A Brief Note On Hospitals


Hospital is a healthcare institution providing patient treatment with specialized medical and nursing staff and medical equipment.  The best-known type of hospital is the General hospital, which typically has an emergency department to treat urgent health problems ranging from fire and accident victims to a heart attack. A District hospital typically is the major health care facility in its region, with large numbers of beds for intensive care and additional beds for patients who need long-term care. Specialised hospitals include trauma centers, rehabilitation , children’s hospitals , seniors’ (geriatric) hospitals, and hospitals for dealing with specific medical needs such as psychiatric treatment (see psychiatric hospital) and certain disease categories. The medical facility smaller than a hospital is generally called a Clinic and at last a Teaching hospital combines assistance to people with teaching to medical students and nurses.

How to Find a Good Hospital

WHEN IN NEED OF MEDICAL care, picking a good hospital is one of the most important choices a savvy consumer can make. And while patients with especially complex cases or rare conditions may need to get care at one of World’s Best Hospitals. Relatively few of the 1.2 billion people admitted to a hospital annually do much in the way of comparison shopping among their local medical centres. Nearly 60 percent of people say they would choose a hospital based on familiarity, whereas only 35 percent would seek out a higher-rated facility. The reality is that not all hospitals or doctors or nurses, for that matter deliver high-quality care. Even the type of treatment that similar patients get can vary from hospital to hospital and region to region. In some parts of the country, for example, heart patients are more likely to receive angioplasty than coronary bypass surgery, while in many places the opposite is true.

The good news is that the “inconsistency [in care] is not a mystery.” By tapping a few readily available resources, patients can make informed and empowering decisions about a good local hospital for the treatment they need.

Any of the following resources could help you make an informed decision if you, a family member, or a friend need to visit a hospital. Using several of these resources is even better than relying on just one. So roll up your shirt sleeves and do your research as if your life depends on it:-

:- Your primary-care physician. Consult this trusted source if a specialist ever tells you that surgery or treatment is necessary, and ask your primary-care doc where he/she recommends you have it done. Primary-care physicians have a good working knowledge of the hospitals in the area, including each institution’s overall reputation and how it stacks up against its local peers for specific procedures and treatments.

:- Your insurance company. Inquire about the quality data they’ve collected on each facility where they would cover your treatment. Most health plans have some information available about the quality of care delivered by different providers. That info can typically be found on the plan’s website or by phone. The data might be limited to the pool of patients plan covers and the doctors and hospitals in the plan’s network, but it’s nevertheless a source of details that can inform your choice.

 :- That friend of a friend who is a nurse. Hospitals are the nation’s second-largest private-sector employer, according to the Hospital Association, so your extended social network may include more hospital employees than you realize. Most people know someone in the local healthcare system. Find that person and chat them up. But realize they provide a narrow view, seeing perhaps only one slice of all the variables that make up a hospital’s level of care.

:- A trusted family member or friend. Bringing someone you trust to an important appointment, or simply going through the hospital-selection process with another person, can be quite powerful. If nothing else, your companion is likely to be more clear-headed than you are when you’re faced with daunting new information about your health. He or she need not be a medical professional.:-

:- Highway billboards touting a hospital’s latest award. They’re hard to miss—and plentiful in many regions of the country. But beware the source. Before you let that billboard or full-page newspaper ad sway your decision, “Can you find information on how [the group giving the award] defines good quality?” The prize may or may not have any real bearing on the quality of care a patient could expect at that hospital.

Who Are Hospital Staffs And Their Roles


The consultant is the most senior doctor in charge of a patient’s care. Unlike other doctors they don’t wear a doctor’s coat so it’s easy to identify them. They are responsible for overseeing diagnosis, care and treatment so lead a team of more junior doctors including registrars. A consultant is always a specialist.


Dieticians are trained in the science of nutrition which they use as a basis to provide practical information about food. Their role is therefore focused on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of diet and nutrition related health issues.  They do not wear a nurses uniform. Dieticians can work in hospital or community settings.

Physician’s Assistant (Associate)

This role is primarily a technical one providing clinical support to doctors and nurses by undertaking specific clinical tasks.   The role can be called physicians associate or assistant. Physicians’ assistants typically wear scrubs either in the same or a different colour to other medical staff. Their main responsibilities include taking patient histories, analysing test results, and performing examinations. They operate under the supervision of a doctor.

Charge Nurse (Ward Sister)

This role is a clinical management one and deputies for the senior sister. Male and female charge nurses typically wear color coded tunics and trousers. Their tunics have epaulets.  This role has budget and quality improvement responsibilities but is still involved in assessing patients and implementing evidence based care. They are also responsible for the safety of the clinical environment.



Housekeepers coordinate catering, cleaning and maintain equipment. This means they work with other staff to ensure patients have the correct food and that their bed area is tidy and clean. Typically housekeepers were dark trousers and a tunic with a shirt collar which distinguishes them from nursing staff. Housekeepers may also coordinate additional services including laundry.

Divisional Nurse

This is a senior nursing role overseeing a number of wards that form a division.  Typically these nurses wear a matching tunic and trousers typically in colour such as navy blue/blue. Has responsibility for troubleshooting problems that more junior nursing staff can’t deal with. Part of their role is to work with divisional management including a general manager and senior clinical staff.

