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Home remedies to lighten your lips


Out of all the facial elements, lips are the most appealing to anybody. Common blushing lips are constantly favored over dull pigmented lips. Ruddy pink lips upgrade the excellence of your grin and make you look all the more engaging and certain. Thus, there is most likely why women and even men hunger for having characteristic pink lips. There are various attempted and tried routes for helping lips without obliging you to put much into costly items. Here are some of the shortlisted the best home solutions for help dim lips which are more successful in taking care of business than whatever another item you find on the racks of a restorative store.

Some ladies attempt to shroud their dark lips behind the layer of lip shine or lipsticks, yet this is not a changeless arrangement. To get the lips that look naturally pink, you have to pick such arrangement that can help your lips for all time.

With the accompanying home cures, you can get rosy, pinkish lips effectively without spending an extortionate measure of cash on different options.

  1. Olive

Some oils can likewise help you get the lips you have dependably longed for. Among every one of the oils, Olive oil is thought to be the best one. Stacked with crucial supplements and saturating highlight, olive oil sustains your lips to give them a touch of delicate quality and make them look energetic, dynamic and lighter.

How to Use?

To get wonderful lips, rub your lips with additional virgin oil every prior day venturing into the bed.

  1. Lemon

Lemon has a dying property that can help it go about as a skin helping specialist. This property of lemon makes it a successful solution for dull lips also. The acidic substance in crisp lemon juice peels off the top skin layer, deserting delicate, lighter and pink lips.

How to Use?

To get light lips, apply the naturally pressed lemon juice on your lips consistently before going to rest. Leave it overnight and wash off with water the following morning.

You can likewise utilize it as a clean by sprinkling a tad bit of sugar on slender cuts of lemon. Rub the sugar-covered lemon cut over your lips to peel off dead skin layer and prepare for new cells to have their spot. Rehash this action day by day to get the attractive results.

The other approach to utilizing lemon is to make a blend of it with glycerin and nectar. Take half-teaspoon of all the three fixings, blend them well and apply on dull lips. Leave it for the entire night and wash in the morning. Continue applying the blend till the time you see positive results.

  1. Sugar

You can dispose of dull lips basically by shedding them all the time. Sugar makes a fantastic peeling specialist that aides in revealing light shading lips by evacuating the layer of dead skin cells.

How to Use?

Set up a thick glue by mixing granulated sugar with spread and clean your dull lips with it. Rehashing this activity once every week will help you get pink and sparkling lips.

You can go the other route by setting up a scour blending granulated sugar with nectar and almond oil in the proportion of 2:2:1. Apply this clean once in a week to reestablish characteristic look of the lips.

The other approach to utilizing sugar is to blend it with your day by day chilly cream and apply on the lips before going to bed. Rehashing this movement once per week will most likely let you appreciate pinky lips.

You can likewise set up a scour by blending a couple drops of it with half spoon of sugar. Scouring with this basic formula once per week will help you get characteristic pink lips inside a month.

  1. Beetroot

The other strategy to get pink lips promptly is beetroot. It has the ability to invigorate platelet generation by enhancing blood dissemination to the lips. It is additionally described by the fading movement and thus helps the shade of your lips.

How to Use?

Crisp beetroot juice can be connected on the lips before going to rest. Abandon it for the whole night and flush when you get up in the morning. The common red shade of beetroot will help your dim lips look ruddy pink. Rehash this activity day by day.

You can likewise apply beetroot juice blended with carrot juice. Rub your lips with the blend and wash following 10 minutes. Do it day by day for 2-3 weeks.

  1. Almond Oil

Almond oil is another exceedingly acclaimed and ordinarily utilized for treating dull lips.

How to Use?

Applying almond oil blended with nectar on dry lips help you get delicate and pink lips inside few days.

Blend almond oil with the same measure of castor oil and back rub the lips with the blend to help their shading.

  1. Honey

Honey has uncountable advantages, however barely a couple know about the way that it can likewise help in softening and helping the dim lips as well. It is likewise useful in treating dried out lips inferable from its saturating property.

How to Use?

Applying nectar is exceptionally basic. You simply need to coat your lips with nectar consistently and wash off the following day.

Make a glue of nectar, yogurt and gram flour in equivalent extent. Leave your lips covered with this glue for 30 minutes and afterward wash off with tepid water.

  1. Berries

Some known berries like strawberries and raspberries satisfy your taste buds as well as help your lips sparkle. This can be considered as one of the powerful home solutions for help dark lips. Berries are stuffed with indispensable vitamins and minerals that are thought to be fundamental for keeping your lips energetic and sound.

