

Investment accounting, securities accounting or portfolio accounting- all synonyms words portraying the way toward representing an arrangement of ventures, for example, securities, items and/or real estate held in an investment fund, like a mutual fund or hedge fund.

  • Governmental or Fund Accounting

This kind of account will work for a non-benefit association or a branch or unit of any level of government. The double-entry system of bookkeeping with journals and ledgers is utilized, the same as conventional bookkeeping. The administrations of a private or public accountant can be used, similar to any business entity. Special funds bookkeeping is used for control since profit intention can’t be used as a measure of efficiency.

  • Forensic Accounting

“Forensic” means “suitable for use in a court of law”. Forensic accountants also referred to as forensic auditors or investigative auditors; often have to give expert evidence at the eventual trial. The larger accounting firms part, and also numerous medium-sized and boutique firms, have specialist forensic bookkeeping divisions. Inside these gatherings, there might be further sub-specializations: some forensic accountant may, for instance, just specialize in personal injury claims, insurance claims, fraud, royalty audits or construction.

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Dietician: Your Nutrition Specialist


A dietician is a specialist in dietetics; that is, human sustenance and the control of eating routine. Dieticians modifies your nourishment based upon your therapeutic condition and needs. They are the main medicinal services experts authorized to evaluate, analyze, and treat nourishing issues. They work in an assortment of settings from clinical to the group and open arrangement to media interchanges.

A significant number of the dieticians have accreditation’s in specific fields, for example, sports, pediatrics, renal, oncological, sustenance hypersensitivity, or gerontological nourishment. After finding out your well being history, favored food, eating and practice propensities, the registered dietician helps you to set objectives and to organize. Follow-up visits frequently will help you concentrate on upkeep and checking your progress.

Today there are various types of Dieticians in practice. This include:

  • Clinical dietitians

Clinical dietitians work in doctor’s facilities, nursing care offices and other social insurance offices to give nourishment treatment to patients with an assortment of well being conditions, and give dietary counsels to patients and their families. Dieticians consult with other medicinal services experts to audit patients’ therapeutic diagrams and create singular arrangements to meet dietary prerequisites. They also function as a group with the doctors, doctor colleagues, physical specialists, word related advisors, drug specialists, language teachers, social laborers, medical caretakers, dietetic professionals, and different vocations to give consideration to patients.

  • Community dietitians

Community dietitians work with well being programs, public health offices, home care offices, and health maintenance organizations. These dietitians apply and disperse learning about sustenance and nourishment to people and gatherings of particular classes, ways of life and geographic ranges keeping in mind the end goal to advance well being. They regularly concentrate on the requirements of the elderly, kids, or different people with uncommon needs or constrained access to healthy food. Some community dietitians conduct home visits for patients who are too physically sick to go to counsels in well being offices keeping in mind the end goal to give consideration and guideline on shopping for food and nutrition preparation.

  •  Food service dietitians

Food service dietitians are in charge of food planning and service. They facilitate, evaluate and arrange food service forms in health services offices, school nourishment administration programs, detainment facilities, eateries, and organization cafeterias.These dietitians may perform reviews of their areas of expertise to guarantee quality control and nutrition well being benchmarks, and dispatch new menus and different projects inside their foundation to meet wellness and wholesome necessities. They prepare and oversee other nourishment administration specialists, for example, kitchen staff, conveyance staff, and dietary associates or helpers.

  •  Gerontological dietitians

Gerontological dietitians are authorities in nutrition and maturing. They work in nursing homes, government organizations in aging policy, community-based aged care agencies and in advanced education in the field of gerontology (the study of aging).

  •  Business dietitians

Business dietitians serve as asset individuals in food and nourishment through business, advertising, and communications.Dietitians’ skilled in nutrition is regularly requested in the media — for instance giving master visitor assessment on TV and radio news or cooking appearances,editorialist for a daily paper or magazine, or asset for eateries on formula improvement and scrutinize. Business dietitians may write books or corporate bulletins on sustenance and health. They likewise fill in as deals agents for food-producing organizations that give nourishing supplements and tube feeding supplies.