Healthcare Support Worker

This role supports staff nurses and is sometimes called a nursing assistant. Typically female healthcare support workers wear self-coloured dresses and their male counterparts were self-coloured tunics. Typical tunic or dress colours are white or light blue. Duties may include washing and dressing, bed making and serving meals.

Domestic Assistant

This role has responsibility for ensuring wards are clean and tidy. Typically domestic assistants wear dark trousers and a contrasting tunic. This role may wear the same uniform as a housekeeper.  Domestic assistants are required to clean to a high standard.

Occupational Therapist

An occupational therapist (OP) uses activity to help patients function independently.  Disability can be caused by aging, accidents, psychological or physical illness. Occupational therapists wear comfortable clothing – typically a polo shirt and trousers. The nature of their work requires freedom of movement. OPs can work in hospital or community based settings.


Physiotherapists treat patients who have mobility issues. Typically they wear tunics or polo shirts partnered with trousers.  In hospitals therapists are attached to most, if not all, wards. They have a particular role to play in ICU settings. Whether patients’ physical problems are caused by aging, illness or accidents, it is the physiotherapists’ role to assist wellbeing through movement.

Senior Clinical Nurse

This role is the senior nurse in charge of a group of wards. Their uniform can be similar to a Divisional Nurse’s and can be a tunic and trousers or a dress.  The colour of their uniform /style of dress or tunic will distinguish them from other nurses so is frequently a darker colour with piping. This role has particular responsibility for the clinical care of patients throughout a number of wards.

Senior Sister (Charge Nurse)

The senior sister has responsibility for managing a whole ward and is charged with improving outcomes and experiences for patients, families and carers.  They typically have a responsibility for staffing and ensuring all patients are assessed so professional leadership and line management are integral to the role. The precise responsibilities vary across Trusts. They typically wear a dress or tunic and trousers. Depending on policy, coloured piping may identify the role.

Specialist Nurse

A nurse operating within a distinct medical specialisation typically ward based working with patients who have long term conditions including stroke, dementia, diabetes, chronic heart failure and cancer.  A significant part of their role is helping patients manage their symptoms. Male nurses wear a tunic and trousers and female nurses wear the same although typically a different coloured tunic. Female nurses may also have the option of wearing a dress depending on Trust policy.

Staff Nurse

Staff nurses are responsible for the nursing care patients receive and typically work in teams. They typically wear light coloured dresses or tunics and trousers. As well as having responsibility for patient care they will also have audit and quality responsibilities. Staff nurses facilitate the learning of less experienced staff.

Student Nurse

Student nurses are typically found in teaching hospitals and can either be completing a degree or be an LPN candidate. Student nurses roles vary but the main element is to assist more senior nurses and learning to complete a range of medical procedures to an acceptable standard. They must also develop an understanding of nursing policies. Student nurses’ uniforms tend to be light coloured tunics and black or navy trousers.

Ward Clark

Ward clerks fulfil an administrative role. If in uniform they were tunics or shirts and trousers. Clerks have a wide range of responsibilities including booking patients for appointments, filing and keeping patient records. Clerks also handle general enquiries from patients and family members whether face to face or over the phone.  Ward clerks have responsibility for admissions to their ward.

Hospital Environment

Hospitals are moving away from traditional, clinically oriented design in favor of an environment that is more comforting and familiar to patients.It’s all based on the idea that the perfect hospital environment can not only promote rest and healing, but can also aid in preventing patient falls, hospital-acquired infections, and certain kinds of medical errors. For an idea of how this all comes into play, take a look at this info graphic from the Wall Street Journal, depicting The Hospital Room of the Future.

Hospital Ward Room

Patient-centric design often highlights the role of nurses as frontline caregivers and streamlines interactions between the nurse, patient, and family members. An example is nursing work stations that are strategically located at the entrance to patient rooms, instead of in a centralized location farther away from patients.

A dynamic environment can also emphasize best practices in infection control – for example, by placing sinks and sanitizer stations at the point of use, and using a visual reminder like a light to prompt clinicians to practice good hand hygiene. According to an article in Health Care Design magazine, furnishings can also have a big impact on hospital-acquired infections. In patient-centric and evidence-based design, furniture and surfaces are easy to clean and disinfect. They feature rounded corners, non-textured surfaces, and clean lines that offer pathogens and dust fewer places to hide. Likewise, furnishings can be designed to minimize the likelihood of falls.

A recent article explored the trend of luxury amenities in hospital rooms – high-ticket items that might include private rooms, plush couches, or organic food by a celebrity chef. It included a rather controversial quote by a health economist who believes the demand for a hospital correlates more to its hospitality services than to quality of care. Of course, this point of view is the antithesis of nursing philosophy. The focus of nursing care remains on the health outcomes of the patient, the use of evidence-based practice standards to assure safe and effective patient care, and the provision of an environment conducive to rest and healing.

Yet, there may be good ways to apply the concept of hospitality to health care – by reducing environmental stressors, for example. This is where evidence-based design comes into play: research has shown that sleep is important to both mental and physical health. Patients face an enormous number of disturbances every day and noise is a common source of patient dissatisfaction. Since hospitals are now being ranked on patient satisfaction scores through the HCAHPS survey, there’s a new emphasis on using technology to reduce extraneous noise, for example by replacing overhead paging systems with a nurse call system that routes a request to a mobile phone. Patient monitoring devices can also be designed to send an alert to a specific individual, rather than beeping and clanging in a patient room.