How to Use?

Use raspberries as juice and blend it with aloe vera and nectar. The glue then arranged ought to be connected on the lips. Flush your lips following a hole of 10 minutes with tepid water. Doing this movement 3-4 times in a week will unquestionably give you a chance to have lovely ruddy lips.

Strawberry juice blended with petroleum jam in the proportion of 1:2 wonders when connected every day.

  1. Rose

Rose water is likewise similarly supportive in getting ruddy pink lips. Having relieving, saturating and cooling impact, rose aides in the mitigating of bothered skin and lessening of sun harm.

How to Use?

Apply a mix of rose water and honey on your lips 3-4 times in a day until results are obvious.

Mix pulverized flower petals with spread, milk cream and nectar to make a fine glue. Rub it for 2-3 minutes to peel lips. Take after the progression twice every week.

On the other hand, you can utilize flower petals absorbed milk for 60 minutes and after that drudgery to make a glue. Include a squeeze of saffron and half tablespoon nectar to the glue and apply on pigmented lips for around 15 minutes. Rehashing it two times each day can help you get blushing pink lips.

  1. Pomegranate

Pomegranate supports your well being as well as aides in disposing of dull lips. Having a significant measure of flavonoids, polyphenols, and cell reinforcements feed and hydrates dry lips and permit them to look pink once more.

How to Use?

Scour your lips with a glue arranged by one tablespoon of pulverized pomegranate seeds, rose water and drain cream. Take after the progression once in a day to add normal pink shading to your lips.

You can likewise apply a blend of pomegranate, carrot, and beetroot juice.

  1. Cucumber

Cucumber is another skin helping operator that can viably lessen pigmentation of the lips to give excellent, pink ones.

How to Use?

You can utilize cucumber to help your lips by cutting it into meager cuts and rubbing them on the influenced ranges till the lips retain all the juice of the cut. Rehashing this movement every day will give you a chance to feel the delight of ruddy, pink lips without much exertion.

These basic home solutions for help dim lips will leave your lips, blossom like a rose. Be that as it may, you should be understanding as it might require some investment to permit you to see the outcomes. Likewise, it is prescribed to deal with your lips by restricting the utilization of liquor and juice drinks. Shielding the lips from sun presentation will likewise help you holding the characteristic pink shading. So don’t hold up, simply go ahead to look at these astonishing home solutions for help dark lips.

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Explore the Seven Chakras


Chakra originates from the Sanskrit word “cakra” signifying “wheel.” It exemplifies the development of vitality starting with one measurement then onto the next. There are seven chakras that are situated along the spine the distance from the butt-centric area to the highest point of the head.

There is 114 such vitality brings up of which two are outside the physical body. Out of the 112, 108 can really be worked upon. Fascinating certainty, 108 has shown in the human framework as it is a critical number really taking the shape of the close planetary system. Each has a particular quality. Each chakra is connected with a specific body partor organ to which it gives the vitality it needs to work. In this way, by traveling through the seven chakras or measurements in our physical and profound prosperity, we refine our vitality from material fundamental level character to a level where we get to be mindful of our soul.

The seven chakras are:

  1. Muladhara (Root Chakra-Base of Spine)

It identifies with our physical survival. It remains for our convictions through our developmental years. On the off chance that vitality is an imbalance in this chakra, it could prompt certain issues like anxiety, tension, weight, blockage, repressed correspondence with family and companions.

  1. Swadhisthana (Sacral Chakra– Slightly Below the Naval)

This vitality identifies with making mindfulness towards self as well as other people. Inner self, sexuality, and family are characterized as we work with this vitality. Abundance vitality could make one desirous, obscene, controlling. An insufficiency could make one compliant, close down, create torment in thelower back, sciatica or create sexual troubles.

  1. Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra-Slightly Above the Naval)

This chakra associates us with the vitality of our will. This is the place we build up our self-regard and articulation of individual force. It respects feelings, inventiveness, scholarly understanding and self-assurance. Abundance vitality could make one selfish, self-consumed and controlling. An inadequacy of vitality could prompt poor self-regard, thetrepidation of dismissal and absence of personality.

  1. Anahata (Heart Chakra-Center of the Chest)

It is the focal point of otherworldly development, sympathy, dedication, and adoration. The intersection where our soul or genuine self-dwells. The higher chakras can’t be surveyed till we go through this vitality point. When this chakra is open we are pardoning, have solid lungs and sound invulnerable framework. Overabundance vitality could bring about wrong passionate limits. Lack of vitality could bring about a man to be sharp and miserable.