  •  Neonatal dietitians

Neonatal dietitians give individualized restorative nourishment treatment to basically sick untimely infants. They are viewed as a part of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit’s restorative group. The neonatal dietitian performs a clinical appraisal of patients, outlines sustenance conventions and quality change activities with the medicinal group, creates enteral and parenteral regimens, sets up and advance lactation/breastfeeding rules and frequently administers the administration of disease counteractive action in the taking care of, capacity, and conveyance of nutritious items.

  •  Pediatric dietitians

Pediatric dietitians give nourishment and health guidance to babies, youngsters, and adolescents. They concentrate on early nutritious needs, and regularly work intimately with specialists, school well being administrations, facilities, healing centers and government organizations, in creating and actualizing treatment gets ready for kids with dietary problems, food sensitivities, or any condition where a child’s eating routine variables into the condition, for example, child obesity.

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Legal Consultants


Acquire the perfect lawyer

Lawyers hold a powerful and a responsible position in the society. Whether you are drafting a will or a trust, getting a divorce, buying or selling property, you need a lawyer. And finding the right one is all that you need to do. Some expertise with this task can help you catch a good attorney who can help you honestly.

Honest Lawyer

There is many attorneys who don’t charge a fee for consultation. Take your case to them and get as much information as you can. While interacting, you will get an idea about the credibility of his words and his interest and intentions about the case. Some people can naturally judge a person’s character after talking for some time. For example- if he talks to you by looking into your eyes, he can be trusted as people who look at the ground or don’t maintain eye contact don’t generally have confidence and therefore can’t be trusted. Ask him about the kind of cases that he has dealt with in the past. This way you will get to know about his experience and whether he has solved similar cases. Also ask about the chances of success of your case. If the lawyer seems too optimistic, then he might be avoiding the minuses of the case which can be harmful for you. It’s important to have a trustworthy person on your side whatever the case might be.


You might have already judged whether he will respond to your calls and queries. Ask them if it’s alright to call them to discuss concerns. If he balks at the idea, you might have trouble in contacting them. Other things that you can ask them is whether you will be given regular updates on the status of the case and whether he will be point of communication or someone else. It is very disappointing if the lawyer doesn’t respond to your queries.

Price Range

This is the most important thing. After all, you’re choosing the lawyer will ultimately depend upon the price that your lawyer is asking for. If he charges for every petty thing like per letter or per hearing, his intention is to make money out of your case by dragging it. Try to obtain an estimate of the total or the maximum expense that will be involved and get it in writing from him. This will help you to prevent unwanted surprises. Prices differ from one case to another. Simple cases which get solved easily are usually much cheaper than those which are complex and require time.

Size of the law firm

You can chose any type of firm but lawyers from small firms can devote more time to your case than those from big firms as they have a lower workload. The big firms however have a good reputation for cases they’ve won which can prove useful for the case. They also have more resources and experience in forming the right strategy for your case.

You can search for lawyers online or consult friends and relatives or find law firms. Wherever you may search, make note of the above points to ensure that you chose the right lawyer. A good attorney can make your case while a bad one can doom it so, make the right choice.

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The Need for Life Insurance


Extra security is an incredible instrument to pay for future costs such that your loving family need not endure money related obstacles when there is a need or you are no more around to take care of them.

Taking disaster protection in India has turned out to be to a great degree straight forward and entirely essential, as well. Life’s unusual nature implies that things change suddenly and with unbelievably unfriendly effect also. In the light of this, more individuals are taking extra security approaches to help their friends and family hold over a conceivable budgetary mash in their non attendance.

In any case, numerous individuals stay unconvinced about the significance of taking life coverage in India. On the off chance that you should be persuaded about taking an existence approach, consider the accompanying essential reasons:

  • If you have a family:

From simply being you and your companion, your family may now incorporate kids and in-laws. They rely on upon your wage for every one of their needs, so your non attendance from their lives can make it difficult to finance an assortment of costs. Your companion might be not able to pay for kid’s further training, family unit costs, rising medicinal consideration, and so on. Having life coverage in India facilitates the family’s reliance on missing wage. Additionally, it puts aside a corpus for their future.