Patient Safety In Hospital

Patient safety practices have been defined as “those that reduce the risk of adverse events related to exposure to medical care across a range of diagnoses or conditions. This definition is concrete but quite incomplete, because so many practices have not been well studied with respect to their effectiveness in preventing or ameliorating harm. Practices considered to have sufficient evidence to include in the category of patient safety practices are as follows:

Many patient safety practices, such as use of simulators, bar coding, computerized physician order entry, and crew resource management, have been considered as possible strategies to avoid patient safety errors and improve health care processes; research has been exploring these areas, but their remains innumerable opportunities for further research. Review of evidence to date critical for the practice of nursing can be found in later chapters of this Handbook.

The origins of the patient safety problem are classified in terms of type (error), communication (failures between patient or patient proxy and practitioners, practitioner and nonmedical staff, or among practitioners), patient management (improper delegation, failure in tracking, wrong referral, or wrong use of resources), and clinical performance (before, during, and after intervention).

Nursing As the Key to Improving Through Patient Safety. Further, when we consider the key role of communication or communication lapses in the commission of error, the role of nursing as a prime communication link in all health care settings becomes evident.

Safety Measures in Hospital

Bed controls and safety

Ask your nurse how to use the bed controls. Never try to lower the bed’s side rails or climb over them. Keep your top two side rails up at all times. Ask for help to get out of bed and wear slippers or shoes with non-skid soles. Never use a bedside table or over bed stand for support; they may move. Be very careful in the bathroom; move slowly and use the grab bar. Don’t hesitate to call for help. Falls are the most common source of patient injuries, especially falls from or near the bed. Your physician will order activity based on your condition. Please check with your nurse before getting out of bed or sitting. Use your nurse call button to get help.

Dentures and Eyeglasses

Dentures and eyeglasses should be stored in the drawer of your bedside table. You are responsible for any personal items you bring to the hospital.

Fire Drills

Don’t become overly concerned when you hear the sound of a fire drill alarm. Stay where you are unless instructed otherwise by hospital personnel. Fire drills are routinely conducted on all three shifts.


Mon General is a non-smoking facility. Visitors and patients are not permitted to smoke or use tobacco products within the hospital or on hospital grounds.

Personal electronic appliances

Hospital safety regulations prohibit the use of your own television or video games in the hospital. Hospital personnel must perform electrical safety tests on any appliances you bring from home before you use them at Mon General. Please ask your nurse to call Facilities Management to check your personal appliances.

Prescription drugs and herbal supplements

If you were taking prescription drugs before your hospitalization and brought them with you, please show them to your nurse so he/she can record the information, and tell the doctor about your current prescriptions. Send your medications home with your family or friends after the nurse has reviewed them with you. Your physician will order the medications you need in the hospital, and our staff will give them to you.

If you have been taking any herbal products or dietary supplements, they may interact with medications your doctor may prescribe while you are in the hospital and when you go home. Let your physician and nurse know of any products you were taking at home.

Gift a perfect present to your sister this Rakhi


India is a land of great festivals and ethnicities. We celebrate every festival with immense joy and spread it across our community. Each festival comes with its particular rituals. For example in we exchange sweets in diwali. Similarly, Rakhi is a festival celebrated across the country jovially. Festival for brothers and sisters where the sister ties a ‘Rakhi’ on her brother’s wrist and brother promises to protect her from all the evil. Rakshabandhan – A sweet festival that displays the sweetness of a brother-sister relationship. Then why not make this sweet festival sweeter! This time we bring you some of the best gift ideas which would help you pick up a perfect gift for your sister this Rakhi.

Read her mind

This is the best technique since most of the guys go through a hard time while picking up a gift for their sister. Of course, you don’t have to be a mind reader to read another person’s mind. There are simple ways that can help you find the right gift for your sister. All you need to do is carefully listen what she says and observe her. Does she lately keeps saying that she could use a particular thing or she has lost something recently? If yes then BAM! The problem is solved. Next thing you need to do is go out and look for the thing you heard her talk about. And getting the gift of her choice would definitely make her day.


There’s no point in spending a thousand bucks on a pen which you could easily get in a much lower price. Always set your budget and find a gift according to that price. This doesn’t mean that you end up getting something just on the basis of price. All you need to do is be careful and look out that you aren’t paying higher amount for something that’s not worth it.

Why not DIY?

Believe it or not, girls love handmade gifts. There’s a different kind of love attached to a handmade gift. Because you have actually put up a lot of efforts in making it and taken a lot of care that the final product is perfect. Besides, there are few perks of trying out handmade gifts. Like if you are low on cash then you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on a gift. And instead of buying a ready-made card you can make a card yourself and decorate it as per your choice.

Something Adventurous

Almost every brothers and sisters are crazy minions. They like doing the craziest stuff and enjoying every last bit of it. Cousins or real ones the blood relations don’t really matter at such times. So we have a special gift idea for such adventure loving people. Instead of getting a material gift try to give them a gift out of which they can get a lot of adventure, learning and experience. For example, go on a trek, ice-skating or even skydiving. This would absolutely give them an experience of a lifetime!

Gifts are precious for the valuables in our life. Then why not make them special on this lovely occasion.