  1. Vishuddha (Throat Chakra-Located at the Throat)

It is the focal point of inventiveness, correspondence, and self-expression. A truism that fits this chakra, “think before you speak!” Located in the head and the heart, it concentrates on looking after trustworthiness. Through this chakra, we show our voice to the world, a voice of genuineness, discretion, and trust. An overabundance of vitality could prompt judgmental, frightful discourse while the lack of vitality could mean a powerlessness to express, thyroid and other throat contaminations.

  1. Ajna (Third-Eye Chakra-Located at the Forehead)

It is the focal point of instinct and profound vision. We normally know it as the “Third-eye” (to see the world through our soul and not only our physical eyes) that summons a profound arousing from inside. It is the chakra of pardoning and energy. The abundance of vitality could prompt one being over-investigative while an insufficiency could prompt poor creative ability, dreams, and poor fixation.

  1. Sahasrara (Crown Chakra-Located at the Top of the Head)

This chakra speaks to the most elevated amount of cognizance and illumination. It incorporates all the chakras and their separate qualities and brings the acknowledgment that we are otherworldly creatures; our spirit/soul lives past the mortal limits of the body. It is the most noteworthy type of vitality, a substance of the Creator which leaks through our crown to the root chakra. We interface with a force more prominent than us and acknowledge to live in the present. Hinders in this chakra could bring about apprehension, despondency, and sensory system issue.

We can separate the cases of present day pharmaceutical from a deep sense of being/religion. The seven chakras and their importance lie in the development through these chakras. It is a trip of acclimatizing and incorporating the diverse vibrations or energies and after that achieving the objective of self-association with our soul. To know our otherworldly measurement and access it accomplishes a feeling of happiness with ourselves, unparalleled to any material fulfillment.

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5 home remedies to control your Hair fall


Rising pollution, sudden changes in weather and chemical enriched hair products; together are becoming the main reasons behind the increasing hair fall problems among the people. People of every age group report facing this frustrating hair fall issue. Although, genetics plays a vital role in such issues, yet many a times there are various reasons for hair fall. Some reasons include the previously discussed pollution, proteins and vitamins deficiency, hormonal imbalances, and insufficient blood supply to the scalp. A lot of reasons stand behind this long known hair fall problem and there are lots of remedies to solve it too. Let us take a look at some of the home remedies that have proved beneficial to overcome hair fall problem.

Methi (Fenugreek seed) treatment

This treatment is considered to be most effective to stop hair fall problem. Methi, also known as Fenugreek seeds, are rich in hormone antecedents which prove beneficial in hair growth and follicles repair. In addition to that, fenugreek seeds contain nicotinic acid traces and proteins that strengthen the shafts of hairs and increases hair growth.

How to use:

1) Soak the Methi seeds in water before going to sleep.

2) Finely grind the soaked Methi seeds next morning.

3) Apply the paste gently onto your scalp and hair and let it be 30 mins.

4) Rinse your hair with plenty of water. No need of using shampoo.

Follow this method twice a week for at least a month. You will see considerable control in your hair fall.

Aloe Vera treatment

Aloe Vera possesses an alkaline property which helps in restoring the natural pH level of scalp. Restoration of scalp’s pH in return prevents hair fall and enriches the scalp with natural extracts. Aloe Vera gel is also effective against dandruff.

How to use:

1) Take one of the branch from Aloe Vera plant and peel off its covering so that you are left with gel only.

2) Apply the gel on your hair and scalp gently.

3) Leave the gel mask for about 30-45 minutes.

4) Rinse your hair with plenty of water.

Follow this method 3-4 times a week and you will see the results for yourself.

Onion treatment

Onion treatment is usually used by those who are suffering from heavy hair fall. This might sound weird but onion can actually do wondrous treatment on your hair fall problems. The key is presence of high sulfur content in onion which actually helps stop hair fall and boosts the growth of hair follicles by improving the blood circulation. Also, the anti-bacterial properties present in onion juice kills the bacteria present on the scalp.

How to use:

1) Grind fresh onion into the mixer to get fresh juice out of it.

2) Apply the juice on your scalp for about half an hour.

3) Wash your hair with any good cleanser and use plenty of water.

4)Follow this method 3 times a week for better results.

Curd treatment

Sour curd is considered to be the best and effective home remedy to get rid of hair fall problem. Using curd not only solves hair fall problem but also it makes hair soft, shiny and smooth.

How to use:

1) Apply the sour curd on your scalp and hair and leave it for 30 minutes.

2) You can mix two tablespoon of curd with 1 tablespoon of honey and then apply gently on your scalp and hair.

