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Civil Engineer


A civil engineer also called City Engineer, Transportation Engineer, Structural Engineer is someone who plans and manages huge development ventures, including streets, structures, air terminals, burrows, dams, extensions, and frameworks for water supply and sewage treatment.

A subset of structural designing is Geo-technical building, and it is one of the specializations inside structural designing that includes exploring and understanding what lies underneath the ground’s surface.

  • What does a Civil Engineer do?

Structural architects work at the most elevated amount of outline and plan vast framework ventures, for example, air terminals and roadways, which requires taking care of complex issues. Structural designers must decide the practicality of arrangements, particularly in regards to money related expenses and security concerns. Urban and territorial organizers regularly look to structural specialists for guidance on these issues. Structural engineers are eventually in charge of the base task’s outline and usage. Along these lines, they should have the capacity to lead surveyors, development supervisors, structural building professionals, and others to execute the arrangement.

Structural architects use the standards of analytics, trigonometry, and other propelled themes in arithmetic for investigation, plan, and investigating in their work. Just authorized structural designers can sign the arrangements for foundation ventures. This makes it basic that structural architects have the capacity to screen and assess the work at the employment site as undertaking advances. Structural designers must have the capacity to speak with different experts, for example, draftsmen, scene modelers, and urban organizers. This implies structural designers must have the capacity to compose clear reports that individuals without a building foundation can take after.

Numerous structural architects hold supervisory or authoritative positions extending from the director of a development site to city engineer. Others work in configuration, development, research, and educating. They work with others on ventures and might be helped by structural building specialists and technologists. Different levels of government use structural designers to do a significant number of the same things done in private industry, aside from that the administration utilized structural architects may likewise investigate tasks to make certain that they conform to controls.

A civil architect’s undertakings normally include the accompanying:

  • Examine review reports, maps, and other information to arrange ventures.
  • Consider development costs, government controls potential natural perils and different variables in arranging stages.
  • Test soils to decide the ampleness and quality of establishments.
  • Test building materials, for example, solid, black-top, or steel, for use specifically extends.
  • Give cost evaluations to materials, gear, or work to decide an undertaking’s monetary achievability.
  • Use outline programming to arrange and plan transportation frameworks, pressure driven frameworks, and structures in accordance with industry and government guidelines.
  • Supervise, or take an interest in, studying to build up reference focuses, levels, and heights to guide development.
  • Present their discoveries to general society on subjects, for example, offer proposition, ecological effect explanations, or property portrayals.

Structural designers chip away at complex undertakings, and they in some cases work in one of a few territories:

  • Geo-technical Engineers – work to ensure that establishments are strong. They concentrate on how structures worked by structural specialists, for example, structures, and passages, cooperate with the earth (counting soil and rocks). Furthermore, they outline and plan for slants, holding dividers, and passages.
  • Structural Engineers – plan and evaluate real tasks, for example, scaffolds or dams, to guarantee their quality and solidness.
  • Transportation Engineers – plan and outline ordinary frameworks, for example, lanes and interstates, however, they likewise arrange bigger ventures, for example, airplane terminals, ports, and harbors.

Difference between civil engineer and an architect

Both civil engineers and architects are included in arranging and planning structures. Notwithstanding, a structural designer will focus on ensuring the structure will be sheltered and have the capacity to bear ordinary and amazing conditions, while the planner will concentrate on the style of the auxiliary work, and focus on the look, feel, and usefulness.

The structural engineer will break down and assess the structural integrity of the configuration that an architect has made, and discover approaches to make the development outline conceivable by recommending adjustments/alterations so as to transform the modeler’s vision into reality.

Civil engineers and architects regularly work with each other, as their work now and again covers. A decent working relationship between the two callings will make a development work more viable and fruitful.

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Marketing Engineering Consulting Services


The engineering consulting services offer solutions to technical problems that various companies face. They provide their clients with advice and tools to ratify that engineering problem or to improve some business process. Some companies specialize in certain sectors such as mechanical engineering, construction, environment or manufacturing. They sell their services to companies and government agencies mainly for providing consultancy and a variety of other project based services. Marketing these services and selling them is not an easy task. One needs a very strong base and lucrative strategies with a focused and dedicated mind to deal with the competition in the market. Following are a few steps that you can take to market your services efficiently.
Step 1
Research about the ongoing trends in the market and about what makes up the demand for engineering services. “Global Engineering Services Market Research Report ” is good report that gives a nice outlook into the areas that provide business opportunities. It has been developed as a fact by Plunkett Research that consultancies which focus on lowering business cost and enhancing operating ratios have a greater opportunity in the market.
Step 2
Describe yourself in the best way possible explaining clearly about the scope of the service that you are offering and the benefits that the client would be getting. Don’t forget to mention things that your company is specialized in. For example, you might have an exhaustive experience in mechanical engineering that other firms in the market don’t. Expound the services on your website and include them in your business proposals too.
Step 3
Reputation is one of those things that matter the most here for becoming the leader in your field. Once your clients develop trust in you for creative and cost effective solutions and a sound advice, you can grow easily. According to Industrial Marketing today, conventional marketing communications don’t help much in building trust with reputation. You should be speaking at significant industry events and providing relevant content to your target audience to capture potential clients. Publish articles through blog or magazine reports on issues in your market sector that interest your clients.
Step 4
A detailed website is a must. Include details about your accreditation, size, location and experience. Also mention about the members’ qualification and skill. You can also add stories of different cases that you have done with different clients.  Also ensure that your website is search engine optimized. Google being the favourite search engine, if an engineer needs a component or software tool, he’ll look for it on Google. It is one of the most popular ways of finding information. Don’t forget the specialized search engines like, which have lakhs of users who by pass the major search engines when they want a specific item from a specific place.
Step 5
Send an email to your target market to catch prospects. Call them to a seminar where you would be speaking, introduce your services and make them respond to you. Explore your market sector through different publications and websites where you can put forward proposals in various potential projects.