  • If you have obligations:

You may have obtained a couple advances for individual and business use. The credits are reimbursed through the month to month EMIs and you are sensibly certain about reimbursing them totally soon. Suppose you were all of a sudden missing: what happens to the unpaid advances? You may have home advances or business advances, and leasers will come approaching your friends and family creating a troublesome situation for them. Taking an extra security approach discredits the likelihood of your friends and family being hassled for obligations. Your home can likewise be spared from connection if the extra security corpus reimburses the credit.

  • If you are youthful and solid:

Taking life coverage when you are youthful and healthy results in less expensive premiums. Protection suppliers are amiable to stretching out less expensive life arrangements to youthful people with stable pay and a decent well being profile. You can likewise purchase an online life coverage arrangement for lower premiums. An ideal opportunity to purchase disaster protection is the point at which you are youthful and not in quick need of it – the later you purchase it, the higher are the premiums.

  • Want to fulfil your family dreams:

It is not wrong to think beyond practical boundaries, but rather every fantasy that your friends and family have must be supported with great arranging. You may feel that your present salary and reserve funds will help your youngster’s future training and wedding, pay for a brief moment home and even set up a retirement store for yourself and your life partner. Be that as it may, this arrangement is reasonable just the length of you is available in your family’s life. In the event that you are not, your extra security strategy can fund your friends and family’s fantasies.

So, now it’s time to get yourself insured.

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Designer and Decorator: What’s the difference?


People often get confused with certain terminologies. A common confusion arises in distinguishing between an interior designer and a decorator. Though they look like they are the same people who do same kind of work but this is certainly not the case. In fact, their jobs are quite different from each other. While a decorator will work for the perfect ornamentation of your room with emphasis on colours, furniture and the general layout, a designer might do all these things including details on where your doors and windows will be. He might also design your walls for the perfect look. We are generally troubled about the look of our house. We constantly change the decoration of our rooms to find that one look that will impress your guests. We thus need to know who to call for what.

If you want to create a feel or give a certain look to your home, a decorator might come in handy. An interior designer will work essentially with an architect to design the entire outlook of major projects. A designer might be a part of an architectural firm or an independent business person. His work starts once the architect is ready with the basic layout of a building which has been designed with the help of structural, mechanical and electrical engineers. A designer then understands what the space is to be used for and accordingly lays out designs for the windows and doors. They keep in mind local building codes and fire safety. They even base their design on factors such as sound transmission and acoustics. The designers might be asked as to why they have chosen a particular design. They are generally concerned about the maximum utility of the allotted space and its efficiency, safety and functionality.

With the project, a designer might also do the work of a decorator. He will choose the furniture, the colour of the paint and even the lighting plan that would be in the best interest of the building. A decorator is typically not involved while the project is going on and comes into action after the project is done. Homeowners might hire a decorator to create a comfortable look for the home’s occupants. For this, the decorator interprets the needs of the client and tries to incorporate various items to make the room or the home attractive. He might even suggest a photo or wall drawings or the right kind of cupboards depending on your need.

A designer and decorator thus differ in their work. This fact is also evident from the educational qualifications required for both. While a post secondary degree is typically required for a designer, a decorator might only have high school education and a certificate in interior decoration from a community or vocational college. They also are well paid however the average salary is not much high compared to other professions.  An interior designer is required to obtain a license whereas a decorator need not. Hence, we see that a designer can work as a decorator but a decorator is not allowed to design.

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Architect: Designer of your dreams

 When you think about a house or office building being developed, you may instantly think about the laborers, substantial equipment, and machinery required to develop starting from the earliest stage. Prior to those workmen and dump trucks ever show up, however, huge amounts of work have effectively gone into the venture which is done by an architect.

So who’s an architect? “An architect is a person knowing the craftsmanship, the science and the enterprise of construction.” The architect must be adept in mixing the science and the art in order to make a functional and visually appealing structure.

