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Ways to get Cheap car rentals Part 2


In the last post we shared some of the easiest and simple strategies you can apply while renting a car and save money. In this post we will talk and share more such strategies that will help you save a considerable amount of time and money. Bag pack trips with family or friends, is a fun for sure. Road trips teach us a lot about the nature, the people and our own willingness for adventure. Each individual should try to go on a road trip at least once in their life time. Here is the extended version of the previous post to ensure you get the cheapest rate while booking a car.

Off-Airport routes

Airport is the hotspot for the car rental companies. As people arrive at the airport they usually take their pick up right outside the airport. This is what you will need to avoid if you wish to save money. Off-Airport locations are cheaper than the standard airport locations itself. So, while giving your pick up location select the off-airport location and get ready for the surprise.

Delay a day

If the location you will be visiting has a good public transport facility and is well connected with higher frequency of shuttle buses then you may try and book the car from next day of your arrival. This will save you a day’s rental charges and if booked from off-airport location it will be a cherry on the top of the ice-cream.

Travel with two-way bookings

You must have seen it happen that when you book a just one-way flight ticket it costs you more. And if you try and book a return ticket along with your visiting ticket you are offered a humble discount. Same works for the car rental companies. You might save handful of cash if you book two-way travelling car. Plan your trip so that you can return your rental car to its original location.

Fuel policy

There are certain fuel policies that differ from company to company. With some companies the policy requires you to return the car with the same amount of fuel they gave you the car initially. Other companies might not require that kind of policy. Instead they require the renter to fill up the tank and may return the car empty. But a drawback in this policy is that you might not get the refund for the unused fuel. Yet the second one seems to be the better option as the company might charge you extra than the cost of petrol at the local petrol pump in the previous case.

Age restrictions

The standard age limit, at most locations, is 21 years. Some car rental companies impose additional fees if the driver is aged less than 25 years or over 65 years. Such companies call them more risky drivers. To save this additional driver fees what you can do is while travelling if one of your companion is above 25 years then designate them as the driver and save money.

There are simple yet effective ways to save money in this inflated world you just need to look carefully for them.

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  • Contributed by Harshal Pawar

Ways to find Cheap rental cars Part 1


Road trips are adventurous. Riding, all the way to your favorite spot, slicing the wind and marching forward, a partner for company and the awesome scenery along the way all these things come as a package when you go on a road trip. Road trips are also the most cost effective way of travelling. The freedom of travelling by your own speed, stopping for quick snacks from the roadside and sometimes stopping by and enjoying the scenery nature has to offer us. Such enjoyments can be cherished only when you travel on your own bike or car. There are lots of ways you can save money on a rental car and add more fun to your trip. We have compiled some of the ways for you right here.

Advance book your car

This is the simplest yet effective strategy to save money. Advance booking of a car online saves a lot of money as there are better deals available than at the counter. While arriving in the city of your picnic spot, dealing with the rental car company is the last thing you would wish to do. Although there are some formalities you would have to follow like carrying all your documents as an identity proof while renting a car.

Keep updates of the prices

There are numerous car rental companies out there. Each company has something better to offer than their fellow competitors. So there’s always a chance for you to get discounts on the rental prices. Keep yourself updated with the price range by visiting various car rental company sites. One smooth way to keep in touch with most of the price services is to visit an aggregator site which keeps the track of all the major and minor car rental companies’ charges.

Benefits of booking the car in advance are that you can cancel and re-book your rides without being charged for it. You may not even be charged until you pick-up the car. A trick to save money is to book a car and since there are no extra cancellation charges you can cancel and re-book a car if you see the price has dropped.

Pick-Up and Drop-off times

A standard procedure while booking a rental car online is, the pick-up and drop-off times are typically in half an hour increments. Try and play around this timings and see if it affects your rates. The company, many a times, drops the charges on an extended booking. Therefore, you should try booking the car for an extra day or maybe for extra hours and check if it lowers your final rates.

Size matters

The bigger and luxurious car you rent the more it burns your pocket. Realize your need and then go for it. You might find it tempting to rent a sports car but the fuel consumption and carrying capacity are the major factors to be considered than your temptation. Book the lowest class vehicle you and your picnic partners will fit in comfortably. Also there are chances that you get a free upgrade of your currently booked car (which might require more fuel consumption depending on the car you get).

Keep in touch with our blog posts for more such tricks and hacks. Stay tuned for part 2 of Ways to find cheap rental cars.

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  • Contributed by Harshal Pawar