This list is not exhaustive. This is just how you need to begin to make your place in the market. There are various things that you will learn through your experience to make better and more powerful strategies.

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How does an Engineering firm work?


Ever had an experience of working with an engineering firm?  If the answer is yes, then you must be aware of the complex endeavours attached to it. The size of the engineering firms ranges from a single person consultancy working from home to multinational companies working across various sectors including construction and maintenance of facilities. Engineering has a wide scope because you can chose from so many disciplines available. Let’s understand how it all works!

Who do engineering firms work for?

There are various types of clients and entities available both in the public and the private sectors. These include schools and colleges, large engineering firms, architects, hospitals, industrial and commercial companies, building owners, construction firms, government agencies and municipalities, land and property developers and private individuals. The government agencies often hire these services if there is a new facility or structure being built under a big project. Several municipalities hire these firms on a permanent basis as a municipal engineer and for handling other related projects and services. Large engineering firms mostly hire smaller firms with an expertise in a specific field and they look after the overall work in a major undertaking. The smaller firms include geo-technical, environmental and structural engineering firms. Architects work quite similarly and hire MEP and structural engineering firms to work on their design. Engineering firms might also work together along with architects under a building owner. A private individual might hire an engineer for a house or a building inspection.

Design and Building

Over the years, there has been a much systematic but tedious method of working. An engineering firm first decides and finalizes the design of the building and reports to the owner who then accepts his favorite bid from the contractors who finally execute the design. Gradually, the trend has changed. The engineering and the construction companies now work together to finalize things and present a bid to the owner. The project is then built in one go. Sometimes, work starts before the complete design is ready i.e. construction and designing happen simultaneously. This method saves a lot of time and reduces ill will between the contractor and the engineering firm. This method is called design-build method and is different and better from design-bid-build method where the firm and the contractor might not know each other.

Engineer’s License

An engineer needs a license for offering its services to the public. This is because we don’t want our structures to collapse. In the interest of the public, only an engineer with a proper license is allowed to design such structures. Not every engineer in a firm needs to be licensed, but only a licensed engineer is allowed to supervise. Most firms have licensed engineers in more than one state. Very large firms have engineer licenses in all the states. Some engineering firms don’t have licensed engineers at all. They provide their services to other firms. This is known as ‘industry exclusion’ which means that the engineers working for the industry don’t need to be licensed. When short of staff, other companies hire them for a project.

A typical engineering firm thus works in a variety of areas with variety of techniques. The detailed working or the day to day working is quite complicated because of the technicalities involved. However, the firms always aim at optimizing the most that is possible.

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Engineering Services


What to expect from an engineering service provider as a client?

Engineering is the field constantly evolving and vastly expanding. There are so many services provided by this industry that one can easily get confused. Also, the increasing number of service providers puts you in a labyrinth and you find yourself puzzled in the maze of where to find a perfect service provider. As a client there are few most important things you need to take care when you approach an engineering service provider. Below are such important points you need to follow if you wish to end up with the best suiting service provider.

Ask for the equipment’s or processes that save your time

Time has always been and always be the crucial factor in this world and in everyone’s life. Whenever you approach a service provider enquire about the time they would take to provide a particular service. As effective value engineering depends upon swift processes. You have to make sure that your service provider captures all the relevant engineering and supply chain meta data and provides you with the well organized information. Also make sure the provider has put the information in their appropriate categories and does not confuse you.

Ask for the exact and latest technology tool sets

Being in the internet era it becomes essential to calculate the estimated cost of the particular service you intend to install or purchase. This keeps you one step ahead of your task and also helps you make adjustments in your budget according to the calculated value. Also make sure that the people working on a particular technology have proper knowledge of it. After all, a car driver cannot fly a plane!

There are various providers you can find in the market who claim to provide top notch services. But precaution is the key to success. And proper precaution comes when you have complete set of information bagged with you. The easiest way to gather all the relevant information comes in two ways. The first one is contacting a person who is well established in this field and, of course, is trustworthy. The second way is the easily available technology, which is internet. There are numerous websites which offer to the point information you need about your service provider. Try this one.

Ask them about the profit!

Yes, it’s the sweetest thing! For example, consider that you intend to begin a start-up. And your start-up requires setting up an attractive website which will set your business in motion. Now, if you hire a software engineer who cannot build a website that will attract more and more traffic on it then how is your business supposed to work? So, it is always beneficial if you ask the person you hire before you sign any deal. Ask him about the insights of the projects. About how much traffic could he generate and will this website design attract the younger audience?

Always remember, your money is you money and you have the right to ask every question that won’t make you regret later.

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