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Finding a perfect Estate agents


Are you one of those people who are planning to buy a new house or sell your existing one? Then, to get the best value for your money there are few critical measures you must be aware of. Buying a home on your own is not an easy task. As the market is occupied with attractive offers and eye-catching deals, there are sometimes few things going on in the background that might break your heart. And at such times you might feel a desperate urge for someone, well acquainted with market knowledge, to stand by your side and guide you. This is where the estate agents come into picture. However, one needs to understand few ground rules while contacting an estate agent.

Choosing a right estate agent

The market is full of agents and one can easily get confused when it comes to choose one. Remember, that an agent can make a whole lot of difference to get you a handsome price for your house. Whether you are buying or selling, an agent is the one who stands between you and the other party, so make sure who are you involving into your deal.

One thing, you should glue into your mind, is you are the one holding the ball and only you have the power to tackle down your opponent with the greatest service attack. So, take advantage of it and don’t let an estate agent drag you down into his offers. Rather, you tell him about your opinions and deals. Because, they don’t want to lose a customer and their commission they will listen to what you have to offer.


It’s always a good idea to know from someone who is experienced than someone who’s an expert. An experienced person will tell you what mistakes you can avoid making based on their personal experience. Ask your family, friends, neighbors or, if you can track down some previous customers of a particular agent, ask them, humbly, about that agent and if he is trustworthy or not. Check out their website and their social pages to get more insight about them.

Are they good enough?

After all you will be the one paying for the property or hoping to earn perfect value for your place. A good exercise, to know how good your agent is, is to check their recent sales. This will give you an idea about how active they are in the market and if they can give you the best value. How much involved is your estate agent in the conversation when you tell about your part of deal? Are they enthusiastic about their work? This will let you know them on a personal level and their style of working which proves beneficial for sales.

Marketing your property

This is the most important part as it involves reaching out to hundreds of people and getting out the word about your property. Make sure which portals do your agent use to advertise your house other than his own agency website. Also make sure if those portals receive good amount of traffic. More people visit, more chances are that you get a good buyer.

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10 Top-notch cities for home buys


Want your home to be in one of the posh localities? Here’s a list of top 10 lavish cities for you to buy your accommodation.

Live with luxury.

  • Delhi.

The nation’s capital city is likewise its costliest for home purchasers, with home rates climbing skywards at stunning rates each year. It is also one of the biggest business focuses, pegged to have a State Domestic Product of over Rs 157 crore. A substantial and genuinely very much created a metro city, it has businesses in telecom, power, land, retail and development.

  •  Mumbai.

The nation’s financial capital is its costliest land destination. New lodging comes at a premium in Mumbai, fuelling the requirement for reasonable lodging ventures that are few and far between. It is the second most costly city for non-natives.

  •  Bengaluru.

The country’s first IT center point is likewise one of its most costly lodging destinations. Bengaluru positions in #3 in the rundown of costliest Indian urban communities for homes, after Mumbai and Delhi. The city has a salubrious atmosphere, substantial open spaces, and pretty gardens and is a global city in each feeling of the term.

  •  Chennai.

The capital of Tamil Nadu has developed as another IT elective after Bengaluru and is totally metropolitan in nature. Involving a progression of organizations and commercial ventures, especially a flourishing BPO center point, Chennai’s lodging situation is created and very costly, pulling in a large group of PC designers and those working in vehicles, framework, and restorative businesses.

  •  Hyderabad.

As of late beating Hyderabad and Chennai to the spot of highest IT destination in the nation, Hyderabad is a costly yet magnificent housing destination. Its development is fuelled by IT, biotech, and pharma commercial enterprises in India, and its universal airplane terminal is viewed as one of the best on the planet.

  •  Pune.

It is the biggest metropolitan city and it is the second biggest city in Maharashtra. Pune additionally has numerous instructive areas which are exceptionally well known in the nation. The vehicles segment, sugar commercial enterprises are likewise extremely found in this city. The average cost for basic items in this city is entirely high and numerous individuals from the distinctive parts of the country come to reside in this city.

  •  Kolkata.

Like different urban communities Kolkata is not so costly but rather it is popular for all the huge IT organizations which are available in the city. Individuals from outside the city come to the city for it has the most extreme openings for work. The typical cost for basic items in the city is similar, low, however, it is an extremely renowned city as it has the organizations like BATA India, ITC, and Birla.

  •  Ahmedabad.

It is the capital of Gujarat. IMRB has positioned the city as the most costly city to live in. It has the biggest pilgrim of adornments and it is the maker of Denims. The city is called mechanical preparing center point. In the city, there are numerous IT organizations and it is one of the costliest urban communities in India.

  •  Chandigarh.

It is the first planned city in the world. It is the cleanest city in India. The general population who work in this city get a higher capita pay. It is the one of a kind destination of the two states Punjab and Haryana. The city is all around kept up and if you need to stay in this city then it is the best place to stay there.

  •  Jaipur.

It is also known as the pink city and it is the best-arranged city in India. The engineering of Jaipur is great and in this manner, you can say that the city is extremely all around composed. It is the business focal point of gold, precious stone and stone adornments. It is a standout amongst the most important traveler destinations too.

Choose the best for yourself !!

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