3) Wash the mask off after 30 minutes with plenty of water.

Follow this method and you will find your hairs long and strong than ever.

Licorice treatment

Licorice can be marked as one of the best herbal treatment available right now. Licorice soothes the scalp by getting rid of the irritations. There’s a chance that dandruff can be the reason for hair fall. And if that’s the case then licorice treatment can prove a boon.

How to use:

1) Take few strands of Licorice and soak them in milk before going to sleep.

2) Grind the soaked Licorice roots finely to get a paste of the roots.

3) Apply the paste on your hair and scalp gently before sleeping next night.

4) Leave the mask overnight and wash hair next morning using a good hair cleanser.

Follow this method twice a week to get better results.

Hair fall is a long standing issue faced in both men and women. There are numerous ways to get rid of hair fall which includes home remedies and meeting a dermatologist.

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One solution to all your problems


If you do yoga regularly, you must be aware of the countless benefits associated with it. You might notice improvements in your sleep or that you aren’t catching cold frequently or that you just feel stress free and relaxed. A newbie might not understand the concepts you tell them about yoga without experiencing it. Yoga has spread throughout the world today and millions of people are relishing the health benefits of Yoga. Let’s see what doing Yoga can do to your body.

Increases muscle strength
Strong muscles look good on the body and also protect us from back pain and arthritis and help prevent falls in elderly people. Tight hamstrings can lead to a flattening of the lumbar spine, which can cause back pain. And inflexibility in the muscles and connective tissue, such as fascia and ligaments can cause poor posture. Yoga improves both flexibility and posture.

Protects your spine
Your spinal disk will stay protected once have enough practice of asanas including forward and back bends and twists so that your disks stay supple. Yoga can also help in preventing cartilage and joint breakdowns through the necessary movements of the joints. Many postures can help fight osteoporosis. According to the research conducted by the California State University, yoga increases bone density in the vertebrae and lowers the level of cortisol (stress hormone) which helps in keeping calcium in the bones.

Enhances the flow of blood
Yoga helps in providing more oxygen to the cells which help in the better functioning of the body. It helps in improving blood circulation. For Example- Headstand, Handstand and Shoulder stand help in returning the blood to the heart from the legs and the pelvis where it can be pumped to the lungs again for getting freshly oxygenated. Not only this, yoga also helps in lessening the risk of heart attacks by reducing the level of clot-promoting proteins in the blood. Doing yoga can help in the melioration of the lymphatic system by improving the drainage of lymph (a viscous fluid rich in immune cells) and prepares your body to fight infections, cancerous cells and toxic wastes.

Prevents digestive problems
Yoga can lessen constipation and might even lower the risk of colon cancer to some extent. By lowering stress levels, yoga can also cure certain diseases like ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome which are aggravated by stress. It is because exercise facilitates rapid transport of food and waste products through the bowels.

You be happier!
If you haven’t done yoga in your entire life, this might be the one reason you can’t reject starting it today until you don’t mind being sad. Studies have found that doing yoga consistently can help in increasing serotonin levels which can lower depression levels. The left prefrontal cortex showed heightened activity in mediators which has been found to be associated with greater levels of happiness which can further help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Being happier itself has so many benefits associated with social and professional life.

These are only a few benefits to mention. Yoga in total has many known and unknown benefits. Scientists are doing research on the effects of methods and movements involved in yoga on our mind and body. Doing yoga is beneficial for everyone irrespective of his/ her age. Hope you will start your practice soon.

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The Best Essential Oils for Your Face


Essential oils do wonders for your skin. Today there are many types of EO are available in the market. For best results, you should an EO according to your skin type.

Let’s see different essential oils to choose from to make your skin lustrous and to keep you forever glowing.

  • For normal skin
  1. Lavender

Lavender oil relaxes your body and benefits your skin. Stops bacteria causing infections. It’s great for all skin types and can be mixed with other oils. Regenerates skin cells and is benefiting for mature skin.

  1. Rose

Rose essential oil contains atherapeutic compound which promotes anti-inflammation, anti-microbial and healing effects. The oil helps to refine your skin tone and texture and also assist in managing conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis.

  1. Rosewood

Rosewood is a wonderful herbal oil that has a healing effect on the skin. It’s sweet woody smell relaxes you and oil’s properties supports healthy skin. Revive your skin making it look young and healthy. Makes your skin acne and wrinkle free.

  • For dry skin
  1. Carrot seed

This amber coloured oil is extracted from the carrot seeds and is great for wrinkled, sun-damaged, dry and mature skin. It freshens ups dull and tired skin and fades scars. Application of this essential oil in winters helps in healing cracks and gives you glowing skin.