Architecture, the craft of working in which human necessities and development materials are connected in order to outfit functional use and additionally a tasteful arrangement. Designing is basically including the control of the connections of spaces, volumes, planes, masses, and voids.Additionally, it also focuses on the amount of natural light available to the structure which helps the user to reduce its carbon footprints.

Craftsman like architects is called to design different types of buildings ranging from small houses to huge penthouses, mansions, offices, university buildings, skyscrapers, hotels and hospitals.

  •  Responsibilities of an architect include:
  • Designing: In the outline part, he is enlisted by a customer to deliver point by point plans of an idea or thought that the customer needs to convert into reality. Additionally, this requires innovative thoughts with a lot of specialized learning and responsibility. The design must comply with the construction rules of the governing body. Contingent upon the venture, there might be laws encompassing the protection of the neighbouring environment or any memorable or historical parts of a building. A building that is not carefully designed can result in disasters.

Meetings with the clients are vital to building up necessities and to talk about point by point plan recommendations. Besides this an architect also works closely with the engineers, interior designers and financiers.

  •  Documenting: In this, the architect has to make adesign on paper, create adetailed model of it using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software and test the practicality and feasibility of the same. This can include persistent corrections and redraw to consolidate changes taking into account the customer’s necessities, spending plan and directions. Once the configuration records are finished the second set of documents are produced known as construction documents.
  •  Construction Documents:Conversion of the design into specific instructions with proper specifications of size, shape, volume, space etc. which will help the contractors and builders in construction are This help the professionals to properly build upon the work undertaken by them. As construction starts the architect visit the sites, conduct meetings, and oversees the construction process, signs off different pieces of work while also dealing with contractors for various problems that may arise during construction.
  • Ecological role:Today structures are known to produce high level of carbon emissions and to curb this, governments are enacting laws. The architect has to be aware of the fast changing scenario of the construction industry.

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Professionals and Consultants


Visiting a psychologist’s dock

Ever wondered how does psychology work? A psychologist’s area of study is the human mind and its behavior. They work with practical problems with all kinds of people. They bring people out from depression and mental stress, help children in handling the divorce of their parents, helping to recover from brain injury, to deal with bullying and to also help other professions to work efficiently. There are so many problems in everyone’s life, be it in your personal space or in general. Most of these problems can be easily resolved by the help of the psychologists. With so many diverse problems, its difficult for us to categorize the problems. Here we are discussing some problems related to your age.


This is the time of challenges and responsibilities. People face a lot of mental problems when they become adults such as depression and schizophrenia. Some people have ‘cognitive’ problems which makes them difficult to think clearly due to which they might encounter memory problems or problems in perceiving things clearly, difficulty in learning or dementia. A psychologist can help you deal with many other problems. People often develop mental health conditions because of a particular disease such as HIV, cancer or chronic pain. Or you might as well have tensions in relationships or difficulty in caring for your child for some reasons. A psychologist doesn’t always help directly. He might suggest you certain ways to get rid of your problems. He might ask someone else (perhaps your close friends) to help you or in some cases, do a psychological therapy.

A school goer

School going kids often have problems that they are not able to surmise. They might be a victim of bullying or might have serious issues in the academics.  An educational psychologist would be able to understand the child’s problem easily and deal with it in the most efficient manner. Some schools have counselors and an educational psychology department. You should contact there for your child.

Late teenage or adolescence

This is the delicate time of your life. There are many hormonal changes going on in your body which might provoke you to act in a weird way. But sometimes, children develop serious mental conditions in this age. Mostly, psychologists speak to the child, understand his problems and try to become friends with him. They might suggest books and journals to read. To get into the real problem, he might call him several times because people need time to trust someone with their personal problems like feelings, relationships and disappointments. A therapist depending upon the kind and intensity of the problem might do individual therapy or family (or group therapy). People in this age group are generally the most difficult to handle.
A psychologist works along with his patient as a team to eradicate the mental problems that his patient is facing. He does not give medicines until it’s strongly recommended. His work is more subtle and ticklish. He needs to build the victim to be able to tell his problem articulately. In today’s fast paced world, the psychologists hold a noteworthy position of taking care of our mental lives.

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