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Finding a perfect Estate agents


Are you one of those people who are planning to buy a new house or sell your existing one? Then, to get the best value for your money there are few critical measures you must be aware of. Buying a home on your own is not an easy task. As the market is occupied with attractive offers and eye-catching deals, there are sometimes few things going on in the background that might break your heart. And at such times you might feel a desperate urge for someone, well acquainted with market knowledge, to stand by your side and guide you. This is where the estate agents come into picture. However, one needs to understand few ground rules while contacting an estate agent.

Choosing a right estate agent

The market is full of agents and one can easily get confused when it comes to choose one. Remember, that an agent can make a whole lot of difference to get you a handsome price for your house. Whether you are buying or selling, an agent is the one who stands between you and the other party, so make sure who are you involving into your deal.

One thing, you should glue into your mind, is you are the one holding the ball and only you have the power to tackle down your opponent with the greatest service attack. So, take advantage of it and don’t let an estate agent drag you down into his offers. Rather, you tell him about your opinions and deals. Because, they don’t want to lose a customer and their commission they will listen to what you have to offer.


It’s always a good idea to know from someone who is experienced than someone who’s an expert. An experienced person will tell you what mistakes you can avoid making based on their personal experience. Ask your family, friends, neighbors or, if you can track down some previous customers of a particular agent, ask them, humbly, about that agent and if he is trustworthy or not. Check out their website and their social pages to get more insight about them.

Are they good enough?

After all you will be the one paying for the property or hoping to earn perfect value for your place. A good exercise, to know how good your agent is, is to check their recent sales. This will give you an idea about how active they are in the market and if they can give you the best value. How much involved is your estate agent in the conversation when you tell about your part of deal? Are they enthusiastic about their work? This will let you know them on a personal level and their style of working which proves beneficial for sales.

Marketing your property

This is the most important part as it involves reaching out to hundreds of people and getting out the word about your property. Make sure which portals do your agent use to advertise your house other than his own agency website. Also make sure if those portals receive good amount of traffic. More people visit, more chances are that you get a good buyer.

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Home remedies to lighten your lips


Out of all the facial elements, lips are the most appealing to anybody. Common blushing lips are constantly favored over dull pigmented lips. Ruddy pink lips upgrade the excellence of your grin and make you look all the more engaging and certain. Thus, there is most likely why women and even men hunger for having characteristic pink lips. There are various attempted and tried routes for helping lips without obliging you to put much into costly items. Here are some of the shortlisted the best home solutions for help dim lips which are more successful in taking care of business than whatever another item you find on the racks of a restorative store.

Some ladies attempt to shroud their dark lips behind the layer of lip shine or lipsticks, yet this is not a changeless arrangement. To get the lips that look naturally pink, you have to pick such arrangement that can help your lips for all time.

With the accompanying home cures, you can get rosy, pinkish lips effectively without spending an extortionate measure of cash on different options.

  1. Olive

Some oils can likewise help you get the lips you have dependably longed for. Among every one of the oils, Olive oil is thought to be the best one. Stacked with crucial supplements and saturating highlight, olive oil sustains your lips to give them a touch of delicate quality and make them look energetic, dynamic and lighter.

How to Use?

To get wonderful lips, rub your lips with additional virgin oil every prior day venturing into the bed.

  1. Lemon

Lemon has a dying property that can help it go about as a skin helping specialist. This property of lemon makes it a successful solution for dull lips also. The acidic substance in crisp lemon juice peels off the top skin layer, deserting delicate, lighter and pink lips.

How to Use?

To get light lips, apply the naturally pressed lemon juice on your lips consistently before going to rest. Leave it overnight and wash off with water the following morning.

You can likewise utilize it as a clean by sprinkling a tad bit of sugar on slender cuts of lemon. Rub the sugar-covered lemon cut over your lips to peel off dead skin layer and prepare for new cells to have their spot. Rehash this action day by day to get the attractive results.

The other approach to utilizing lemon is to make a blend of it with glycerin and nectar. Take half-teaspoon of all the three fixings, blend them well and apply on dull lips. Leave it for the entire night and wash in the morning. Continue applying the blend till the time you see positive results.

  1. Sugar

You can dispose of dull lips basically by shedding them all the time. Sugar makes a fantastic peeling specialist that aides in revealing light shading lips by evacuating the layer of dead skin cells.

How to Use?

Set up a thick glue by mixing granulated sugar with spread and clean your dull lips with it. Rehashing this activity once every week will help you get pink and sparkling lips.

You can go the other route by setting up a scour blending granulated sugar with nectar and almond oil in the proportion of 2:2:1. Apply this clean once in a week to reestablish characteristic look of the lips.

The other approach to utilizing sugar is to blend it with your day by day chilly cream and apply on the lips before going to bed. Rehashing this movement once per week will most likely let you appreciate pinky lips.

You can likewise set up a scour by blending a couple drops of it with half spoon of sugar. Scouring with this basic formula once per week will help you get characteristic pink lips inside a month.

  1. Beetroot

The other strategy to get pink lips promptly is beetroot. It has the ability to invigorate platelet generation by enhancing blood dissemination to the lips. It is additionally described by the fading movement and thus helps the shade of your lips.

How to Use?

Crisp beetroot juice can be connected on the lips before going to rest. Abandon it for the whole night and flush when you get up in the morning. The common red shade of beetroot will help your dim lips look ruddy pink. Rehash this activity day by day.