  1. Jasmine

Jasmine oil is extracted from the flower of jasmine plant and has antiseptic and disinfectant properties. A component called cicatrisant present in this oil fades scars ad after spots that may be left by acne, boils or any other wound. Jasmine oil is also used in the treatment of dermatitis and eczema.

  1. Orange

Orange essential oil improves your immune system and is beneficial for your skin. Also known as ‘sweet orange oil’, it helps in improving complexion, decreases wrinkles, increases blood circulation and eases anxiety.

  • For oily skin
  1. Lemon

Lemon extract is used to make this essential oil having anti-infection, astringent, antiseptic and detoxifying properties. It helps in treating skin disorders and pimples. Cleanses your skin, removing dead cells leaving you with fresh clear complexion and brightening skin.

  1. Peppermint

This oil has cooling and calming effect on the body. Used in facial treatment, it’s a natural ingredient that cures acnes. Peppermint oil is mixed in lip balm and body lotions and is excellent for improving psoriasis and eczema when applied topically.

  1. Juniper

Used as a cleansing oil, it heals up wounds, prevents infection and skin flair-ups. Extracted from juniper berries, it has antiseptic properties, increases blood circulation and has adetoxifying effect. Juniper oil supports beautiful skin by fighting skin irritations and reducing stretch marks.

  • For combination skin
  1. Coconut

Coconut oil fights itchiness and wrinkles and is perfect for increasing lipid levels. It is a healthy antioxidant and a good source of vitamin A, C, and E. These vitamins keep your skin well-nourished and the product germ-free.

  1. Sunflower

Using the sunflower essential oil helps skin to become less sensitive to the sun as it contains a good amount of beta-carotene. The combination of fatty acids delays bagging and sagging, and encourages production of elastin and collagen and also makes it a good moisturizer.

  1. Olive

Contains fatty acids and also has acombination of antioxidants which protects skin from premature aging and assist in neutralizing free radicals. Properties like quercetin and kaempferolmake this oil best for fading away age spots and old acne scars.

All these essential oils can be used by mixing them with other oils or applying them directly to your skin after diluting them. One can make homemade sunscreen or lip balms from it. By mixing them with lotions will help you nourish your skin. Adding essential oils to a warm bath will help you detoxify, rejuvenate and cleanse your body. It can also be used as a homemade facial scrub after adding few ingredients.

Essential oils are exceptional, natural way of getting a healthy and glowing skin. Use these oils and enjoy the lustre!!!!

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The effects of overtraining


Are you visiting the gym every day? When it comes to your workouts, it might not be a good idea to go for training daily. But when it comes to your workouts, it pays to do less. It is not like you should leave exercising but you certainly shouldn’t be too serious about it. Not convinced? Here are nine reasons why you shouldn’t go to the gym every single day:

More exercise = bigger appetite. There’s a direct proportion between hunger and workout which you already know. Our body needs energy to train and the more you train, the more energy you want to sustain that exertion. Some people are of the view that doing fewer workouts will turn the pointer of the weighing machine to the right. That is not however the case as lesser workout would mean lower hunger.

You’ll feel exhausted… all the time! We know how much stamina you have got but you don’t need to use all of it all the time. If you workout intensely for long, you are doing nothing except exhausting your body. If you are just dragging through the day because of tiredness, you are doing too much and are ain’t late to realize that. The situation can turn worse. So cut down on your schedule and don’t ‘over’ train.

Overtraining can mess with your menstrual cycle and cause amenorrhea, the absence of menstruation. Aunt Flo may not be your favorite visitor, but think of your period as the canary in the coal mine. Its presence indicates that your body thinks it’s in good shape to grow a baby and its absence signifies a problem, especially if it vanishes for three months or more. It might even make you weaker.

Overtraining often leads to burnout. You might be able to manage your schedule well but in the end, life is about balance. We all have limited resources—time, energy, money, physical reserves—and spending too much of them on exercise can lead to burnout. You should understand that spending on either one too much can be a bad idea. Use one resource for bettering the other resource you have, that’s why you workout. Find a balance that works for you—your body and your life.

Your muscles grow when you rest. Your muscles need rest to develop. Those tiny tears from lifting weights will repair and this repair process is what makes your muscles stronger than before. It’s important to work your muscles to ignite muscle-building proteins. But do care about giving your body time to ripe fruits from the seeds you have sown.

Overtraining can cause a weight-loss plateau. Most people don’t understand that you might lose your weight rapidly if you work out too much or too frequently. However, you can experience weight gains too after weight loss due to protective mechanisms of the body.