You can likewise apply beetroot juice blended with carrot juice. Rub your lips with the blend and wash following 10 minutes. Do it day by day for 2-3 weeks.

  1. Almond Oil

Almond oil is another exceedingly acclaimed and ordinarily utilized for treating dull lips.

How to Use?

Applying almond oil blended with nectar on dry lips help you get delicate and pink lips inside few days.

Blend almond oil with the same measure of castor oil and back rub the lips with the blend to help their shading.

  1. Honey

Honey has uncountable advantages, however barely a couple know about the way that it can likewise help in softening and helping the dim lips as well. It is likewise useful in treating dried out lips inferable from its saturating property.

How to Use?

Applying nectar is exceptionally basic. You simply need to coat your lips with nectar consistently and wash off the following day.

Make a glue of nectar, yogurt and gram flour in equivalent extent. Leave your lips covered with this glue for 30 minutes and afterward wash off with tepid water.

  1. Berries

Some known berries like strawberries and raspberries satisfy your taste buds as well as help your lips sparkle. This can be considered as one of the powerful home solutions for help dark lips. Berries are stuffed with indispensable vitamins and minerals that are thought to be fundamental for keeping your lips energetic and sound.

How to Use?

Use raspberries as juice and blend it with aloe vera and nectar. The glue then arranged ought to be connected on the lips. Flush your lips following a hole of 10 minutes with tepid water. Doing this movement 3-4 times in a week will unquestionably give you a chance to have lovely ruddy lips.

Strawberry juice blended with petroleum jam in the proportion of 1:2 wonders when connected every day.

  1. Rose

Rose water is likewise similarly supportive in getting ruddy pink lips. Having relieving, saturating and cooling impact, rose aides in the mitigating of bothered skin and lessening of sun harm.

How to Use?

Apply a mix of rose water and honey on your lips 3-4 times in a day until results are obvious.

Mix pulverized flower petals with spread, milk cream and nectar to make a fine glue. Rub it for 2-3 minutes to peel lips. Take after the progression twice every week.

On the other hand, you can utilize flower petals absorbed milk for 60 minutes and after that drudgery to make a glue. Include a squeeze of saffron and half tablespoon nectar to the glue and apply on pigmented lips for around 15 minutes. Rehashing it two times each day can help you get blushing pink lips.

  1. Pomegranate

Pomegranate supports your well being as well as aides in disposing of dull lips. Having a significant measure of flavonoids, polyphenols, and cell reinforcements feed and hydrates dry lips and permit them to look pink once more.

How to Use?

Scour your lips with a glue arranged by one tablespoon of pulverized pomegranate seeds, rose water and drain cream. Take after the progression once in a day to add normal pink shading to your lips.

You can likewise apply a blend of pomegranate, carrot, and beetroot juice.

  1. Cucumber

Cucumber is another skin helping operator that can viably lessen pigmentation of the lips to give excellent, pink ones.

How to Use?

You can utilize cucumber to help your lips by cutting it into meager cuts and rubbing them on the influenced ranges till the lips retain all the juice of the cut. Rehashing this movement every day will give you a chance to feel the delight of ruddy, pink lips without much exertion.

These basic home solutions for help dim lips will leave your lips, blossom like a rose. Be that as it may, you should be understanding as it might require some investment to permit you to see the outcomes. Likewise, it is prescribed to deal with your lips by restricting the utilization of liquor and juice drinks. Shielding the lips from sun presentation will likewise help you holding the characteristic pink shading. So don’t hold up, simply go ahead to look at these astonishing home solutions for help dark lips.

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How to find a good car mechanic ?


One fine evening you are going down the road on a long drive listening to your favorite music. And suddenly the red light starts blinking warning you to check your engine. Next thing you do is take your car to a mechanic where he tells you that a certain part needs to be replaced. And, after some checking, he figures out couple more fixtures to be done to your car. This is where you agree to replace every required part just to be on the safe side. But, does your car actually need the replacements of those parts? Or did the mechanic just fool you and rip you off? Truth is you don’t know the answer. This is where you need to choose a good and trustworthy mechanic in the first place. We have collected some useful information from professionals just for you. Check it out below.

Know your vehicle

Most of us , sometimes or the other, have experienced that when you visit the mechanic he starts spurting out some technical terms like – a belt needs to be replaced or a certain part of the engine needs to be checked out. And you just stand there and nod like you understand everything that your mechanic is telling you. But in reality, you don’t understand a single word. And this adds up to the part that you end up repairing every part your mechanic tells you. So to avoid yourself from this embarrassment you need to know your vehicle. You need to know its anatomy and how it works. The best way to know how your vehicle works is to watch couple of YouTube videos.

Comparing prices

So, now that you have checked the anatomy and working of your vehicle it’s time for you to go one step further. Now you need to check the prices of repairing a particular part of your car. But, then how will you find out the best deal? Every mechanic’s price differs from the other ones and it can be tough to find out the best deal in this jumbled up market. This is where Google will come in handy. Search for the repair that your car needs along with the model and year of the car. There are bunch of forums out there where you will find the best deal and you can save a lot of money.


People you know from work, neighborhood are the most preferable connections you should first check with. Go and ask these people about the mechanic they last visited and whether he is good enough and trustworthy. This will make your day way easier than just running down to every mechanic’s shop. Ask you colleagues about the prices that mechanic charges and if it’s worthy and affordable. Also, asking these people has one more advantage, being your friend they will give you honest answers rather than the fake, sugar coated answers the mechanics give for advertising and attracting the customers.