Trouble sleeping. You might be sleeping excessively or you might not be able to sleep even after being tired. The reason for this might be overtraining.

Overtraining can cause mood problems. Exercise can be a potent antidepressant. You can have a healthy mood at times (you might be even be high). But we are talking about ‘over’ training which can have the reverse effect causing anxiety over schedules and depression from being conked out.

It eats up your limited free time. This is true unless you don’t have anything to do for the whole day. You do realise that hitting the gym every day is a big commitment of time. Not only that, there are other more important things that are required to keep you happy and fit like hanging out with family and friends,learning something new, or doing your hobby.

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Yoga : The Ancient Art


It is realized that yoga is one of the best techniques to accomplish synchronization of the human body and brain which can prompt an inner feeling of peacefulness. Yoga class extends individual experience and practice in yoga. Yoga educator is a person who shares his recuperating capability of yoga with others in the gathering. Yoga is always very stimulating but on at the same time, it relaxes the mind, body, and soul. Additionally, it helps people to recognize oneself in a more profound way. It is found that the word yoga has a wide range of definitions some people say it means, “to bring together body and soul”, “to tie the knot of the body and brain together”, or “to achieve what was previously unattainable” while others give their own interpretations.

One of the variables which ought to be mulled over by any yoga educator is to give the suitable conditions to the yoga class. The class should be quiet, so that the students can focus on the procedure of yoga, including breathing and body movements during asana practice. Yoga guides us from our fringe, the body, to the focal point of our being, the spirit. That is the reason it is critical to keep quiet amid the yoga class. The instructor must correct the mistakes of the students during asana practice as an incorrect way of practicing asanas may result in serious injuries and discomforts.

Additionally, yoga can have an impact on every student in the class in various ways on the grounds that the students have a diverse level of yoga rehearsing. Several months of practice is required to perfect the poses, or asanas to avoid mistakes that may lead to injuries. That is the reason a few students in the gathering are prepared to learn new stances, while others require an opportunity to enhance the present postures. Much of the time, weak students feel distressed and may have some passionate anxiety.

As any yoga exercise system is centered on warming the human body before some vivacious physical action, it is imperative to have a suitable temperature in the yoga room. By and large, the temperature of yoga room should be similar to that of the human body. It implies that the temperature of the yoga room is critical for viable yoga practice.

The voice tone of the yoga teacher influences the viability of a yoga class. It is realized that numerous yoga educators utilize their voice tone with a specific end goal to show yoga, for instance amid the breathing activities or pranayama. They change their voice tone to educate students and to correct their mix-ups.

Yoga as an other worldly, physical and mental practice was originated in India. As the open consciousness of the advantages of yoga has expanded in the Western nations, today Western society is more open for yoga practices. In addition, it is realized that Western society has adjusted yoga to cure diverse well being issue, including extreme introversion, mental issues, back aches and injuries, asthma, diabetes, heart illnesses, hypertension, overweight and others. More individuals have started to practice yoga and get positive results. Yoga helps a huge number of individuals to build adaptability, lose additional weight and tone the muscles of the body. Today Western society characterizes numerous advantages of yoga practices. Above all else, even basic asanas build the individual’s confidence, determination, and certainty. Besides, yoga enhances focus and concentration as most stances require centering consideration on some specific parts of the body and in addition the breath. Thirdly, yoga is successful in decreasing nervousness of the psyche and slowing down the breath. It implies that yoga practices can enhance the lives of a huge number of individuals of various ages.

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Monsoon Care


The immunity level of your body turns out to be low amid monsoon. There are diverse infections occurring in your body which lead to a number of sicknesses identified with various systems. There can be stomach issues like heartburn, loose bowels, and typhoid or respiratory issues like common cold, cough and asthma furthermore skin issues like dermatitis, rashes, pimples and prickly heat boils. The season has a tendency to taint the air, environment, surroundings food and beverages that are the basic necessities which affect your health. Skin and hair likewise can’t be deserted from the harsh treatment of the soggy moist rainy climate.

In the wake of bearing that extreme heat of the sun, those sunburns, tans, sweat-soaked (and stinky) summer days; monsoon comes as an indication of comfort. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about the huge amounts of diseases, it coexists with it, given to its humid and damp climate? Well,it’s unavoidable. Each season accompanies some uplifting news and some bad news and it is upto us to embrace it and make the best use of it.

It’s been demonstrated throughout the years that little changes in the way you deal with your skin could positively affect you during the monsoon season.