Finding a perfect mechanic that will work for you is a difficult task but once you find a good mechanic then you are in a big money saving mode.

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Website Designer


A website designer or web designer is somebody who is both imaginative and technically inclined and utilizes both these ascribes to fabricate or upgrade sites. The web designer can comprehend what is expected to make a site useful and simple to utilize, however in the meantime make it aesthetically appealing to the client.

Web designing is a generally new industry, having been made with the approach of the web, and is picking up prevalence specifically in the course of the most recent ten years, as computerized media has turned into a noteworthy piece of numerous individuals’ lives. A great many people depend on the web for their correspondences, data, shopping, social life and that’s just the beginning. The interest for web creators have been becoming quickly and the business is right now considered a decent one with a connection to employment prospects and future development.

  • What does a Web Designer do?

A web creator’s primary job is to design website pages. There is a great deal to consider in the design of sites which may not be promptly clear when taking a gander at a site page for the first   time.

The tasteful perspective is an imperative one and selecting the proper hues, text style, design and pictures make the entire identity of the site. Notwithstanding considering stylish perspectives, the convenience of the site must be a need. It is imperative to make a page that the objective business sector can identify with.

For instance, a site aimed for kids needs to hold their consideration, and might utilize splendid hues and a simple to peruse textual style, with a ton of pictures and not all that much content. This would make it fun, alluring and straightforward. The format and structure must be anything but difficult to take after, and most pages ought not to be excessively numerous snaps profound into the site with a specific end goal to keep the data simple to get to. Conversely, an expert site went for doctors must pass on an alternate sort of picture, yet should at present be anything but difficult to peruse and the data composed in an organization that is anything but difficult to get to.

The web designer is in control of the whole site and should see how to make the suitable picture while guaranteeing the site is anything but difficult to utilize and the data is anything but difficult to get to.

  • What is the working environment of a Web Designer like?

The work environment will rely on upon the particular sort of organization the creator is working for. A web design organization has a tendency to be a piece of the imaginative commercial ventures and will ordinarily have a contemporary way to deal with office space. These sorts of organizations regularly utilize thoughts thought to upgrade the imaginative procedure and expect to make open workplaces where thoughts and motivation can be shared. This sort of working environment is prone to have an easygoing clothing standard and pull in a more youthful laborer. It might be satisfactory to telecommute and adaptable work hours may be advertised.

Some vast organizations that depend on their web nearness for a considerable measure of their business may have in-house web creators and this sort of working environment is liable to be more conventional.

A ton of web designer do independent work and will telecommute. Their home office will be set up totally as they pick, in spite of the fact that they may be set up to go to counsel with customers, and workplaces may differ contingent upon the kind of customer or organization they are working with. This alternative gives a considerable measure of opportunity with respect to working hours and area and is an extraordinary choice.

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Explore the Seven Chakras


Chakra originates from the Sanskrit word “cakra” signifying “wheel.” It exemplifies the development of vitality starting with one measurement then onto the next. There are seven chakras that are situated along the spine the distance from the butt-centric area to the highest point of the head.

There is 114 such vitality brings up of which two are outside the physical body. Out of the 112, 108 can really be worked upon. Fascinating certainty, 108 has shown in the human framework as it is a critical number really taking the shape of the close planetary system. Each has a particular quality. Each chakra is connected with a specific body partor organ to which it gives the vitality it needs to work. In this way, by traveling through the seven chakras or measurements in our physical and profound prosperity, we refine our vitality from material fundamental level character to a level where we get to be mindful of our soul.

The seven chakras are:

  1. Muladhara (Root Chakra-Base of Spine)

It identifies with our physical survival. It remains for our convictions through our developmental years. On the off chance that vitality is an imbalance in this chakra, it could prompt certain issues like anxiety, tension, weight, blockage, repressed correspondence with family and companions.

  1. Swadhisthana (Sacral Chakra– Slightly Below the Naval)

This vitality identifies with making mindfulness towards self as well as other people. Inner self, sexuality, and family are characterized as we work with this vitality. Abundance vitality could make one desirous, obscene, controlling. An insufficiency could make one compliant, close down, create torment in thelower back, sciatica or create sexual troubles.

  1. Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra-Slightly Above the Naval)

This chakra associates us with the vitality of our will. This is the place we build up our self-regard and articulation of individual force. It respects feelings, inventiveness, scholarly understanding and self-assurance. Abundance vitality could make one selfish, self-consumed and controlling. An inadequacy of vitality could prompt poor self-regard, thetrepidation of dismissal and absence of personality.

  1. Anahata (Heart Chakra-Center of the Chest)

It is the focal point of otherworldly development, sympathy, dedication, and adoration. The intersection where our soul or genuine self-dwells. The higher chakras can’t be surveyed till we go through this vitality point. When this chakra is open we are pardoning, have solid lungs and sound invulnerable framework. Overabundance vitality could bring about wrong passionate limits. Lack of vitality could bring about a man to be sharp and miserable.

  1. Vishuddha (Throat Chakra-Located at the Throat)

It is the focal point of inventiveness, correspondence, and self-expression. A truism that fits this chakra, “think before you speak!” Located in the head and the heart, it concentrates on looking after trustworthiness. Through this chakra, we show our voice to the world, a voice of genuineness, discretion, and trust. An overabundance of vitality could prompt judgmental, frightful discourse while the lack of vitality could mean a powerlessness to express, thyroid and other throat contaminations.