Different types of skins should be taken care of differently:

  •  Dry Skin

Without a doubt, dryness is an aftereffect of the absence of vitamins that aides in repairing dry and harmed skin. It additionally implies that the skin isn’t legitimately hydrated as a consequence of which it looks and feels dry. What’s more, to top it all the condition turns out to be more terrible during the rainy season. To battle, this state of your skin simply follow these basic tips-

  • Drink as much water as you can. Try not to quit drinking water regardless of the fact that it prompts frequent urination. Water intake will hydrate your body and will flush out all the toxins.
  • Moisturize your skin often. This will help in keeping the external layer of your skin appropriately hydrated, consequently leaving it with a soft, moist and supple
  • Avoid liquor based toners.
  • Use rosewater and glycerine to keep your skin clean.
  • Combination Skin Type

As it is a blend of oily and dry skin, such skin sorts ought to be taken under additional consideration. The dry a portion of it should be cleaned and moisturized frequently and the oily portion should be cleaned, scrubbed and conditioned to match the dry skin type.

  • Oily Skin

The principle purpose of having oily skin is hormonal changes that are here ditarily determined. There is not a lot you can do to change skin condition permanently, however, little changes in the way you deal with your skin will achieve a slow and progressive change in the way it feels and looks. Follow these simple tips to keep your skin in great condition-

  • Wash your face around 3-4 times each day to get rid of excessive Don’t overdo it as too much of washing leads to loss of essential natural skin oils.
  • Use facial scrubs routinely as it will help in unclogging your pores furthermore,exfoliate your skin by removing the dead cell layer. Try and use natural scrubs rather than chemical based ones.
  • Use home cures, for example, pack made of chick – pea flour (otherwise called besan) and milk, lemon and nectar and so forth that restores your skin and makes it glowing and fresh.
  • Stay away from using heavy cleansing products.

Be it any skin sort there are few tips that should be taken after religiously to keep it in a healthy condition, these include:

  1.  As specified before, consume loads of water. This is one of the best and the least expensive approach to achieve great, flawless and healthy skin, regardless of the season. Try to drink no less than 8-10 glasses of water regular and you will see an intense change within 2-3 months.
  2. Wash your face 2-3 times daily with an antibacterial face wash.
  3. Simply dab dry the face and don’t rub it with a towel. Or else it will make the skin look harsh and dry.
  4. Moisturize the skin consistently.
  5. Scrub your face twice per week.
  6. Try and use natural home remedies rather than chemical base products.
  7. Use face packs relying upon your skin condition.
  •  Beauty Tips for You
  • Hair Care
  • Rainy season is the season of dampness which makes irritation on the scalp. It is prescribed that warm coconut oil back rub will dispose of irritation. In the event that there is dandruff in the scalp, rub with neem oil.
  • Forestall the hair from getting drenched in rain, yet in the event that happens it is best to shampoo your hair at the earliest opportunity and then dry them.
  • Monsoon season requests a conditioner after shampooing.
  • Hair coloring must be avoided amid the monsoon season.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from blow dryers and try to dry hair with a towel to hold the moisture.
  • Skin Care
  • Keep the skin moist by utilizing soap free scrubs and cleansers.
  • Sunscreen moisturizer must be utilized regardless of the possibility that the sun is not visible.
  • Toning should be done with an alcohol-free toner to prevent dryness of the skin.
  • Bleaching and facial make your skin harsh during rains, subsequently,should be avoided or if nothing else limited.
  • Avoid heavy cream based make ups. Waterproof light makeup will be a better choice.
  • Use warm water rather than cold water to clean the face after returning home from outside.
  • Use milk cream for preventing your lips from cracking. Try  staying away from dark shade lipsticks.
  • The skin of the entire body must be kept clean with the assistance of nail treatment, pedicure, and waxing.
  • Health Care

With rainy season comes with and diseases such as water-borne illnesses like jaundice, cholera, diarrhea and dysentery. Individuals with weak immunity system, elderly people and children are prone to ailments of the lungs, joint pain and rheumatism and different infectious sicknesses.

Extra and additional care are required during the monsoons. There are more water-borne diseases amid rainy season. Water gets contaminated with the seepage of chemicals and junk. Rain creates breeding grounds for micro organisms. Foods, fruits, and vegetables sold in the open are all polluted with germs.

Prevent the health menace by being careful. If you don’t take care of yourself, it may give rise to severe skin problems.

Enjoy the Rain!!!!

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  • Contributed by Mukul Kukreti

Beat the Heat!