  1. Ajna (Third-Eye Chakra-Located at the Forehead)

It is the focal point of instinct and profound vision. We normally know it as the “Third-eye” (to see the world through our soul and not only our physical eyes) that summons a profound arousing from inside. It is the chakra of pardoning and energy. The abundance of vitality could prompt one being over-investigative while an insufficiency could prompt poor creative ability, dreams, and poor fixation.

  1. Sahasrara (Crown Chakra-Located at the Top of the Head)

This chakra speaks to the most elevated amount of cognizance and illumination. It incorporates all the chakras and their separate qualities and brings the acknowledgment that we are otherworldly creatures; our spirit/soul lives past the mortal limits of the body. It is the most noteworthy type of vitality, a substance of the Creator which leaks through our crown to the root chakra. We interface with a force more prominent than us and acknowledge to live in the present. Hinders in this chakra could bring about apprehension, despondency, and sensory system issue.

We can separate the cases of present day pharmaceutical from a deep sense of being/religion. The seven chakras and their importance lie in the development through these chakras. It is a trip of acclimatizing and incorporating the diverse vibrations or energies and after that achieving the objective of self-association with our soul. To know our otherworldly measurement and access it accomplishes a feeling of happiness with ourselves, unparalleled to any material fulfillment.

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How to choose a carpenter


Making an exotic Furniture for your living place

A home without furniture is incomplete. Exotic furniture designs add a magnificent touch to your home. The sofa, cupboards, bookshelves or desks, everything that goes into your home should be perfect. And the right person to contact for this job is a carpenter. A carpenter is an important person when it comes to furnishing the house. Once the construction part of a house is done the next job is that of the carpenter. There are few important factors that should be taken into account before hiring a carpenter which we have discussed below.

Finding a right carpenter

Carpenters stick to your side while the project is in progress and work with you during the first and second fix stages. To get the job done at its best you will need a knowledgeable carpenter. The best way to find a perfect carpenter is by asking around to your friends, neighbors who have recently had their furniture built up. This was you can have a look; at the work that particular carpenter has done, by yourself. It will be much better if you contact a particular carpenter’s previous customers.

The second most important thing to consider is whether the carpenter is capable of doing what you want for your house. There’s no point in hiring someone who doesn’t know how to create what you have planned in your mind. Also, make sure that the carpenter is open to listen to your ideas about the project.

Materials and tools

A good and professional carpenter will always carry his own tools. You just have to supply the materials. A crucial and often unnoticed fact is that always introduce your carpenter to other trades. Because, if your carpenter needs to put up a partition wall, he will need to contact the electrician and tell him to put up all the wiring before the wall gets plastered. Provide your carpenter with all the details of your plan. Tell him about where you want your switches and sockets to go. Provide him with all the details of other traders and tell him to contact them by himself whenever he is ready.


Estimation of how much your project will cost depends on numerous factors. The first factor is the size of your project. Another one is the labor and time that would be required to complete the project. It takes average two weeks for the carpentry work of a three-bedroom house for its first fix. And another four weeks are required on an average for the second fix.

To complete the project smoothly and in as short time as possible make sure you don’t take any gaps in between your project. Get in touch with your materials provider and specifically request him to deliver the materials on the right time to avoid delay in starting the project. Ask your carpenter to give you the written details about the estimated cost and time of the project. If possible, pay them on daily basis if you will be available on the site daily, otherwise make the payment bimonthly.

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Women Traveler’s Destinations Part 2


In the previous post we suggested top 8 women favored destinations. This post will further add places to your bucket list so you can explore and enjoy to the fullest!

So here we go….

  1. Sikkim

Northeast has the ability to clear you out and even especially in northeast Sikkim is the most dazzling spot you will ever visit in the district. Sikkim is made up completely of high mountains, low valleys and a sprinkling of Buddhist religious communities in the middle. It additionally has an extremely rich society of accommodation which is dependably an or more when voyaging some place alone.

Attractions: Khecheopalri Lake, Rumtek Gompa, Samdruptse, Norbugang Park, Ganesh Tok, Guru Padmasambhava Statue, Hot Water Springs, Dubdi Gompa, Rabdentse, Pelling, Sakyamuni Complex, Old Rumtek Gompa, Tsomgo Lake, Namchi, Golden Stupa, Yamthang Valley, Yuksom, Ravangla

  1. Ladakh

Ladakh is a definitive heavenly chalice of solo travel. Unquestionably not for beginners but rather additionally an absolute necessity visit after you are accustomed to dragging around your own gear. The peaceful quiet of the valleys weaves its noiseless enchantment on men and ladies alike, and to encounter Ladakh is to genuinely encounter the excellence of the Himalayas itself. In the event that you truly need to go to Ladakh, for one thing, it is fitting to have a gathering of companions with you who can bail you out with pointers.

Attractions: Leh Palace, Lake Tsomoriri, Nubra Valley, Zanskar Valley, Markha Valley,Pangong Lake, Lamayuru Monastery, Hemis Monastery, Tso Kar, Alchi Monastery, Shey Monastery, Phutkal Monastery, Hemis National Park, Diskit Monastery, Stok Palace, Wanla Gompa, Phyang Monastery, Rizong Monastery, Sar – Zung Temple, Khardung La, Likir Monastery, Sham Valley, Thiksey Gompa, Namgyal Stupa

  1. Churu, Rajasthan

As said before, the general population in Rajasthan are presumably the most neighborly faces around in the country.Thus, it is exceptionally suitable to go to a little city like Churu and become acquainted with the genuine society of the Rajasthani individuals back to front. Remember however this ought to be an entirely day trip as there is very little to do separated from investing energy with local people. When you are done dousing up the way of life make a short outing to any of the well known urban areas around to move further in your voyage.

Attractions:Mingle with locals,culture,Learn cooking Rajasthani food and pottery

  1. Munnar,Kerala

Munnar, however, acclaimed for its tea estates, is likewise a position of stunning magnificence and astonishing landscapes.The green background to each view just adds to the overall appeal of the spot. Situated in the condition of Kerala, Munnar is viewed as an extremely safe spot to go to, attributable to the legitimate and dedicated nature of the general population working here. The assortment of resorts around this spot additionally offer some exceptionally appealing choices to the general population why should looking travel solo to the area.

Attractions: Mattupetty, Tea Museum, Pallivasal

  1. Hampi

Hampi will just alter your opinion set about India, as this little town destination has such a great amount to granting to its urban partners! Neighborly, well disposed and socially rich individuals are what you are liable to experience here.Hampi is yet somewhere else that has been perceived as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the event that you are a hiker sort of individual, you are most likely going to love this spot as it offers shoddy convenience, allows you to meet with individuals from various nations and makes you feel free.

Attractions: Virupaksha Temple,Vittala Temple, Zenana Enclosure, Nandi Statue, Elephant Stables, Hemakuta Hill, Sule Bazaar and Achyutaraya Temple, Underground Shiva Temple, Queen’s Bath and Royal Centre

  1. Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a destination equipped towards the better time and enterprise adoring amongst us. With exercises like white water rafting, rappelling and fox flying, Rishikesh is an extreme experience bundle which can be delighted in alone or with your very own gathering companions. On the off chance that enterprise is not some tea they likewise have some decent yoga classes you can experiment with in the setting of the beautiful excellence of himalayas.

Attractions: Swarg Niwas Temple, Shri Trayanbakshwar Temple, Swarg Ashram, Neelkantha Mahadev Temple, Neergarh Waterfall, Lakshman Jhula, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram

  1. Ziro Valley,Arunachal Pradesh

A standout amongst the most pleasant spots in India, Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh must be gone by unique. A photo immaculate spot with rich greenery, lurching rice-fields and winding rivulets and natural environments, the valley is downright a lala land. The nearby tribes indigenous to this spot have their own particular profound society and customs which can be concentrated effectively in the event that you invest some energy, Ziro valley is one lesser known spot that ought to be on the can rundown of each performance voyager.

Attractions: Bamin, Dutta, Ziro Putu, Tarin Fish Farm, Talley Valley, Tapyo Salt,Hong, Hija, Hari, Dolo Mando, Kile Pakho, Shiva Lingam at Kardo Forest,Dilopolyang Maniipolyang

Now Ladies!! Pack your bags and go for a trip.

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How to choose an Interior Designer


Whether a middle class employee or a successful businessman, every individual has a dream of owning a home of his own. So, may it be a small one or a size of a palace, home is one place where there’s no one to judge you. And size doesn’t matter when you are satisfied. A smart person knows how to make even a one BHK home come alive. Interior of a house matters the most, as it is the first thing you see when you wake up and when you return back from an enervating long day at work.

Interior designers are one of the smartest people on the face of the earth. They make your living place a heaven. However, with the presence of immense talent in the market, the job to choose a perfect designer becomes tuff. We have compiled some key points for you to remember before you hire an interior designer.

Create a blueprint yourself

One usually has an idea of how their place should look and a dream image created in their mind. This is exactly what you need to follow. Scribble every idea that pops up into your mind. So, whether it is about the wallpaper, or color scale, or maybe pictures, anything comes to your mind will make it clearer for the designer to get the image your mind has created.

If you are finding it a hard task then divide your plan according to the rooms. Yes! This will make your task surprisingly easier. If you are planning to remodel children’s room, then things like cartoon themes, animals, etc. will go into that room. A living room should look more elegant and lively. A bedroom should be the place where the moment you enter you should be able relax and it’s should have a look of a romantic place.

Face to face with the designer

When it comes to hire a designer always be patient. Visit as much designers as you can and know their way of working, style and business method. Remember that you need your home designed the way you dream t of it and it’s important that the designer is open to listen to your ideas and suggestions. It is always recommended to gather all relevant information, like your designer’s past experience, his work and clients, and most importantly the budget and duration to complete a project. Try to find a well educated and enthusiastically creative interior designer.

Hiring and budget

Again, don’t be in a rush to select the designer once you have visited several of them. Take some time to compare each one of them. Comparison should not be based only on the basis of cost but also on the service and quality the designer will provide. Hire the one who is excited to know what plan you have about your home and he makes you visualize the concept.

Budget of the project depends on various factors of what you want. The size of the project, the quality of merchandise, and of course the time in which you wish your project completed. Being honest with your designer about your budget will help the show run smoother and efficiently. So, be transparent about your budget.

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