The heat is definitely getting down on you and the thing you would be worried about the most is your health. It’s raining red chilies in this summer. There are several things you need to keep in mind while eating. Here are some things:

Don’t eat when thirsty– Don’t mistake your thirst for hunger. When you need to drink, eating can prove to be a bad decision. Check yourself every time if you really want to eat when you feel thirsty.

Watch your drink– Try to go for low calorie drinks like water (with lemon or mint) or tea which has a lot of health benefits. Avoid soda, whole milk, juices, alcohol and sugared ice tea which will add unnecessary calories to you. Seltzer or unsweetened iced tea is also a good option.

Hiking– Mental fitness is also important when literally, the fire is raining on you. Go hiking. It will keep you fit as well as give you a break from the heat. This will also relieve you from mental stress and give you a freshness to start new things.

Watermelon– It is a rich and a health caring diet. It has only 92 calories per 2 cup of servings. It has 92 percent of water which will save you from getting dehydration. It also has certain anti-oxidants which are a good source of Vitamin A and C. Potassium, Vitamin B6 and thiamin are also contained in it.

Avoid Exercise in open– Doing exercise outdoors is not a good idea because the ozone levels are high due to air pollution. Early morning or evening would be fine as the weather cools down a bit and the ozone levels are at their lowest.

Sun Screen– Going out in the heat unprotected can cause you a lot of problems such as sunburns. It is thus of immense importance to use a sun screen lotion on your body and what more? Always carry one with you.

Chose your sport– Play the right sport during the summers. Water sports like swimming, surfing and diving are good for keeping you cool and fresh in water. This way, you can exercise outdoors. You can also try off-season indoor games like ice hockey, speed skating and figure skating.

Eat little frequently– Have small meals at frequent intervals. The more often you eat, the higher your metabolic rate. A higher metabolism means more calories get burnt. It is thus required to eat small meals frequently.

Floss daily– Every single day, you need to. Do it at the beach or when watching TV. It’s not a big task you know it already. It reduces oral bacteria which are good for your health and your body will improve its strength for fighting bacteria elsewhere.

During summers, we lose a lot of water through perspiration which results in a loss of potassium from our body. The potassium lost is not easily remunerated and so we feel tired in the summers. We thus need to focus on keeping ourselves active and fit to avoid tiredness.

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A healthy body, a beautiful face


In this rapidly evolving world, every person is running for their work. Time has become the most crucial factor in the workaholic environment. Jobs these days require minimum 8-10 hours of input. Besides, the cities are getting overpopulated. Thus, the daily life has become so hectic that an individual hardly gets some time for himself/herself. And that is the beginning of a new problem which directly affects our health – stress. Irregularity in sleep and meal timings is increasing the health related issues among the individuals.

Due to limited time constraint people tend to eat whatever they find ready made and avoid cooking themselves. Body, thus, due to lack of healthy fruits and vegetables results in weakened immune system which invites diseases. And unhealthy body makes your face, too, look depressed. However, there are ways to escape from this dilemma and get more out of the limited free time that you get.

Start slowly but gradually

People who haven’t exercised in a while often find it difficult to keep up with their stamina. Remember, stamina isn’t something that builds up in a day or two. It takes time. For starters avoid running straight for an hour. Keep your goals realistic and practical. Run for 10-15 minutes during the starting days of your exercise routine. Warm up your body; stretch your muscles before hitting the gym. Always keep a bottle of energy drink with you, so that you don’t feel exhausted.

Half an hour daily routine

This is the best routine one can follow. You just need to get up half an hour early of your regular waking time. Exercising daily will seriously help your stamina to build up at faster rate. Initially you will definitely find this task difficult, but once you are in the game there’s no one who can stop you. Begin with light-weight exercises and then run for 15 minutes. This will help you reduce your fat and make your body look sturdy. End your session with couple of yoga exercises. Yoga helps you calm down, increase your concentration and regulates your bodily functions to run smoothly. The moment you start working according to this routine, rest of your day will keep you fresh and energetic.

Say goodbye to stress

The work pressure in today’s world is mind boggling. And it is absolutely important to keep our mind in a working state even if it’s under a tremendous amount of pressure. As described earlier, yoga is the best solutions to de stress your mind. Another way is to get a head massage regularly. There are lots of professional masseuses who give a relaxing massage that will make you fill relaxed.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Fruits contain lots of vitamins and proteins which are essential for our body to fight the invading viruses and bacteria. Fresh fruits and vegetables, if ate daily, will keep you energized all the time. Besides, it is also helpful for your skin and keeps it healthy. As you must have seen most of the beauty creams and products are made out of fruit extracts, then why not eat the fruits and keep your skin fresh and young!

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  • Contributed by Harshal Pawar